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Living with HIV

Proviral DNA test negative .

I have been hiv 2 positive since 11 years.my antibody test comes positive but proviral DNA PCR test and qantitative RNA test (viral load test) is "undetectable" How this can be? Does it mean that I dont have hiv?

will i turn positive later....

my girl friend tested hiv positive....we have had so many unprotected sex together...i tested at exactly six weeks nd 3 day, a rapid test nd i tested negative...so scared that if i test again, it might change......am so scared....please!! Will it turn positive

posibility of status changing

i had unprotected sex with a girl that is hiv positive, i didnt know..... 45 days after my last sex with her, i did a rapid test and tested negative..........me so scared that if i go for another test, i will test positive.....please tell me the posibility of my result changing after another 45days......i have not have any sign of seroconversion.....please tell me!!! So! So! Worried

For Knowledge

how many years goes to discover the hiv vaccine?

HIV vaccine Possible or not?

any good news about hiv vaccinne?

high risk exposure and a white penis discharge

high again I've posted a question on sunday 20th about my partner who tested positive and my status being negative,however I have noticed a white discharge from my penis of which its not painful or burning during urination.The discharge is not a heavy flow only when i squeeze my penis it will show as milky or clear fluid at times,I'm highly concerned and starting to panic as my hiv status has been negative since my last eposure on 9th august with my latest results negative on 25 september .Please help

unprotected 8 times vaginal with hiv+ sex worker

I slept with a girl who I found out was sex worker 6-8 times unprotected. And told me she was hiv+ hsv2 EBV. She also injected and When I got home first 2 weeks. I had flu like symptoms cough fever night sweats penile yeast infection (penile yeast infection which does not go away with cream. sleepless nights waking up in the mornings with headaches. Then tingling in legs 3rd week 4week hsv2 outbreak. I got tested for Chlamydia gonorrhea syphillis hep b c HIV 4 gen test at 2 4 6[p24 antibody test) 8 12weeks all neg.
My question is if 1:
If i have caught HIV infection can tests be negative because my body has not produced the antibodies yet so it could occur later in life?
2: And HIV positive status only means the antibodies are visible in the bloodstream at present time.
3: can you test negative for syphllis at 3 months and still can show up later in life ?
4: I keep having these burning tingles in penis after 6 months And still wake up with headaches in the morning . what could this be? Not in my mind my body never felt like this before. Is my immune system in different ways now?

higher than normal cd4 cell count

I was diagnosed with hiv2( possible exposure could be  before 10 years) when I checked my cd4 cell count it was above normal ie 1300.Is it normal to have cd4 cell count more than normal? also I have few red itchy spots on the skin on the legs.Is it of any concern?Thanks.

In love with hiv + girl

Please forgive me if the questions I am about to ask seem very silly but for the sake of my blossoming relationship with a HIV+ girl I would like some clarity.
1) The girl I am seeing has a tendency to occasionally spit while talking. What worries me is that she also occasionally suffers from bleeding gums. I have read across the forum and while you have stated that HIV cannot be transmitted through saliva, one of your charts mentions taking blood in to the mouth as a Low Risk Activity. So would I be at risk if some of her saliva mixed with blood entered my mouth while talking.
2) I have been a little hesitant to indulge in physical activity with her. Will French kissing put me at risk even if she has some blood in her mouth as long as I ensure that there are no cuts in my mouth?
3) Technically how much blood would need to enter my mouth through either of the above mentioned activities to pose a risk of transmission?
Plz forgive the lengthy question. I don't wanna push this girl away because of my irrational fear. 

AIDS signs

I absolutely know I have advanced Hiv because of the total breakdown of my body over the last year or more. I could fill a page with all the issues I have. I know the standard comment is that there are no clinically defined signs of aids but there are many listed at reputable websites...weakness, fatigue, seborrheic dermatitis, low body temperature, rash, sore mouth and tongue, loss of vision, Burning feet, hands, loss of appetite and thirst, sensitive skin and one on. I have them all and more.What I do not understand is the failure of repeated poc rapid testing to diagnose it, not that it would make any difference now.


How is my cd4 normal even after infection of 14 years

I was diagnosed hiv2 positive 14 years ago.So far I have not taken any ARV.Recently I have symptoms like sinusitis,headache.fatigue,skin itching etc. I checked my cd4 cell count it ws 1357 which is normal.Now I would like to know 1)How is that my cd4 count so high even after 14 years of infection?
2)How is that even though my cd4 cell count is high , I have got such symptoms?Are they due to hiv or any secondary infection due to hiv?
Since it is hiv2 I am unable to know the viral load.Please let me know what should be my next step.
Please reply.


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