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HIV Transmission


I know its dangerous and easyer to pass HIV from injecting because it goes right into bloodstream but what about snorting is it the same if there is blood on the bill or drugs is it just as bad?

protected sex with STD

I have a doubt about HIV transmission. Please clear it.
If a male having an STD and some rash on his penis head. And participated in veginal intercourse with a HIV suspected women with USING CONDOM. What are his chances to catch HIV?
There is any differential probability to catch HIV even after using CONDOME between a healthy person and STD person. [ Let the condom did not fail]
Thanks to all for such a great job.

Fear of HIV

Hello, I am an uncirmcised 27 years old male and I had protected sex with CSW. Before wearing condom I pulled my foreskin back. The encounter lasted about 15 to 20 minutes. After removing penis I observed some sperm in between penis ring and condom and the condom ruptured a very little at that spot. Then I remove condom and wiped my penis head with BED SHEET which we SLEPT TOGETHER. After two days it started mild itching on penis ring and mild rash on penis head. The rash is non itchy. The rash was red and little small pimples like 3 to 5 bumps are there. My GP told that It was not STD just a hypo dermis inflammation. I search in net and fond it was like BALANITIS. He prescribed an ointment and it was go away and come back after a week I stopped the ointment. It is 15 days over. I have mild yellow tongue. And fear of HIV and tension. Please tell me what are the probabilities to catch an STD or HIV ? It there any chances to catch some thing even after using condom? In this situation having Balanitis rash on penis head, If I will participate in protected sex with a suspected woman it will increase my chances to catch some thing? Thanks to all. You are the right source of information to us.

Environment Penis

 Is there thought to be any risk in touching the head (or around that area) when going to the toilet if you have just touched a fresh fluid (HIV)?? I've heard that uncircumcised males are more risk.
Bless you all.

negative DNA PCR and duo test at 4 and 8 weeks

Hi. I am a 26yo male who was involved in receptive anal sex about 8 weeks
ago. A condom was used but 4 weeks after the encounter I noticed a creamy
build up on my tongue I went to the GP and explained the situation. A HIV duo
test as well as a DNA pcr were performed. Both results came back as negative.
However the thrush persisted. At 8 weeks post exposure both duo and pcr tests
were repeated and both came back negative yet I still have oral thrush?
What does this mean? Thrush is a stage 3 defining illness and I have it
despite negative results at 4 and 8 weeks. Is it possible there tests are
missing infection or is my thrush caused by an unrelated condition?
Confused. Please help....

Very Simple Question

Hi there my question is in order for HIV to infect a person it has
to have direct access to the body via blood to blood contact or through a
mucous membrane during sex. My question is can HIV get into the body by semen
that gets on the clitoris and inner labia of the vagina but not actually into
the vaginal opening. Would it still have access into the body that way?

Burns on the lips and transmission

A child who recently got a burn (no blood etc) only very red and a blister starting, touched it to my lips. I have some cuts on my lips from the dy weather.
Is HIV transmission possible?


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