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Living with HIV

facial wasting

i've been poz for 18 years and i am starting to loose the fat under my cheek bones. are fillers covered as a treatment...i know it may seem silly, but it is really causing me grief and elective cosmetic procedures are expensive beyond my reach.

Protected sex, experiencing hiv symptoms


I'm a 24 year old heterosexual female who had protected vaginal sex with a male 2 months ago. We used a latex condom and from what I saw there were no tears or holes in the condom. To make sure the condom was ok i blew into it after sex to make sure there were no breaks or tears. I did not see any.However I'm experiencing hiv seroconversion symptoms I have severe sore throat pain, fever and joint pain. I'm very afraid to get tested. I learned some things about this man recently that leads me to believe that he might be infected. I learned that he has paid for oral sex from strippers. I asked him about his health status and he said that he has never been tested for sti's, but he had to undergo a medical check up for his student visa so I'm not sure if he has been tested for hiv. I know I should get tested but I'm terrified. I really think that I'm infected. I would like to speak to a health worker but I'm not sure where to go. I live in Toronto so I'm not sure where to go for sexual health counselling.

Thank you for your help

One more follow up to absolute accurate results asked on Sunday, August 10

Probably a stupid question, but...if I am HIV negative, does that also mean that I don't have aids? Just got a bit anxious when I read your latest response...thanks so much!

shaving cut on lips

Thank you all for such amazing resource. My question is that: I know sharing same utensils, i.e fork doesn't transmit hiv. What if I have shaving cut on my lips from one day ago and take one single food from a fork and my friend continue to eat with same fork. Can i infect her, if i were hiv+

Sharing soup with family member

Hi ..thank you for helping us..I'm hiv positive and I' really carefull to save other people in my family safe. I made a mistake last night and I shared soup with my mother who is in her 50s..I know sharing food is not a risk but I had bitten my cheek exactly 24 hours before that which had caused some bleeding..I don't think I was bleeding when I was sharing food and I got home and check my cheek and I just saw blood clot on my cheek..is this a risk for my mom? unfortunately I'm not on treatment cause I can't afford it...

ELISA test

One of my neighbors in down with Jaundice and his test results came back.. And his ELISA test was reactive .. What does this test being reactive means ?.

HIV Cure

Hello sir,
i recently found this link.
What are your comments on this case.

so is it possible than one can get hiv and self cure him/herself in body..



High Risk. Topped a bottom who was HIV positive.

I ran into man I've had a crush on for 10 years. To make a long story short I.topped him without a condom and it took me only two minutes tell I ejaculated in him. For some reason I felt I had made a mistake. the next day I went and purchased two OraQuick HIV rapid tests. I was falling in love and just wanted to do the test so we could possibly be monogamous 3 months late the worst I thought came true. I trusted him but he.did t.know his status.
His test was positive and my test was negative. I went and bougt a 3rd OraQuick hoping it was wrong. His results were still positive. I took him to a health clinic 3 weeks later for rapid blood test. I was negative and once again his positive. They drew blood on him I believe for STI and a western blot. He won't let me help anymore. He never went back for the results. I wish and pray I could help him. I pray for him. I had a complete STI checkup all negative and at 7 weeks OraQuick still neg. I have never been so frightened in my life. This has been agonizing and a real eye opener...... even though I read that 95 percent of people develop antibodies to HIV within 21-35 days. I know in my heart I will be ok. Big big lesson learned here. Besides oral sex that was our only insertion top bottom experience. He now thinks I treat him like a germ. What I did find out was he is a chronic meth user and hard alcohol drinker. I wish he would believe me when I tell him to get on meds ASAP. Our relationship is unfortunately no more. My questions are simple: I think he blames me because I tested him.
1. Are those 4th generation tests truly accurate as it states 95 percent of.people antibodies in 21 to 35 days. I'm like on day 50 after exposure. I know I.will need 3.month and 6.month as well but I'm so frightened still.
2. How can I help my friend stop using Meth and Alcohol to get on antiviral meds. Is it wrong of me to not want to be in a discordant or.magnetic relationship? I Mean I worry.so.much. its.not.that I'm scared.for.me
.I .mostly scared for.him and his drug use. I.con sider myself very spiritual and christian. He doesnt.listen to.my.beliefs and quite honestly the rudest person I've ever dated.
Thank you so much for doing what you do. I pray for.my friend, myself, and everyone with this disease.
Thank u I will donate. Thank u so much!

Am I hiv negative ?

My wife had blood transfusion in 1993 . in last month she tested +ve for HIV 1 in two test with cd4 count 57
detected Bilateral pneumonia. in ICU for 15 days and during recovery from it died due to Heart failure,
six months before i have test of tri dot - ve . and 5 days before tridot - ve . for my child of 10 years tridot test is -ve before 5 days.
is tridot test is sufficient to detect hiv infection? what kind of test should we underdo to test hiv

Undetectable and taking Atripla

I am seeing a man who is HIV+ and taking atripla. His viral load is around 60, and he takes good care of himself. I am wondering how much risk there is for infection. I have performed oral sex on him (though he has never ejaculated), performed analingus, and had unprotected anal sex and ejaculated inside him. He has also been inside me (for a very brief amount of time, and never ejaculated). This had been going on for about 3 months. I'm just trying to get a sense of what is safe, and what how risky the mentioned activities are.

Thank you


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