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Living with HIV

Mr. Lee

I am a canadian currently live in Beijing China. My partner (Chinese)  just got test result back with HIV positive. I am just wondering if I can get help for him through your org. 

HIV Transmission Worry

I am a HIV negative guy in a relationship with a healthy HIV positive guy with an undetectable viral load and no STI's. I was wondering would it ever be possible for me to not get infected with HIV and be able to a). perform unprotected oral on him and b). have anal intercourse with him without putting on a condom with me being on top. In other words, how much of a risk does unprotected anal (me being an uncircumcised top) and oral (me giving) pose to me? Is it a huge risk where I'm bound to become HIV positive if I par take in the above? Does frequency and rough/not rough intercourse make a difference and/or diminish the level of risk to me being the HIV negative, uncircumcised top. Please advice. Thanks!

HIV/AIDS, & Living

I wanted to know on average how long does it take for HIV to progress to AIDS, say you were diagnosed exactly 3 months after exposure, would it be very manageable to avoid AIDS until you reach an old age since you began treatment so early?I mean can it be possible for HIV to turn into AIDS in a matter of months?
I know many don't take HIV as seriously as in the 80s because it isn't an automatic death sentence but you are pretty much forced to pay for this medication for the rest of your life if you want to live.Also, is dating life for people with HIV very difficult. Do people with HIV tend to end up with an HIV positive partner?
I know that with treatment if you engage in sexual activity with your partner (who may be negative or positive) your viral load will be lower and it wont be as easy for the virus to be passed.
It would also be hard just find someone who is willing to deal with this disease with you, especially if they didn't know you before you were diagnosed. They would put their baby at risk of contracting the disease if you both planned to have one.
Thank you


I heard about a vaccine being tested in Australia, what progress has been made so far?

Autoimmume disease...Schleroderma

Hello, i've been diagnosed with schleroderma and told that this is a autoimmune disease. My question is: Is autoimmune disease the same meaning as AIDS?


I tested positive in 1984 and have been positive for 28 years. I have had no opportunistic infections or complications. I have been in various hiv coctails for those 28 years. In 1984 I was transfered from Vancouver to Winnipeg. i found a great doctor here in Winnipeg. I do have some issue with the meds and have very bad diabetes and high cholesterol. Have not had any severe side effects from the meds. My question is how do I find a doctor in Vancouver? I am considering moving back to Vancouver because I miss it terribly. Most of my dear friends have all passed, their names are on the memorial down off Beach Avenue. Whenever I go there I cry my eyes out with the memories of all their pain and suffering.

Legalities of demanding disclosure in non-exposure

I came across a situation that has me concerned, and I'm wondering about the legalities of it. Can a private post-secondary institution require students disclose HIV+ status as a standard part of their medical file?

skin falling off

I heard that having AIDS would eventually make your skin fall off. I'm worried about a friend who has AIDS and I'd like to know if this is true or not?


for treatment info:
I have had a rash (uriticarial vasculitis) on and off since last May. 
I have seen nurses and docs at Spectrum Health, a few specialists and no one seems to be able to help.
maybe you have seen or heard about it in other HIV+ individuals?

Funding for education

I am an outreach worker in Vancouver and I am wondering if there are
financial resources for people living with HIV who wish to undertake
education...Community college or trade school..I've experienced requests
around this a few times,and I'm not aware of anything myself..any info would
be appreciated


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