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HIV Transmission

Fellatio with condom on a man

Hi, i've been searching all over your forum, but i got mixed answers so i'll ask it directly. Is it performing fellatio (giving head) with a condom to a man, low risk or negligible?

thank you

Tattoo and Debilitating HIV Concern


First of all, I'd like to thank you for your work here - you've certainly helped a lot of people.

I had a few concerns and I wanted to know if you could possible relieve some of my anxiety.

I got a tattoo on the 17th of June, 2018, and following that, I spiraled into severe anxiety about contracting HIV although there was no obvious risk. The country I got the tattoo in is unregulated - however, I made sure to go to a parlor that maintains strict sterilization processes - including having an autoclave. Despite all this, I was anxious and got tested twice - both tests turned out negative.

Just last month, I got another tattoo - and the same thing started happening. Once again, I did choose a parlor that maintains strict sterilization processes - as per the employees. The country is, once again, unregulated. However, the parlor does use disposable needles, ink cartridges and ink pots. In addition to that, they say they sterilize all non-disposable equipment (tattoo grip) in a chemical solution and then in special packages in an autoclave. They've mentioned all this on their instagram page.

I have a couple of questions that have been plaguing me.

1. I wasn't paying attention when the tattoo artist set up her station, although she did it in front of me. I did see her setting up the tattoo machine. However, I didn't pay attention as to whether she opened a new needle or not. Although they assured me they always use new needles and would never risk their shop's reputation. If a used needle was used, what are the risks? I believe I was her first customer of the day - and if not, it took her at least an hour to draw and set up. If there were any blood present, would it still be able to infect? I know that tattoo needles aren't a major concern since they are not attached to a barrel.

2. When she was working on my tattoo, the ink ran out and she had to grab the ink bottle to refill the ink pot. I know that you cannot get HIV from surfaces. However, I also know that tattoo artists shouldn't touch anything that isn't wrapped, etc. So, that has sent me into so many "what ifs" - like what if she used used needles. I mean she did touch an unwrapped bottle and then touched my skin.

3. I didn't see any visible blood. So, my question is, can one get infected from microscopic amounts of blood?

4. I know that being tattooed using non-sterilized equipment is low risk - but why is that? If there were blood on a used needle, wouldn't it have been exposed to air before touching my skin?

5. Tattoo needles are solid - as we all know - however, some tattoo needles are actually made up of several smaller needles. Do those pose a higher risk due to blood being held in those spaces?

6. How risky is getting tattooed in terms of HIV infection - I mean, I have a couple of tattoos - and I have never seen any visible blood. Not sure if this is relevant.

Lastly, I would like to apologize for all my questions. However, I won't be able to get tested (for my peace of mind) for the next 2 months - and the country I live in deports you if you are infected with HIV. The tattoo parlor I went to (second tattoo - last month) seems extremely reputable and has at 8,000 followers on instagram and the person who did my tattoo owned the shop. Is it naive to think that she wouldn't risk her shop's reputation and therefore, would always use disposables?

I also want to state that I do live with anxiety and possibly an anxiety disorder - and I do tend to have paranoid thoughts although they have never been this intense and these intense thoughts only seem to revolve around HIV. I know that HIV is not diagnosed based on symptoms, but I am now associating any physical ailment I have with HIV.

I have even reached a point where I looked up the prevalence of HIV in that country. (It's 0.1% by the way)

Thank you so much and once again, I apologize for writing out such a long message, I just didn't want to miss anything and I'm looking forward to hearing your reply. I hope you can alleviate some of my concerns.

Showering in contaminated water.

I was wonder that,lets hypothetically say, i showered in water which contained bodily fluids which could transmit HIV and that water comes from a small tank. Is there a risk of transmission? Im paranoid because ive directly exposed the water to my anus and i understand thats one route of transmission.

Will HIV Spread from Handjob?

Dear All,

Few days before i visited the massage parlor for the first time in my life and took full body massage for 30 Mins. Post which i got the special service like Body to Body (Not full nude by massage therapist. She was waring the pant) and hand-job as well.

I am very much worried will it spread the HIV to me as i am not sure about the towel, Massage oil, Therapist hand(As her hand was rough and not sure about the open wound or cut in her hand) , Hygiene and the dress which they gave me during and after massage can spread the HIV.

