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HIV Transmission

Blood outside the body

I have a question and I think I know the answer to it but I need some reassurance. If one touches quite a bit of blood that has been outside the body for approximately 2 hours and then touches their eyes or cuts in the mouth accidently, would transmission be possible? The blood is beginning to dry but is still slightly wet. Is it right to assume that the HIV virus would be dead by this time? Eventhough it is not dried? If the blood was dried, would transmission be possible? Thanks for your time!

Very worried after barber shop incident

I would really appreciate if you could answer my query.
I'm from India and i went for a haircut last month. Barbers here in India do not sterilize their equipments. As he was cutting my hair the comb that he was using nicked a pimple on my forehead. The pimple was bruised and a tiny amount of blood was seen. I was a bit worried but forgot about it soon. Everything was fine until exactly 2 weeks after the incident when i developed low grade fever (98.4-99 F) for about 4 days. Immediately after the fever subsided i had pain in my armpit which lasted for another 3 days. A few weeks later i had loose motions for 2 days.
I'm worried that the comb teeth had trace amount of infected blood or puss from a previous customer which may have entered my bloodstream through the pimple. I'm worried because i had ars symptoms two weeks after the incident. it just seems too much of a coincidence for the symptoms to appear like that.
It's been 9 weeks now and i'm just too scared to get myself tested.
Plz suggest what i should do. I'm on the verge of a mental breakdown. Your response would be really appreciated.

HIV Testing

In short, I was exposed to vaginal secretions for roughly 5 seconds before putting on a condom. So I decided to take a HIV test. I'm pretty confused at the moment. I had a HIV test at week 16 through LifeLabs which came back negative. As I was reading the archives on this site, some of the moderators are suggestion a Western Blot to be 100% sure I'm not HIV +.
According to CPHA, Western Blot is only used as a confirmation test if the ELISA test came back reactive. So can I consider myself HIV negative or?
Also, as recommended by the site, I was also screened for the more common STD's which all came back negative. Thanks in advance.

Massage Transmission?

I went to a massage parlor, I am a gay guy 25 years old.
When I had a massage, the masseur tries to insert the massage oil bottle inside my anus but it just touch the opening.
1. What is my risk of contracting HIV from massage oil bottle. I dont know if its contaminated.
2. Could I be infected with HIV from wet surfaces like the sperm from previous costumers etc.
3. Could I be infected if I have skin rash and the masseur massage it?
4. Do I need testing from these exposures?
thank you

husband attacked and had wounds

my husband was attacked by thieves!they didnt use knives BUT he had wounds all over and wa stitched up?can it be possible he contacted HIV during the attack?

Worried About a Non Risk Activity

Hello There,
I've called already three time to your telephone about the same situation, I'm still concerned and I don't know why, I'm still, thinking on the "What If?". do I need any psychological therapy to this? Here's is the situation.
On December 14th 2011, I had an encounter with a guy on the steam room on my gym. I'll try to describe the situation as explicit and detailed as I can.
I was sitting on the steam room relaxing after my workout, and a guy entered the room, after a few minutes we were sitting beside each other touching our penises, masturbating each other, he wanted to do oral sex to me but with the phobia I already have of getting AIDS I just let him lick my testicles and that's it, in some moment I passed my finger around his ass without penetrating, only touching around his ass, that's it. I saw some pre cum at the top of this penis, in the urethra , I then licked his testicles , only his testicles, I did not perform oral sex at all.
I also remember that after a minute of masturbating this guy for some minutes , I used both hands ( the pointing fingers) to remove water from my eyes from the part that is close to the nose, he never eyaculated ,neither did I.
After a few minutes he went to take a shower and we met again the steam room and I licked his testicles for a minute again, and then I said I would go to get some water and I never returned.
Shortly After I traveled to Mexico , to my country of origin and last week and on January 19th I took a rapid HIV test and the result was negative, I'm aware of the 3 month window period.i also know that there is no risk on this.
But I've developed like a phobia or something that isn't letting me rest in peace in the nights, I'm thinking on the "What if":
What if some pre cum, dripped into his testicles and I licked it.
What if I had some pre cum in my hand and then touched my eyes,and some of this pre cum went into my eyes.
What if I had a cut on my finger ( I checked my hand before we started touching and didn't find anything) and some of his rectal secretions went into my finger What if I had a cut in my mouth and this ore cum was licked for his testicles
I forgot the fact and I was ok, but when I hit a flu when I got to Mexico a month ago I started to think of all these things. I know that there is not risk at all, but I can't be in peace, probably because the guilty feeling of cheating to my BF
What can I do.? Do I have a problem?
I asked him his status, he said he was negative, then I said " well, people lie" , and he said again. " I don't lie" I know that we shouldn't believe in people in this. however i can't stop thinking on this situation, plz help.

autoimmune diseases

Hi Team,
Any autoimmune diseases will affect the hiv window period or seroconversion?how long?

Should I still be worried?

Hi, August of 2011 I had sex and the condom slipped off and once I realized it i replaced i with another one. I had got a rapid blood test done almost 2 weeks ago. It was negative although I have been having some terrible symptoms. I also believe now that I was infected with mono but I am going to test forit next week since most of the symtoms I had was some of the same symptoms of mono. Should I still be worried about this encounter that happen over 4 months ago? Also if I test positive for mono will this affect my test results for HIV?

rapid testing

hi, i just tested at a halton region health clinic, it was a rapid hiv test, finger prick test…it was negative… now i m worried that the nurse might had used an old needle to drew my blood, is it possible. the thing she used was in blue colour, she put it on the finger n then pressed it…. are those needles reusable? how soon the virus dies? if the virus dies soon after outside the body then y is it dangerous for shared needles? isn't it the same thing?? thanks

Question regarding conclusiveness of tests

Hi, I had unprotected sex with a girl last october. After 4 weeks I did my first duo test 4th generation, after 6 weeks I did another duo test 4th generation and a PCR RNA test, after 10,5 weeks another duo test 4th generation and after 14 weeks my last duo test 4th generation, all of them were negative! my question is, are my results conclusive or do I have to keep on testing until 6 months or even 12 months. There are so many different statements on the internet regarding window period and I would just like to let go and relax again, however I do not know what is the right thing to do? Thank you!


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