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HIV Transmission

Exposure in sports

Hi everyone. Firstly, thankyou for providing such a helpful resource here. I have a question. Whilst playing a racket sport I noticed that I had a very small cut on my hand (from a metal bracelet that had been hitting my hand) - there is a very small amount of blood around the cut (implying that it was fairly fresh. Is it possible that if my partner had transferred blood to the ball and this had gotten into my cut would this be a risk for transmission. I have imagined not, but i'm still worrying.Elsewhere, I practice safe sex and test once a year.

HIV Transmission

I licked the breast and the nipple of a sex worker. I tasted sourish and I stopped immediately. There is no oral nor penetrative sex. What are the chances of contracting HIV?

HIV-1 RNA Quant-Ultrasensitive PCR Test

Hello, Recently i had unprotected oral sex with high risk woman. I am planning to take HIV-1 RNA Quant-Ultrasensitive PCR Test (Range: 48-10,000,000 copies/mL) on 15 days. Should I take test on 15th day from incident or should i wait till 21 days. What is recommended approach? Thanks for your help!

Handjob by Sex Worker

Hi , On 3rd JAN, I did a silly mistake , It was my first time , I was drunk and had an encounter with a commercial sex worker. She gave me handjob with condom at the same time I fingered her vagina. I had no cuts on my finger at all. I don't know about the her hands status with which she wore me a condom . Till now I have not seen any weird symptoms on my body. I think after handjob when condom was removed , I had accidental touch of finger having vaginala fluid (wasnt much liquid , was kind of dried) with upper penis part. I know its stupid , but it happened. I am very much worried . I did (p24 antigen , HIV dua , RNA + DNA) on 6th Jan results were negetive . I took p24 antigen by ELFA on 16th Jan(After 13 days) which negetive. Again I did HIV DUO(CMIV test 4th gen) on 2 FEB (After 29 days ) . It was non reactive. The index was 0.51. Do I need to test further anymore. As I think its only anxiety eating me nothing else. Please suggest.

Touching people in crowds

Hello. Id firstly like to say, thank you for providing this service. I can see you are helping many people cope with difficulties related to HIV. My question is as follows - I was in a crowd and a person brushed past me. I felt something wet on my arm but it was a bit dark so I was unable to see exactly what it was. It didnt look dark (like blood). I touched it with my hand (wiped my arm off) and I had a few dry cuts on my hand. I wasnt able to wash my hands, so whatever the substance was (blood, sweat, water, etc), stayed on my hands for a while. What is the possibility of transmission if it was indeed blood? A second question i have is... if 2 people have cuts on their hands that are not bleeding, but are recent and still look slightly raw, is transmission possible if the cuts make contact?The reason i ask is because i had a cut on my hand (not bleeding) and i shook hands with a person who had a very red but not bleeding sore on his hand. Thanks again.


I did unprotected oral sex to my boyfriend about a month ago; a couple of weeks later a got a cold that lasted about a week and a half. I no longer have it anymore but a mild sore throat continued for a month now followed by muscle pains (neck, shoulders, underarms, arms) weakness and mild fevers. He didn't get to cum but did pre-cum inside; I recall I had an open cut in my mouth. I don't know for certain if he's HIV positive, Could this symptoms be related to hiv? I'm very scared, thanks.

Possibly HIV?

Hello, I recently (end of October) had a high risk encounter unprotected oral/protected vaginal sex with a woman from the Philippines and am concerned about a possible infection. Although a condom was worn, it slipped off at some point during intercourse and as I was intoxicated, I didn't even realize. Intercourse was between 10-15 mins. We had sex again a few hours after the first time but this time the condom remained on. Within 24-36 hours I began to have a burning feeling in the genital area and developed some small flu like symptom, had sore throat for a couple days, had a sore spot on the roof of my mouth, one sore lymph node in neck but no swollen. Therefore after a week visited the doctor. After visual inspection he didn't suspect anything so he just had me tested for chlamidiya/gonnorhea and gave me some pills to help with a burning urethra (not when I urinate though). Both came back negative and the burning had pretty much disappeared. I thought I may have gotten lucky then (mid november) I had unprotected oral/unprotected vaginal sex with a woman whom was not high risk. 24 hours after that the burning was back and a pain in the prostate area was present. Also leg pain had started to bother me quite a bit. Suspicious of HSV2 I went to be tested (HSV Type 2 Specific ELISA) and that came back negative, (this test was at the 5 and 1/2 week mark after the high risk encounter). The pain persisted and upon return to Canada I had a blood test for everything (HIV, Hep-B, Syphillis, Hep-B Immunity) and Chlamidiya/Gonnorhea again. All results once again came back negative (This was at the 8 week mark after the high risk encounter). I am going for more tests shortly (15 week mark after high risk encounter) and still have persistent pain in my legs around the knees and up in my thighs. I sometimes get small headaches as well. How conclusive would my first HIV test have been at 8 weeks? How conclusive will the coming 15 week test be? What are the odds that I contracted HIV? Also if it is not HIV what are some other possibilities as to what could be causing this pain? Sorry for the length, your answer would be much appreciated..

marriage and hiv pls help me

hi sir i had high risk exposure with sex worker after that i did lot of test like 15 rapid test 3 elisa and 2 pcr rna test and pcr dna test all are negative in 1 year now i did hiv duo test after 13 months the result is negative, but i have toung pain from 13 months and phelgum and also weekness pls tell me am i infected or not? can i gets marriage or not pls help me

Risk for HIV

Hi, I did sex with a massage worker I did use condom, But i am very stressed as i just insert then , i remove my condom and masturbate with out washing hand what is my risk chances, i did this in east asia (philippines, manila)?

Dentist in panic

Hi there! I am a dentist, and was inserting a metalic matrix in between two teeth. I had to push real firmly the matrix with the pulp of one of my fingers. In the middle of the procedure, and with the gloves full of blood, I noticed a break (tear) in one of the fingers of the glove. I removed the glove, put on a new one and continued to work. When I was done, I noticed that one of my fingers, the same corresponding to where the glove tore, had a cut similarly to a paper cut. I squeezed as much as I could, and it did not bleed. I opened it as much as I could, and could see just a slightly deep area, but no bleeding. I cleaned with 70% ethanol, and felt anything. Scrubbed with detergent, and after 2 hours, I decided to open the cut and remove the edges so I could check if any bleeding had occurred more deeply that could not be seen otherwise. I did all the procedure with a lot of ethanol and detergent soap. Again, no bleeding, just an increased sensibility to touch as part of the epidermis had been removed. I squeezed as much as I could again, and no bleeding. However, I am still concerned that microscopic access to the bloodstream might have occurred. In such a case, would I feel the stinging with the ethanol? The patient was my boss´s husband, and she said to me that he had no disease. But who knows? Would you recommend PEP in a case like this? Thanks a lot!!!


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