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Living with HIV

HIV support groups for heterosexuals

I have been diagnosed HIV positive this week. My mind is blowing, I don't know what to do and where to go. I live in Vancouver and all my family is back in Europe. Is there a support group for heterosexual HIV positive people?
When and where does it take place? Thank you.


i recently got into a relationship with a lady i did not know of her HIV status. we eventually had an vaginal sex (with no condom). i was very worried though she told me not to that she was sure that she is negative. but out of fear, i went to my clinic and i was given PEP treatment at about 40 hrs post exposure.
the relationship continued and we had another sex 6 days after i started PEP. i was not a brief sex at all and i ended up having some injury on my penis as a result of the activity.
I almost discontinued the PEP, but asked her to just do the HIV test, and it came out positive. i was shocked!!!!!
i have not had any rashes, fever, sore throat and all that except jaundice, nausea and severe weakness once i take the drug.
i experienced an unexplained burning sensation,needle like pricks and colicky pain in and on my penis and my scrotum. sometimes i feel like something wants to come out but nothing comes out of my penis. this started about two weeks after exposure. but no discharge nor sore nor rash around my perineum nor inguinal area.
all STI screening i did were negative and i had to take treatment for STI just in case ( this was my decision).
i have completed my pep and got tested again at day 33 post exposure and day 30 on pep and im still negative.
my questions are
1) will my second exposure limit the efficacy of PEP?
2) should i have extended my PEP to 6 more days.?
3) are those symptoms i had possibly due to seroconversion?
4) is my current negative result encouraging?
thanks a lot for your anticipated prompt response. i am honestly scared.

also, i just got an antibody test approximately 2 months post pep and 3 months post exposure. it came negative. i don not know what to make out of this as my symptoms still persist. my palms and sore of my feet are peeling of now. my bones ache and i am tired like my soul is out of my body. i need help please

He Didn't Tell ME

I am nervous because I had oral sex with a man who was undetected for 30 years but he did not tell me until after it happened. He performed it on my penis and I only did it oral to his anus. We had a heavy make out session and he came on his body, but some of it got on me and I wiped it off with a towel. A week later I have some chest pain and my tongue is white with some bumps on the back of the tongue. Is it too late for prep?! What can I do?

Swollen Lymph Nodes?

I still have swollen lymph nodes while other symptoms are gone.
I’m on ART now, just wanted to know what cause ongoing lymphopathy
Is it overactive producing antibodies? Or it’s the virus hiding there?

how safe is it to have sex if viral load is unknown but taking medicine regularly and indulge in safe sex

hello Dr,

Recently in last week i had a sexual act with a HIV positive person , it was brief encounter which lasted hardly for two min. I had used a condom which i am pretty sure did not slip or break and neither it was a rough sexual intercourse as i had foreplay before indulging in the act , I even ejaculated inside her wearing the condom.

i love this women and had known her since last 15 years but this is the first time i had sex with her. In past i had oral sex where she had perform on me i took the test time but it was negative . I know well that she takes her medicine regularly but she has not taken her viral load test in last 10-11 months . i have told her to take the test in every six months but she gets upset on reminding her about her condition and that i hurt her by making her fill guilty that i might get HIV , i don 't want to lose her at this moment .

My question are.... 1} do i have to worry of the transmission if we are both unaware of the viral load even after performing safe sex .

2} is it safe to have sex with condom even if she does'nt take her viral load test but is on proper medication regularly .

3} do i need to worry and take a test after this recent sexual act.

4} how safe is it wearing a condom and getting into a sexual act in missionary position

Hand Injury At Work Risk Assessment

Hi. I recently injured my finger at work. The cut is not deep but not superficial either. It was bleeding quite a bit. My coworker rushed me to another room and then simply grabbed a clean tissue from the lobby and gently put it on my finger to make it stop bleeding and also using it as a bandage. He just put the tissue on my finger. He didn't press or directly touched my finger.

Was this situation a potential risk for HIV and Hep C transmission knowing that he did touch the tissue before putting on my finger and my finger was still bleeding at that time? I carefully watched his hands/finger and saw no blood on the tissue whatsoever but I am still really concerned about what happened.

Thank you.

What is the life span of the person with HIV ?

The patient after initial HIV infection, viral load was very high. The immune system then responded and lowers the number to a base level.
Now again the immune count is been reduced to 200, wherein doctor has suggested that the patient might require a separate treatment without connecting with the outside world.

what is the life expectancy of the person ? and how harmful is she to live among the common masses?

Can HIV be converted to AIDS within 5 years and kill the patient if they leave untreated?

Hi. Iam making a short movie in which a 18 year old girl dies of AIDS within 5 years. She gets HIV due to rape. I wanted to show how a rape could affect a girl's life. But i doubt whether it can be ended in 5 yrs or not. Its a need in the film that I need to show within that short span of time. She dont eat properly, poor nutrition, depressed always about the rape and she never takes any treatment and she is ready to die. So will this be correct? please guide me with a specific answer. If we leave it untreated 5 yrs is possible right? I can't show more than that period..:(

Help! help! help!

Im a 18 year old guy..(gay) 2 years ago . Me and my partner (bisexual) decided to have anal sex but we didnt have condom at that time. But I just rubbed my penis against his ass. but I saw that some kind of yellow dots like particles were present.. I know rubbing has negligible risk.. but I have a fear that those particles may have entered my urethra. I dont know about those particles they may be feces
or something else.. If I go for test and result comes HIV+, Then I will have got HIV since 2 years, Then I will surely die soon... Can u tell me if 2 years is very long period or short period for being aids patient

CD4 Testing

What is the recommended place in Vancouver where i can have my cd4 count done? I am just visiting this city thru a cruiseship and i needed my CD4 to start my medication. Please help


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