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HIV Transmission

Conclusive at 19 days?

I need help on knowing how reliable my negative test is. I had unprocted sex for approx. 5 min 19-23 days ago (I made him put the condom back on after 5 min b/c I began to worry. He did not cum in me)
I got tested a week ago and again today (19-23 day mark), both came back negative. Now I am worried that I tested too early. I do not have any symptoms (I check my temp about 15x a day), but yesterday I had a white patch on my hand, which I scrubbed off; not sure if it was skin or bleach or something, but it came off after alot of rubbing; however i started worrying it was a sign of HIV (eventhough I know the HIV seroconversion rash is usually red and bumbs, and on the trunk).
My question is how conclusive is a 19 day test for a healthy person? Also, would it be possible to contract HIV from the needle they pricked me with at the clinic? they said it was a one-time use lancet, but Im still so scared. I know I have problems, but please help!!

Sexual intercourse with sex worker

I am a male,
A few days back I had sexual intercourse with a sex worker and thought I used condom, but unfortunetly it broke during the intercourse and I didn't figure this out until ejaculation. I am afraid that I might have acquired HIV. I dont know if the sex worker has any STIs or HIV. As of now I dont have any initial symptoms, but am worried.
Please let me know what are the chances of acquiring HIV, when should I get it tested, and what test I would ask the testing center to do?
For your information I have been tested positive for filaria two years back and am under periodic treatment... can filaria impact the risk of acquiring HIV. Please suggest what can be done.

Symptoms so early?

I've been making myself ill with worry and was hoping someone could help. 
About 6 weeks ago I stupidly had unprotected sex ( albeit without ejaculation..) with a guy, who has been tested , and is negative as far as he knows . 
For the past 5 weeks I've had a UTI that does not seemed to be cured with anti-biotics.  I've been swabbed for STIs , but seem to be paralized with worry about getting HIV tested.
Is there anyway that my immune system could be affected that quickly that it would prevent a UTI from getting better?
thank you for any words of wisdom 

HIV from scissors?

I went to barber shop 5 days ago but was cut by the scissors on my nose, causing bleeding. Does HIV spread through scissors and is it dangerous? Please reply.

Can liquid from the ceilling of a carpark falling into eye give HIV?

Just a few hours ago I was going into the carpark.
Some water from the ceilling fell into my eyes. Is there a possibillity of getting hiv? I mean there are pipes all over the ceilling.
Toilet water when flushed is ussually flushed straight to the sewers right?
Its water from the air conditioner most likely right? There should'nt be blood, semen or vaginal secritions in it right?

Can a person get HIV from penis touching toilet seat?

I just had sex education and I am at the age lower than 15 (Sorry I can't tell you my age).
Can a person get HIV from his penis touching the toilet seat? The past few times my tip of the penis has been touching the toilet when I have to wash my butt. I have a penis which is shorter than normal people of my age(something like micro penis).
Although through sex education, it was said that the virus will be in semen, vaginal secretions and blood. i don't seem to see semen the past few times I used the public toilet but sometimes I will use the staff toilet (both men and women can use it(This is in my school)). I a lot of blood on it. I came back a few hours later and it was cleaned. Is it possible to get HIV from my penis's tip touching the toilet seat?.
Also can I get HIV from solo masturbation?
Also can I get HIVfrom my penis's tip touching the toilet bowl at public toilets like in the mall or office?

Oral Sex

I'm a little confused on oral sex.
What is the risk for giving oral sex without ejaculation into the mouth but maybe some pre-cum? 
Does saliva stop infection in the mouth ?

About anonymous site and unprotected oral sex

Hi there! 
I just want to ask about an anonymous testing site around the Vancouver area?
Also, what is the possibility of getting the disease if I let someone cum in my mouth?
Thank you very much!

Can HIV trans from anal fissure?

I received covered oral sex from a sex worker few days ago. I am not sure if  HIV  trans by this way.  I am also very worry about if the HIV would trans from my anal fissure since I sit on her bed. I am not sure if the sheet was clean or not (how about if I sit on someone's sperm), and I have anal fissure. Is there anyone could tell me if I need get test? I am very scared. Thank you so much for help. 

Can HIV pass through non bleeding wound?

Just a month ago I had a cut by a sofa in school.The cut was long and was about lesser or 6 metres long. It had a metal bar in it. And after that i went to a teacher to treat it. All he did was put a tissue and tape to hold it. After a few hours it dried up and the next day i went to a mall. I went to the toilet and sat down with my legs (the cut was behind my right leg). I'm worried that there is semen on the toilet bowl. Although i think i didnt see any semen. Also can i get HIV from the metal bar in school? The librarian said that no one has got cut on the sofa. Please answer. Im really worried.


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