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Living with HIV


Am just reading many articles about hiv now,and hiv in the future.many article about the cure and vaccine.am hiv+,is there any hope about the cure,how far have our blessed sciencist reached.?can we cross our fingers that one day we can have a cure.so far hiv is never a dead sentence,it is defeated 70%,mybe if God wishes as am reading from many wedsites,like AVERT,amFAr and many other,we can see a ray of hope.how about you,what do you have that we dont know.?what am reading is giving me hope,because we are all at risk.


I think I have HIV,
I slept with a person of unknown status.
I used peep for 10 days,
at three weeks I fall with heavy illness.
can 10 days peep affect my window period. I see all early sign of HIV,
its 5 weeks since.

Please help to answer.. Pleasee.

My friend of mine just tested hiv
and here his result..

biomerieux (Vironostika) (CO:0.207,
absorbance:0.187) - Reactive

is that really mean the result is reactive?
And if reactive why the value of absorbance below the CO.. ?


I have been diagnosed positive some 12 years ago but ignored the fact until I started losing excessive weight loss, again retested positive after 12 years. My CD4 count was just 5...sooner I was enrolled for HAART therapy. My weight increased to the normal level as well CD4 increased gradually. I had no other OI's then. I wonder sometimes that I may be able to carry on like this only with the support of meds.can anyone suggest me if it is possible to live some years when anti retro viral drug started only on CD4 5 as I did!!!

HIV and breast feeding

I'm HIV + and breast feeding, my baby tested negative at 6weeks but I was advised to continue using nevirapine while I breast feed him, I eventually stopped breast feeding him at 4months and stopped the nevirapine as well, what are the chances he could be positive as well?

Rapid test

I had protected sex with my wife who is hiv+,after 4weeks,am having some pains everwhere in my body...my qestion is,
1)can a 4week test give me any andication of my status..?
2)and is havind protected sex with a person known to be living with hiv,increase the chance of getting hiv..?am a bit confused because my wife is hiv+,please let me know the truth...

High risk

I was exposed to a woman living with hiv+,it was protected sex but,i tested at rapid test was negative,at 30days,i will test agin at 12weeks,have you ever seen a 30days negative turn positive after 1tweeks am really scared..


Please help me,my wife got diognised with HIV just recently,we have 2 beutifull doters,aged 7 & 6,but they have no HIV and am also HIV-,i love my wife and i have forgiven her for what she did to me,because i was really faithfull to her all these years we have been married.doctor has advised us to keep on using condoms whenever we have sex,we dont want any kid.but i have few qestions i would like to ask,
doctor told me i should keep on using condom whenever i do sex with my wife,we agreed but my fear is that i might get HIV despite using condom.?
My wife is really scared that she will infect me with the virus if we use condom and that we will end-up leaving our daughters orphan..should you please let me know the effectiveness of a condom?can i rest assured that we can have a life full of hope that my wife wont give me HIV when using condoms consistenly..?please help,because am in the middle of a rock and hard place,we have been given condoms by the facility already,but am scared to use them because am sure if they can really protect me from HIV and i want to fully support my wife,we wont break because i love her....mike from coastal kenya...

Hiv signs

Can hiv signs appear in just less than 15days,
sore throat
limpth nodes
chest pains
are these signs i mention related to hiv,because i had protected sex with a person living with hiv..and which ar the signs of early hiv,because am starting to think maybe i got tranmitted with one time protected sex with a person living hiv..


Hi,i have my girlfriend who is hiv+ but she is under ART,i had protected sex with her last week,(condom used properly).after i finished having sex with her i did a double check on the condom,i filled them with air like baloons to make sure they are ok,they didnt break,i know i might sound stupid BUT its because i wanted to confirm if they are ok because i wore them 2 (condoms)at once..and the entercourse happened for less than 5minutes..please help me on this,should i consider testing after this senario.am from is africa(kenya)..thanks in advance..:


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