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HIV Transmission


I made an awful mistake. I had unprotected vaginal sex with a woman of unknown status. Within a few weeks I was fatigued, had a couple nights where I had night sweats, those of which disappeared within a week or so. Then around the fifth week I developed a headache and swollen lymph nodes. The headache went away within two weeks but the swollen lymph nodes remain even now. (10 weeks after exposure). I also developed an ulcer on my bottom lip at the 9-10 week mark.
I had standard antibody tests done (3rd generation ELISA I assume). The first one was at 6.5 weeks(negative) and the second was done at 9 weeks (negative).
I have a couple questions. My 9th week test I tested for Hep B and C and mono, as well as HIV. All my tests except HIV came back within a couple of days. My HIV test took twice as long to come back. I'm worried that they needed to do a confirmatory test with a Western Blot and that its possible that there weren't enough antibody bands for the Blot to deem it conclusive. 
Does a doctor or lab have a mandate to report a positive result on an ELISA if the Western Blot deemed it negative? I'm very worried and anxious about this, simply because I have the clinical description of ARS (the lymph node in my neck and possibly an enlarged node in my groin(hard to tell).
My other question is ...why do some people seroconvert later? I am a 23 year old male with no history of chronic illness or anything like that. I smoked cigarettes for a long time and drink often but consider myself pretty healthy regardless.
Sorry about the length of this post, I have been suffering from severe anxiety.  Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

Some questions on risk and STD

 I called the Department of Health hotline regarding some test issues. I said I have a HIV test negative after window period. After one year I only have one unprotected handjob (receiving side). They said if this is the case I am risk free and do not require test because...
1. The test is negative first
2. After that I only have received one hand job which they said is risk free and not a route of transmission. They ask if I have vaginal, anal and oral sex or shared needle which I said no. They said hand job is not a "insertion" sex and is not route of transmission, is that true?
3. They said I should however consider other STD from hand job instead of HIV? Really? I feel quite ok now, no funny thing with my penis..
Thanks for the help

sex phobia

Hi there,
first, i'd like to thank you for helping people including me at week 6, i had HIV Rapid test and other STIs and at week 12 i had another HIV Rapid Test. All my results came back negative.
My problem now is i have sex phobia. the time that i waited (the 12 weeks) makes me scared of sex. plus, it affects my daily life ( scared of HCV). i wear gloves almost all the time, especially in public places. HCV can live outside the host up to 4 days.
now, i do not what should i do??? should i talk to psychologist?
i never felt like this before deciding to know my status and reading about diseases.
please i need your advice.
thank you,


 Hello. Is it possible to get hiv from swimming pool? I was swimming and later on changed out of my swimsuit and noticed a brown looking mucous. I'm not sure if it was from me or the pool. It was in my bikini bottom. If it had blood in it from hiv + person and touched my vagina, is hiv transmission possible? 

Really Confused

Dear Team,
Iam from india.
1 year and 8 months before i had unprotected oral sex with a guy.
And 1 year and 6 months before i had protected vaginalintercourse with a lady of unknown status. she was nearly 50 years old.after finishing my encounter while taking out from her i noticed that condom has strucked in her vagina.it was half inside and outside of her vagina. i dont know when its came out of my penis.
After 8 months of my post exposure i did hcv and hiv test.
i got hcv positive and hcv rna pcr test valve was less then 15 range. doctor told me there is a chance for me to cure automatically by my immune system because 15 to 25% of the people their immune systme cures hcv ...
and also i verified in internet that 15% of hcv infected peoples having chance to cure by their own body immunity with in a year after infection. same thing happened to me.
by luckly last 4 months i got hcv negative and also my hiv test is negative.
After 1 year and 4 months i did HIVE elisa test and HCV elisa test both are negative.
Also at 1 year 3 months of my post exposure i did
HIV 1&2(p24ag,ab/Serum, Elisa)- Non Reactive and
westorn blot for hiv1 & 2 - negative.all are not detected .
my question is .
1. will there is any chance in my case that hcv reproduced again??
2. will hcv affects hiv window period???
3. some of them telling hiv incubation period may be extened up to 3 to 5 years, its depends up on that person only..is that true??? any cases are there?
4. In what are all the cases,the seroconverion for hiv will delay and how long??
please help me i am really confused a lot.....


Received oral sex with condom and received rimming. What is the risk? Do I needed to get tested? Thank you

Oral sex

I had oral sex with an unknown sex partner i just went down on him for like 5 seconds and the clear stuff i think pre cum??? came up from his penis.is there.. a way i could get it or did he have to cumm, sperm? I had a cut in my mouth i think.. that night it was an ulcer i believe in my gums from being sick.

How possible

Was there any reported cases that HIV is transmitted from parents who are positive to their kids considering that the infection occurred years after the children are born? If yes how could it occur and in which situation such as hugs and kisses.

I need Your Suggestion

Dear Sir,
Good Afternoon. This is ratna from India and i did sin against my God Jesus Christ. Today i went to a sex worker and i did not have intercourse but i sucked her boobs and rubbed her pussy upper lips with my thumb for some time and i am very stressed is it causes HIV. Please guide me that shall i go for blood test after 3 months or shall i wait until 6 months. Please help me.

Cigarette burn

I went to hug a friend of mine and she was holding a lit cigarette. I accidently knocked her cigarette with my finger and burnt myself - It was only a bit red and sore but did not scab or blister. The next day, only slight redness was visible. If the cigarette hit her hand before hitting mine (ie - we were burned nearly immediately after one another or within miliseconds) and transferred some burned flesh/skin into my burn, would transmission of hiv happen? She did not seem visibly hurt.
Thank you.


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