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HIV Transmission

About anonymous site and unprotected oral sex

Hi there! 
I just want to ask about an anonymous testing site around the Vancouver area?
Also, what is the possibility of getting the disease if I let someone cum in my mouth?
Thank you very much!

Can HIV trans from anal fissure?

I received covered oral sex from a sex worker few days ago. I am not sure if  HIV  trans by this way.  I am also very worry about if the HIV would trans from my anal fissure since I sit on her bed. I am not sure if the sheet was clean or not (how about if I sit on someone's sperm), and I have anal fissure. Is there anyone could tell me if I need get test? I am very scared. Thank you so much for help. 

Can HIV pass through non bleeding wound?

Just a month ago I had a cut by a sofa in school.The cut was long and was about lesser or 6 metres long. It had a metal bar in it. And after that i went to a teacher to treat it. All he did was put a tissue and tape to hold it. After a few hours it dried up and the next day i went to a mall. I went to the toilet and sat down with my legs (the cut was behind my right leg). I'm worried that there is semen on the toilet bowl. Although i think i didnt see any semen. Also can i get HIV from the metal bar in school? The librarian said that no one has got cut on the sofa. Please answer. Im really worried.

Protected Oral sex

I received protected oral sex using a condom from women i was not familar of her sexual background. is there a risk for me to develop HIV?

HIV Worry

My HIV PCR test showed a negative results but there are more and more red bumps apppearing on my hand,arm,neck and face. Can I know why red bumps keep on appearing whereas I only have Non-gonorrheal urethritis? On top of that, I just took the Hepatitis A and B vaccine.

Cold Sore

I am worried because I was having a meeting with a man with a very terrible, raw, big cold sore on his mouth.  He kept touching it and then touching the papers/pamphlets/cards/pens we were working wiht.  I was touching them seconds after and at the same time.  I had a cut on my finger from 1 hour before that was new but not bleeding. Can i get HIV from this?

2 questions

Hi I have 2 questions to ask if possible. Thanks for helping me out.1. I was in a hospital and they brought a patient into the elevator in a wheelchair. This person had an opening in their neck that they were breathing from (like when someone has surgery I think). I was standing quite close to this person and they were breathing in my direction (through this hole in their neck). Is it possible that they could be breathing out vapour containing blood (because of recent surgery in this area) that could have gone onto my arm/face/eyes. I did not feel anything but Im worried that hiv can be transmitted like this. Is it possible at all? Eventhough it was casual contact?2. I touched the hand of someone wearing cleaning gloves to clean a toilet. If the gloves had blood trace on them from toilet cleaning and emptying sanitary bins, and I touched their glove with cuts on my own hand, would hiv transmission occur?Thanks for the assistance.


before one month and half had sex with a girl after couples weeks i got some symptom like diarrhea, fatigue, burning skin ,sore throat,night sweating muscle pain , joint pain , something white in my tongue and i took a hiv viral test after 25 days it came negative and the doctor gave me some vitamins only he said u dont have hiv what am scared now from is Herpes iam really worried i cant sleep i cant eat

Mutual masturbation vs HIV

I 've been to afrika a couple of times lately, the last time(one week ago) i got friendly with a local girl. We spent the night touching (no intercourse). However, she could have had some vaginal fluids on her hands when she was touching my penis. In the mean time my penis had gotten a bit wet as well. Do I need to get worried/tested?


Hi, recently I have been very anxious about HIV. Two and half years ago, I met with a sex worker. Throughout the sexual activity, I used a condom. No oral sex, no lip kissing, only intercourse and nipples kissing. I am so worried now that I might be HIV positive. I can't focus on my daily work due to the anxiety. Could someone tell me what the possibility is that I am HIV positive? Will kissing nipples transmit the HIV virus? It is necessary go for HIV testing? Besides that, I think I am depressed now due to my wife's pregnancy.


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