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HIV Transmission

Worry Please

I had a protected sex with a sex worker, i´m sure the condom did not fail, but it last 30 minutes. 
 I´m worried of getting HIV.
I also get tested to Syphillis and came negative, I dont know why I put myself in this situation. please help-me. 

Oil-Based Lubricant

Dear ones,
I am male and I was fingered (in my rectum) by another man. He put a latex glove in his hands and virgin grape seed oil as lubricant. His hands were healthy and the latex glove did not break. 
1) I know iI am not supposed to mix oil with latex because such mix facilitates latex to break, BUT, what about "micro pores" occuring in this oil-latex scenario? Is it true? Is there scientific research proving micro pores really occur?
2) Regarding my case, do I have to be tested for HIV? I do not feel like doing it because personally I do not think I have gone through any kind of risky situation. May I put my mind at ease? Besides, the guy who fingered me is healthy.
Your opinion would help me.
Thank you so much!

PCR Test

Hi, I had sex with a sex worker on February 17th 2012 in the Red Light District. I was ignorant of proper condom usage and put on two condoms, she gave me oral for about 3 minutes, then I had vaginal sex with her for about 1 minute and a half, pulled out because it was my first time with a sex worker and it felt kind of wrong. She then pulled off my condoms, which didn't look ripped but intact, and put a new one on finishing me with a hand job.
I started sweating that very night from fear, and haven't had a good night sleep without a nightmare since (67 days now) pain in my body prevents me as well. I began developing joint pain, then muscle burning on my shoulders, and hips 2 weeks later that migrated from my feet up to my shoulders. 13 days after Amsterdam I got a PCR test, my doctor told me any virus would show up in 8 days. It came out negative as well as all STDs. I know it was too short for the STDs to show up in a test. I don't have any ulcers, no vomiting, no swollen lymph nodes, no rashes, no mysterious fevers. Just pain throughout my body that migrates, I don't know what to do. I checked for lyme disease, rhuematoid arthritis, and all came out clear. 
I'm still left with the real pain in my body, it's been 7 weeks of pain in my body, and I don't know if it's acute HIV because it usually doesn't just last for 7 weeks from what I've read. There is a part of me that I have HIV, it shows up in my nightmares, so I'm gonna put a rest on the 90 day mark, but do you know if anxiety/ depression can cause this? Or another STIs that I should test for associated with migrating pain? Thanks again, and I'm on my 68th day.

bloody paper tissue with cut

Last week something stupid happened to me, that makes me worry so much. I was in the office kitchen, and I cut my bigger thumb from rigth hand with a knife when trying to cut an orange fruit. Just a little cut of 0.5 cm. There was a little blood running out. I clean the wound with water and soup, and then I was going to bathroom, and by mistake I put this finger on a paper tissue with blood on it (around 50% of the tissue was with blood), used by my colleague to clean his blood from running nose. The blood must been there for a few seconds, not minutes. I could see some redness/wetness on my finger. Is this a risk? Cheers,

Oral Sex Without Condom - Abrasians on Penis

HiI had received oral sex without a condomn both before and after protected intercourse. It was silly - and the girl just did it and I stopped her each time. Each occasion lasted about 30 seconds at most. I remembered that I had a little abrasians on my penis head - sort of red dots (I knew about this before and should have been more responsible). I think this was from masterbating previously. Should I be concerned about possible openings for transmission of HIV? I have had to take PEP earlier this year due to a condom breaking. I don't want to use it again unless I have to. It has now been just one day since this occurred. So I could take PEP tomorrow or the day after. Am I being paranoid?

Oral Sex & HIV

What are the chances of acquiring HIV from giving someone head and having a little bit of precum in your mouth but never letting them ejaculate fully in the mouth. I have good oral health and I'm worried after i gave someone i barely know a blow job there was a little precum but i don't know if i could have acquired HIV. I'm going to get tested but i need to know ... is it most likely that I'm safe? and What does Saliva do to HIV?

Kissing and Protected Oral

Hello, I French kissed a women for 10 seconds and she gave me protected oral sex where I dont think the condom tore.
I had a PCR DNA test 14 days post exposure, 12 antibodies in a gap of 5 days continuosly and most recently an ELISA test 9 weeks post exposure. Making 14 Negative HIV tests in 9 weeks.
Do you think this can be conclusive? Thank You for helping worried wells like me and others. 

HIV from tattooing?

Hi, i was a tourist in Vancouver in January and came to Vancouver and got a tattoo from a well known tattoo parlor in Downtown Vancouver.
After getting the tattoo (on my right arm) i developed a very bad flu with fever and and had swollen lymph nodes in my groin. I did a HIV rapid antibody test using oraquick at e government approved clinic in my country but that was done at 49 days post exposure.
I understand that the parlor maintained strict measures but i did not see the tattooist take out brand new needles as i was filling up the necessary paperwork. And i have never ever recovered from that flu i developed. I am only fine for 3-4 days then i get flu again, i lost weight as well and suffer from night sweats as well. I am healthy male and had never even had flu for a couple of years.
So, how many percent accurate is a oraquick test done at 7 weeks ( 49 days ) and have there ever been any documented cases of HIV through tattooing at any licensed parlors in Vancouver? also, i have numerous tattoos all over my body but this was the first time i had ever fallen sick after getting one. Pls advise!

blood on sheets and pillows

Thank you. And sorry to bother but just one more question. With regard to the same person in hospital, would touching the sheets and adjusting the pillow with cuts on my hands and possibly getting some spit on my hands be of risk to me? I'm not sure if there was maybe blood or something on the bed that got onto my hands and cuts.
I see health care workers using gloves for EVERYTHING even if it’s just adjusting sheets so I'm afraid that I may have gotten something by touching sheets/pillow of an hiv patient without wearing gloves.

Eye Transmission

I have another question concerning eye transmission.
2 weeks ago I got a tiny droplet of blood into my eye and chin. The droplet which flew into my eye was so tiny that I hardly recognized it. Perhaps as small as a grain of sand.
Would this be enough to put me at risk? I am very concerned now. At the beginning I wasn't that afraid because I've never hear of eye tranmission but now a friend of mine told me that the virus can enter thorugh the eye.
Is only the conjunctiva a mucous membrane or also the sclera? Because I am sure the droplet was so tiny that it didn't reach the conjunctiva!
Do I need testing due to this event? I just had an HIV test for my relarionship.
I am concerned because now after two weeks I got herpes and diarrhea!
I'd very happy about a reply!


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