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Living with HIV

Condom conversation

I was relaxed but starting to worry,2 month ago,i had sex with a hiv positive woman,it was protected till the last round,we did to rounds,but all protected,not condom breakage or slip over or expired..but because this condom conversation am reading here in the archieves has started making me worried,i had some headache,last month no any other symptoms,if a condom is not that protective,then i might be infected,because she is HIV+ but under madication...


Thanks for the good work you guys are doing,If i had a protected sex with woman who is under ART,is there any risk,?condom is a barrier which protects from direct access of the virus in our bodies....condom used properly can protect me from stds,without any kind of failer,a condom can it give me maximum protection..?should i stress-up myself,bacause i made sure a condom did not break..thanks


My gf is hiv+ since september last year,she is under ART,we had protected sex(with condom)on 25th january this year,it did last for long,i got in and for like 2 minutes i ejaculated,we didnt do it again because i was scared to continue,am reading here that if a condom is used properly,did not break,was not expired,and did not come off while penetrating,can i rest my mind that i didnt come into contact with the virus,because i know all the above factors didnt happen,condom was used properly..so please do i have to worry,or should i go for testing after 12weeks,?i made sure condom was used properly..please help me here,somehow confused..

My girlfriend

My girlfriend is taking her arvs,but its less than 3 month,and am told that if a person is taking hiv madication will decrease the chances of transmitting hiv to her partner,now my qestion is.
1)If she is using her madication,but its less than 3month,can it really have redused the viruses in her blood.?
2)we are having protected sex everytime we have sex,so if a condom is a low risk by itself,and she is under madication for like 2 month+,does that mean i can live a stress free life not fearing i might get hiv in the future...am really supporting her,but i think we should remain normal friends because am scared i can get hiv despite using condoms....


I was in a sex relationship with my girlfriend,we broke-up for over 4 month,then we came back together,during that time i had one woman whom we had protected sex,when we reconciled with my girlfriend and came back together,she insisted we use a condom,i didnt bother,we had protected sex all the time have it..just recently,i saw a misterious drugs on her bag,i took one sample and went to the doctor and asked her about the drug and he told me they are arvs,now an really worried,but i have been having protected sex with her since we came back together..now am really shocked because anything can happen during that time,but am quite sure the condom did not break,so please can i be sure that if for sure the condom did not break or was not expired,i cud have not been infected..am scared to test because i know for sure i might have been infected with these viruses..please help me which direction i should follow,

She is

My girlfriend she is under madication of hiv,(arv)we have been using condom when having sex,my worry is,whli doing it,we dont use any water based lubricants,does this mean that whenever you use a condom should add some lubricants,so this means the lubricant in the condom is not recommended,we dont add any lubricant while using condoms...you scare me sometimes..

Am scared

Please let me know if am at risk,i heard protected sex with my girlfriend who is hiv+,but my problem is,i have a small wound at the base of my penis,when i wore a condom,it did not cover the wound,and the wound had some(pus),when i finished,i saw it was extremely covered with virginal fluids..now am starting to worry because hiv can pass throung unhealed wound,and am sure i got exposed to hiv,my cum was in the condom,so this means the condom didnt break,only the wound is giving me headache..

State of confusion

I want to know,if i have unprotected sex with a hiv+ lady,who is under madication,can i get infected with the virus..?if chances of infecting me are slim,only 5%,meaning that,i can have uprotected sex and come out clean..?is it posible,because i know the viruses are still present even if she is under madication...and can somebody who is married to a hiv+ partner(discodant)live negative when using condom anytime they have sex,i mean if condom is used properly,can he live a life free of hiv when his partner is positive..can condom give him 100% protection when used properly...

hiv after five years

I want to ask what will be the symptoms if someone is living with hiv for five years ? I mean r 5 years enough to make a man sick enough or not?

Increase in the virus

If a person who is hiv positive has sex with a girl who isalso hiv positive are there chances that there virus will increase? And if an hiv positive person has sex with hiv negative person does his virus decrease?


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