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Living with HIV

What is the life span of the person with HIV ?

The patient after initial HIV infection, viral load was very high. The immune system then responded and lowers the number to a base level.
Now again the immune count is been reduced to 200, wherein doctor has suggested that the patient might require a separate treatment without connecting with the outside world.

what is the life expectancy of the person ? and how harmful is she to live among the common masses?

Can HIV be converted to AIDS within 5 years and kill the patient if they leave untreated?

Hi. Iam making a short movie in which a 18 year old girl dies of AIDS within 5 years. She gets HIV due to rape. I wanted to show how a rape could affect a girl's life. But i doubt whether it can be ended in 5 yrs or not. Its a need in the film that I need to show within that short span of time. She dont eat properly, poor nutrition, depressed always about the rape and she never takes any treatment and she is ready to die. So will this be correct? please guide me with a specific answer. If we leave it untreated 5 yrs is possible right? I can't show more than that period..:(

Help! help! help!

Im a 18 year old guy..(gay) 2 years ago . Me and my partner (bisexual) decided to have anal sex but we didnt have condom at that time. But I just rubbed my penis against his ass. but I saw that some kind of yellow dots like particles were present.. I know rubbing has negligible risk.. but I have a fear that those particles may have entered my urethra. I dont know about those particles they may be feces
or something else.. If I go for test and result comes HIV+, Then I will have got HIV since 2 years, Then I will surely die soon... Can u tell me if 2 years is very long period or short period for being aids patient

CD4 Testing

What is the recommended place in Vancouver where i can have my cd4 count done? I am just visiting this city thru a cruiseship and i needed my CD4 to start my medication. Please help

Is there a hope for us?

Hi thank you for the great work you guys do. I need some advice about my situation
I'm a gay male when I was a child I was sexually assaulted by a man as result I contracted Hepatitis B and became a chronic carrier unfortunately and have been living with Hepatitis b since then and I'm an active carrier. I like a guy I met in a bar recently and when I wanted to disclose my status to him, he disclosed first and told me that he is HIV positive and hasn't started treatment yet ( we are both 23 years old). I'm really scared that if we go intimate, we might infect each other with our diseases. I'm not sure if the hepatitis b vaccine can work for him as he has HIV and his immune system is weak. Is there a way that we can have a healthy relationship without passing our infections to each other? I'm willing to fight till the end because I really like him and his status wouldn't matter to me , but what matter to me is my status because I don't want to infect him and make his situation worse and of course I have no interest in becoming HIV positive also.
Any advice would be great What should I do?
Thank you very much

HIV positive partner deep kissing.

Thank you for being here for the community. My girlfriend is HIV positive and we wanted some advice regarding safe sex practices . We always use protection and we know the most important rules. However I had dental surgery recently and I engaged in deep kissing her right after the surgery for half an hour. We stopped after we worried about the risk but now we know we made a mistake . What is the risk of me catching HIV given that she is positive ? I'm not sure if she had blood in her mouth .


Last month, i found out i am HIV positive. My boyfriend was shocked when i told him & is slowly breaking up with me
1.Will he be infected too?
2.If he is also infected, is it safe to still get married & have kids?
3. My ex visited and things happened. i didn't let him kiss me, make love but he sucked my breast for a long time. Will he be infected?
Best regards

