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Living with HIV


I heard about a vaccine being tested in Australia, what progress has been made so far?

Autoimmume disease...Schleroderma

Hello, i've been diagnosed with schleroderma and told that this is a autoimmune disease. My question is: Is autoimmune disease the same meaning as AIDS?


I tested positive in 1984 and have been positive for 28 years. I have had no opportunistic infections or complications. I have been in various hiv coctails for those 28 years. In 1984 I was transfered from Vancouver to Winnipeg. i found a great doctor here in Winnipeg. I do have some issue with the meds and have very bad diabetes and high cholesterol. Have not had any severe side effects from the meds. My question is how do I find a doctor in Vancouver? I am considering moving back to Vancouver because I miss it terribly. Most of my dear friends have all passed, their names are on the memorial down off Beach Avenue. Whenever I go there I cry my eyes out with the memories of all their pain and suffering.

Legalities of demanding disclosure in non-exposure

I came across a situation that has me concerned, and I'm wondering about the legalities of it. Can a private post-secondary institution require students disclose HIV+ status as a standard part of their medical file?

skin falling off

I heard that having AIDS would eventually make your skin fall off. I'm worried about a friend who has AIDS and I'd like to know if this is true or not?


for treatment info:
I have had a rash (uriticarial vasculitis) on and off since last May. 
I have seen nurses and docs at Spectrum Health, a few specialists and no one seems to be able to help.
maybe you have seen or heard about it in other HIV+ individuals?

Funding for education

I am an outreach worker in Vancouver and I am wondering if there are
financial resources for people living with HIV who wish to undertake
education...Community college or trade school..I've experienced requests
around this a few times,and I'm not aware of anything myself..any info would
be appreciated


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