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HIV Transmission

dental concern

Went to the dentist three times in one week for tooth buildup and removal of nerves . during the procedure lots of blood comes out of my gum and tooth. Should I be concerned about getting HIV? I am not in the states I am in Saudi Arabia and not sure what dental disineftion methods they use? I have seen online that all the websites indicates that no one gets HIV from dentist . is it true
Thank you for your time


i had protected anal sex and had got a blow job without condom....i got hiv duo test after 26 days..its negative and i wil get another test in 60 dayz i wana to know how accurate is 25 dayz hiv dua test 4th generation...plz help

Laundry risks??

I was picking up laundry for cleaning and picked up a pair of dirty underwear that belonged to the girl i am living with. On picking it up, it felt wet. I know the girl changed out of the underwear about 5 or less mins prior becasue she had a quick shower. When i touched the wet spot, it made contact with a cut on my finger that i had gotten an hour before (so it was not scabbed over and was still sore and slightly open). Im assuming the wet spot was vaginal fluids. If the girl is HIV+, and the fluids touched my cut after being outside the body for about 5 mins, would transmission be possible?

HIV risk

I had protected sex with a masseuse in Bangkok on 28 Jan. She had been giving me an oil massage on my back and legs, then she went and showered and came back and we had intercourse. She helped me put on the condom and pinched the tip. I am worried abou whether she could have got oil on her hands during foreplay by touching me and if it could have got onto the condom and damaged it.
I also had brief uncovered oral during foreplay.
I was rubbing her pubic mound and clitors and felt some wetness. I had slightly injured the nail of the finger I was using, while opening a can two days previously and there was a small bruise under the fingernail (not bleeding however) and the nail was a little looser because of the damage but healing. Is there any possibility of her vaginal fluid having got under my fingernail. I don't think it did but can't be sure.
As it is only three days so far I haven't got tested but am planning to get a PCR test after 10 days. I have also started PEP (after about 65 hours after exposure).

Step on hiv needle.

Hi guys. I looked in your archive and couldn't find anything that fits my worries. I walked outside today without shoes on and remember feeling like a stepped on something like a stone. When I got in I couldn't find anything on my feet like blood or a wound of any kind. But I'm still struggling to shake the worry that I could have stepped on a broken bit of needle or something. Is this worth worrying about? Any responses would be great!


Please, I need your help. I had sex with a sex worker and I had two little scratches in the basis of my penis and maybe they were not covered by condom. I tested 6 weeks after the fact. The test was negative. I read in this Forum that if the test is 4th generation, the odds of HIV infection at this time is too low. But I don't know if my test is a 4th generation one. I ask in the clinic but they don't know and don't allow me to talk to the responsible person for the test. I live in Brasil. I'm gonna try to translate my test below. Antibody Anti-Hiv 1 and 2 Test Results - Nonreactive - 0.18 Method - Chemiluminescence Reference: Nonreactive: less than 1.0 Indeterminate: between 1.0 - 5.0 Reactive: more than 5.0 Lot 08559LI00 Validity march 2012 In case of suspicion of HIV infection, a new sample should be collected 30 days after the date of sample collection. According to the informations I gave you, could you know if the test I did looks for p24 antigen? Thank you very much

Rapid Tests

I recently got a rapid test done. After drawing blood from my finger and conducting the test, the nurse threw out the remainders of the test into the sharps container with her bare hands. She then handed me a bandaid. Would it be possible for her to transfer somebody else's blood from the sharps container onto the bandaid and then into my bloodstream through the bandaid (the bandaid was used to cover the prick she drew the blood from). This was done in a setting where people get tested within fifteen minutes of each other... Could fresh blood survive on the sharps container and then get transferred onto me in the way I described. Thank you so much!

finger prick test

this may sound stupid, but i have been so paranoid about hiv. I recently took a hiv rapid test, it was a finger ***** blood rapid test. I dont know what kind of needles are used in ontario. Can those automatic i guess single used be accidentally used again? Can I get infected this way? . Please help me I went there to get peace of mind now i am even more worried are there any risks? can the applicator be infected?what kind of needles that are used??is there a possible by mistake a nurse used an old needle (it was in blue or green color). if an old one was used what are the chances of getting hiv??Everything was prepared when i got there i cant go again sleeples nights for another 3 months i cant take this fear ..also my test was negative and i was told i had a v v v low risk, it was un protected oral...

Questions ..

I masturbated yesterday and when the semen came out it turned out to be a liquid also known as precum. a small drop went on my lips will I have herpes ? and also I had a cut in my penis from a pair of scissors from cutting my pubes.. and after that I masturbated is their a risk of hiv ? because then I started developed a bump in my neck which could be a swollen lymph node. :s

Am I HIV neg?

I've always used anal protection in my life. I recently went down to MIAMI oct 28-31 ... I've performed UNPROTECTED oral sex only throughout my trip there twice & got rimmed. All those encounters were less than 10 min each. I got tested dec 5 with a 3rd chemiluminescence hiv test. Some sites say antibodies react after 28 days but now Im living in fear in feb when i have to retest 3 months later ... scared it will be positive


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