Please Help This Has Caused Me A Lot

Hi I hope you can shed some light to what I am experiencing now and I apologize for this wall of text. Allow me to go back form the very start. My ex-partner and I have been (both men) together for 1 year and 7 months. Just this March (2015) we often quarreled and it just feels like everything is going downhill because of this, I fell into the temptation of Grindr. Last March, I hooked up with a guy through Grindr. I am very turned off with guys with body odor hence I have to walk what I preach right? Before meeting up the guy, I brushed my teeth vigorously and flossed until a bit of blood can be seen in the thread. I also had several crack wounds on my lips. When we hooked up, there was no penetration involved. Everything was just oral, kissing, touching. When I gave him a blowjob, I did taste precum in my mouth since there was no protection (stupid of me). His body somehow felt "soft" like the skin is too loose and I saw two very red round boil-like bumps on his left arm pit and right back near the ribs. After one day, I had a fever. No rash, no colds, just fever. It lasted for 3 days. On the month of May, I started feeling very tired and out of breath and I mistook it as signs of stress or diabetes since I like eating sweets. On the month of July, my boyfriend had rashes on his forearms and we mistook it as insect bites. When the rashes on his arms disappeared, bumps filled with waterlike fluid sprung on the back of his hands. His nails also had "holes". This was when we decided that he should get tested. Surprise, he was positive of HIV. I also did the test but negative (this was 4 months from my exposure with the guy I met thru Grindr). We thought that it was impossible for me to test negative since we have NEVER used protection (me being top). Our last sex was May, which makes the test 2 months after my last exposure with my positive partner.

He decided to break up with me last September. On the month of October I got tested again but the result is still negative. This is 7 months from my exposure with Grindr Guy and 5 months from my exposure with exboyfriend. Now it's been a year since my exposure with Grindr guy, and I am loosing muscle on my arms, white tongue, extreme fatigue, it looks like my skin tone is the same all through out my body including those that are not exposed to the sun, ring worms near my mouth and neck (similar to positive exbf), enlarge and swollen lymph nodes on my neck and pits, mouth ulcers, dandruff, plantar warts and shortness of breath and I now have started coughing and has the need to constantly clear the throat because it feels like a phlegm is always stuck in there.

I don't know what to do anymore. I feel like I have infected my BF with HIV which I got from Grindr guy. However, I do not understand why my results are still negative despite very obvious HIV symptoms. The test they used on me by the way is SD Bioline HIV test. I am going crazy because I'm scared that it's too late for meds to work on me because they can't detect the virus early. I should already be way outside the window period right? Do I still need to test again? Are there people who do not seroconvert? The timing of these symptoms are just a little funny.

Is '....... Patient' really cured?

As i saw the photo of '...... Patient' from internet, it seem he is not really healty. Hiv virus can hide in macrophages tissues and can be surpress into remission. How hiv scientist really sure he is cured. What kind of hiv test they did to him?

bleeding hand and HIV positive semen.

Hello Everyone,

I really need some professional help and your help is much appreciated.
My hands are really really dry with a lot of red scratches cuts from the cold weather(I also have a dermatological skin condition where my skin is so dry that it opens and bleeds in different places of my body). They bleed and stop bleeding a lot during the day, depending if I touch them or rub them.
Im a gay male not out yet and a bit scared of getting sexual with men. I went to a bath house today (gay sauna), I usually don’t touch anyone because of my hands condition, I just like to walk around and watch people. I watched a guy masterbate, as soon as he ejaculated, he ejaculated on his hand and I have no idea why he touched my hand directly. I freaked out because I might be bleeding, I put the towel directly on my hand to see if there was blood, and yes a patch of dry skin was bleeding, basically my towel had a lot of small dots of blood on it. I washed my hand directly and that patch of dry skin kept on bleeding for 20 minutes.

The issue is once he ejaculated he had semen on his hand, and touched my BLEEDING hand skin directly, so his semen touched my blood.

I spoke to the man and found out that he is HIV positive, I made sure of this information through someone else there and indeed he is HIV positive. He was helpful and told me to go to the hosipital directly.
My friend is a nurse at a hospital and she says I need to go to the emergency room and get my situation checked and she told me to insist on take treatment (PEP – post exposure that’s what she called it). She told me because the towel did not have just one drop of blood it had a lot more, which means that my skin was open and actively bleeding.

I am REALLY WORRIED scared I feel numb.. please tell me whats my risk from this situation. What shall I do at the moment ? am I infected ?
Thanks a lot for all your work and help here.


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