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Living with HIV

Hong Kong street worker.

Had protected sex with a woman from Kenya in Hong Kong. I had a cut from shaving on my balls and I preformed oral sex. What are the chances of contracting hiv? How soon can I take a blood test with definitive results? This happened 14 days ago. Also how soon does the virus become active and I can spread it to other people ?

a man with HIV virus use hand to help me masturbat

Last Sunday, a man with HIV virus use hand to help me masturbate and when he suck my penis , my penis was in my underwear and it was just short time and no other sex action and we kiss each other just upper body, mouth to mouth his tongue touch my tongue, In my face, there is a little wound it was made last Friday and it has become scab in last Sunday, the man has virus but not AIDS, he take medicine every day, I want to know if I will get HIV

Non detectable

Hi, i have a quick question...my paranoia of hiv had me thinking of possibilities. In case of a person being hiv positive (male) if at one point this person has an undetectable viral load. Can he still pass the virus up to a partner? Could this person go back to having a regular sex life as long as he is undetectable? or is there always a chance to pass the virus to a female? have there ever been any cases of an undetectable viral load still transmitting the virus?

urrrrgentttt help required

hi i had sex with a female and after 6 week i tested and the test was negative and after that she had typhoid fever and after that i again been with her and now i am scared that i am affected she has lot of bf which i came to know now and i did i not cum inside her if you suggest me to take the test what test should i take when to take and if i am affected should i be on medication for whole life even if i am getting test very soon may be by 10 week. if i have multiple partner and all are hiv- then is there a chance of getting exposed pls clarify as soon am really scared?


Many thanks to your team for the selfless works on HIV education. I read your posts and advice on HIV prevention and testings.
I am so scared of HIV and so I always try to take precautions. But looks like I really made a mistake now and am dying of anxiety.
I had a sex with a woman I thought was negative but who later told me that she is positive after the acts, just diagnosed not on drugs, super infectious. We performed the following acts.
1. Vaginal sex with condom (there was no breakage or slippage, only partial slippage like 30%)
2. Oral sex with condom. This scares me the most as it looks like she bit my penis occasionally during the process as I can feel her gnashing teeth sometimes . I examined my penis for physical injuries afterwards but did not see any, but I can feel the sensation. She also vomited on my penis at the end. Can the vomit be full of HIV virus that will pass through any invisible cuts the teeth may have created.
3. After the oral, we performed another vaginal sex with condom, no slippage or breakage. But am worried here if the bite from the oral may have created some fine cuts on my penis above the area covered by the condom.
4. Some long time fingerings. I have no finger injuries

I checked the condoms after each act with water and there was no leakage.
I thought I can have safe sex, but this has turned sour despite all my efforts. My anxiety level is above the roof, I can’t even go to work.
Please did I put my self at risk on any of the above acts. I just did regular HIV tests two months ago as required by my job. Do these acts need specific testing. Also do I need PEP for this?.

Living with AIDS

How many people on record are living with AIDS today in 2016?

MSM Protected anal sex with HIV positive on meds

I had protected anal sex with another man. I was the bottom. He is HIV positive and is on his meds. He stated that he is considered undetectable but I guess it's not confirmed since I didn't see a report from his doctor so it could have not been true. We used a condom for both times and I do not think that there was a condom break at any point. I am just worrying because I started getting a sore throat and I am currently at day 9 after the exposure. Could this just be a case of stress or anxiety and I'm causing these symptoms myself? Has there been any confirmed cases of transmission from someone on their meds to someone who is negative? Thank you in advance.

Protected sex for less than a minute

hi, im really worried and dont know what to do..
i had protected sex with a massage girl in china and i was using durex condom
i didnt kiss or anything else. she just put a condom on my dick and i fucked her till the cum came out and it was even less than 30 seconds
what are the chances to catch aids and id lik to mention that it was my first time ever and im 18 yrs old only

Deeply Worried Female And At Wits End

I was put on Stribild 11 months ago.
It has gotten to the point whereby I am literally combing and flushing away clumps of hair from my head everyday. Such a debilitating feeling mentally.
Added to that, my stomach is bloated and feeling nausea from time to time. Appetite is out of whack.
Joint pain and muscle aches,with headache as a constant feeling is getting me increasingly depressed and anxious,especially about my hair.
Concerns passed on to my clinic I feel are acknowledged with a hint of unknowing,therefore dismissed as a norm and wonderment. My virus is undetected,organs they say seem perfect with good levels.
So how long will these side effect symptoms continue to destroy my confidence and how can I fix this?
Please. Please. Anyone out there that can tell me something factual and real to help my mind ?

Applying for insurance

Hi everyone,

I was wondering what your advice would be for someone with HIV who is considering applying for insurance (for instance life or disability insurance). If someone has HIV that is well controlled how will it affect the insurance policy?



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