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Living with HIV

Applying for insurance

Hi everyone,

I was wondering what your advice would be for someone with HIV who is considering applying for insurance (for instance life or disability insurance). If someone has HIV that is well controlled how will it affect the insurance policy?


inconclusive Western Blot Test Result

I have tested reactive on a rapid test and then indeterminate on Western Blot test. This was exactly a month after my exposure. The STD clinic told me to return in 12 weeks to repeat the Western Blot test to confirm my HIV status.
I would like to start with my risk assessment:
Unprotected vaginal/oral sex with a male partner, lost my virginity to him. Partner tested negative right after being informed about my inconclusive test results. I believe I was not exposed to non-sexual ways to contract HIV such as needle sharing, blood transfusions, getting tattoos or piercings.
My questions are:
1. If I test indeterminate for the 2nd time would this be conclusive? Should I take PCR RNA test then?
2. Could common cold virus throw off Western Blot test results?
3. Could having HPV throw off Western Blot results?
Thanks in advance for any input.

My BF turned out to be POZ


Sorry about my post being too long but I have somewhat specific situation and I have not found the info on the net that would calm me down even though I ve been reading about HIV in the past 5-6 weeks.I have been through probably the worst few weeks of my life so far (and Im not trying to be dramatic). I have several questions and this forum seems the best place to bring it up.

So I am dating a guy since August who claimed to be negative as his test in June was negative. I was still insisting that he did a recent test as I also did one myself. On 17 Dec he turned out to be HIV positive and admitted having a risky encounter back in May (which his June test did not pick up). He was also devastated by the news so I believed him and stayed with him as I really didnt/dont want this to be any reason for a break up. However, this situation is not easy especially that I am still not sure about my status.

We had more and more unprotected sex as time passed in our relationship since I started to become more confident with him. I was bottom 100% of the time and I would say we had maybe 10% unprotected, never with ejaculation though. Since it is a distance relationship the encounters were on a 2-3 week basis. The last risky unprotected encounter was on 13 Dec. I was tested negative on 18th Dec right after he told me the bad news (I was already too late for PEP). On 2 Jan we had an unfortunate condom accident after which I immediately started PEP and I am currently doing it. Basically we found something whitish on the outside of the condom.

I was tested negative again before the PEP started on 2nd Jan (3 weeks after last unprotected encounter) and on the 18th Jan (5 weeks after unprotected sex and 2 weeks into PEP). About a week before my last test I had very bad flu like symptoms (sore throat, headache, shivering, sweating, swollen glands) but it faded away as quickly as it came within 24 hours.
My test centre uses 4th generation testing. I am confused a bit about the effect PEP has on the results.

So my questions are:

1. If I was tested negative on my last test 5 weeks after the last unprotected encounter but 2 weeks into PEP can I take it more or less accurate or the 2 week PEP alters this? (I know about PEP altering the test but my case is again somewhat special as the 3 weeks could have been enough to produce enough antibodies, right? Or the PEP can also reduce the number of such antibodies over time?) The last unprotected encounter worries me much more than the condom accident. So if I can somehow be sure about that encounter I will feel much better.

2. Should the symptoms I had for only 24 hours worry me?

3. My HIV specialist foresees the next test on 11 Feb (5.5 weeks after starting PEP and almost 9 weeks after last unprotected sex). Is this a correct time? Can I sleep better after this test in case it is neg?

4. I really dont want this to be a reason for break up as I love my BF and I want to be there to help him through these very bad times he is going through (he started the ART 10 days ago, and he is going through depression - me being the only one he can rely on). But I cannot live my life continuously taking PEP. Is there anyone here who is in a mix-status relationship? It would be great to hear some good practices we should get used to in order to live happy in such a relationship. (of course he sticks to his medication regimen, fortunately so far no side effects and he is also very worried about my status, and he loves me too :) ).

That's the story. Thanks a lot for reading and for all the info you may have.

French kissing

Hello, could you aquire hiv from french kissing an hiv possitive person? Also, I always had protected sex (condom). is there any risk with using a condom. The only thing i have not used protection is while giving oral sex and kissing...as far as intercourse goes I always used condoms.... I had a hiv 1and 2 a plass b test at kaiser after five weeks and five days...came out negative but 3 days after i tested i started feeling a sore throat and neck pain. in fact i had a bit of swelling on the left side of my neck and a dry cough that lasted a whole month. It started to freak me out. The dry cough lasted a long time...the sore throat was only a day or two.
MY DR told me to come back in six months..im almost at the six month mark but im scared to death

he was hiv positive ... me negative until 6 months

i had unprotected sex with hiv + not on meds more than 40 times...... Hiv duo ag/ab 9 in total , last one 180 days last exposure negative.... How can this happen ? Am i completely done with hiv now or should i keep worrying . Also hcv at 19 week neg hbv and all STI negatives at week 16.
Can i move on without doubts? I am a healthy person but cant understand how is this possible.
All the best

How early can Detrmine detects HIV

I had unprotected sex, several times, with an HIV positive gal on 12 September 2015. We went for HIV testing on 13 Sept she was positive and i was negative. I did not take any after exposure drugs. Today 05 January 2016 i tested myself and got a negative result? Is this result conclusive?

Anxiety in daily life

Hi, please supply me some answers.
1. Do I need to check carefully before using the household utensils (drinking glass, cup, fork, spoon, dishes, ...) that I share with my family's members when there may be blood/body fluids on them and I have canker sores in mouth or bleeding gums (I frequently have these oral problems)?

2. I do not have any type of sex, so when do anal rim (external skin, not inside of anus canal) and tip of penis provide direct access to bloodstream?
Thank you so much.

hiv can transmit if i receiving blow job from hiv infected women

I had oral sex with a HIV infected girl on 5 DEC 2015 she lick and suck my penis for 30 seconds and got my semen to her mouth. I am so concerned and confuse about this case. Can hiv transmit to me? and i dont have any cuts on my pennies

hiv and children

is it possible to have hiv and not infect your partner and have children once you are on medication???
in addition, could someone catch hiv giving oral sex to a man eventhough there was no ejaculation?

Reactive ECLIA HIV test high COI value


I recently got a reactive HIV ECLIA test with a COI value of 533.7

Why is it so high ?


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