Please do help me on the same.



i went to erotic massage many times with different women.
Every time, the masseuse and I did the same thing :
First the handjob, and after that she put the condom on my penis and then we had protected oral sex + protected vaginal sex with the same condom. At the end, i always put some water in the condom to see if it broke.
I remember that I verified every time except for one time long ago i do not remember if i verified the condom.
I don't think the condom broke or something i did not feel anything strange.
I'm very hypochondriac i need to know if i have to get tested for HIV???
Thank you for your time

Massage incident, anxiety, PEP

Dear Helpline,

I realise you are unable to answer all questions you receive and I did find elements back in previous posts that partly answers my concerns but still, and as I am anxiety ridden I am unable to make a risk assessment of my own situation gathered from these previous posts. It would mean a lot to me if I could receive at some point your risk assessment and advice. It's why I resend my question in more detail than sent-in earlier on Monday. I find myself checking your website for a reply and reading over and over posts that somewhat relate to my experience, some reassuring me, some raising my anxiety.

This is what happened.
I had a back massage in Russian high end hotel, that though not intended to be a sexual massage turned into one. As the therapist progressed through the massage (I was naked under a towel - he was clothed) the therapist started to pay particular attention to my buttocks (and to which I must I kind of encouraged him) rubbing vigorously my ass cheeks, crack and applying pressure to my anus. I don't think there was any in insertion of a finger, I only remember some tapping and applying pressure, but being all oiled up I am in hindsight not entirely sure that there was no shallow insertion or that it remained external (this is how I remember it and reviewing it shortly after the incident when my mind wasn't clouded over with anxiety yet). I tried to recreate amount of pressure that I remember, by pressuring my own finger against my anus, to see if that would constitute finger insertion). The problem is that my anus tends to bleed easily from wiping or toweling (almost always leaving a tiny red dot or mark on toilet paper or towel). I reckon that with the pressure used it might be torn, just as it would be when wiping.
At some point and while at it the therapist asked me something in Russian that I couldn't understand. He also locked the door. I now fear that he might have used spit or cum or even ejaculated on me while massaging. I didn't see him ever getting naked, but earlier his crotch brushed against my hand and I could feel he was aroused. My question now is and in a scenario that he did ejaculate on my buttocks or had sperm on his hands from masturbating or coming in his pants at some point and would have rubbed my torn anus with it or shallowly inserted a finger, what that would mean in terms of risk for transmission. At the same time I had 2 open blisters/ wounds on my ankles from wearing the wrong shoes the day before. they were covered with silicone bandaids of which one had come loose already. So there was another wound/broken skin there.

Again, I don't know for a fact that he would have used spit or ejaculate on me. I was face down all the time. But it really freaks me out now thinking that he might have. I had just done an HIV test early July in order to get my visum and now find myself worrying sick about a possible change in status.

This to the point that I flew home earlier to Belgium and went straight into emergency in order to get a PEP prescription. For that I aggravated the incident in order to make sure to qualify for a prescription. I am not proud of that. Please don't judge me for it but I felt I needed to do something with my panic. I took my first pill at 45 hours after the incident. That being said, I now find that the prospect of continuing a PEP treatment for a month to come is already mentally exhausting and not necessarily helpful for my anxiety. Can I please get your professional advise on this mess I brought myself in/your risk assesment?

So I guess my questions are:
Does rubbing spit on a torn anus consists a risk?
Same question for being ejaculated on or having sperm rubbed onto the anus, or a foot wound, or a shallow insertion?

Thank you!

HIV from insertive oral sex?

Hi, I'd like to know about some things related to oral sex. Is it possible for the insertive person to get HIV from rough deepthroating? What if there's bleeding during the oral penetration? I've tried to find the answer, but I have not found any specific answer to this question.


i would like to know if i have any risk for HIV.
A women did a handjob with her saliva she spat two times and then she made me a blowjob with a condom.
I ejaculate in the condom.
Do i have any risk of HIV in this situation?
I don't remember if there was blood in her saliva. I'm not sure.
Thank you so much.

Naked hugging with a sex worker and HIV infection

16 days have passed. I was naked. My penis was covered with a condone, The sex worker was naked. I hugged her passionately for 10 minutes. She kissed my breast and masturbated me and I ejaculated inside the condone..
Till this day there is no sore on my body. Is HIV test necessary for me? Anonymous from India.

Speading of HIV

I am HIV+ , the other day I scratched my wound and touched my computer mouse someone touched the same mouse after some time can HIV spread this way?


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