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Living with HIV

Reactive ECLIA HIV test high COI value


I recently got a reactive HIV ECLIA test with a COI value of 533.7

Why is it so high ?

Please Help Me... I'm STRESS I don't know what to do

Hi, I had sex with a HIV positive person (male) on September 28, 2015. He's currently on his medicition. I was topping we did use a condom, but it break. When I realize it pop we stopped immediately. I'm stressing to the point I'm making myself feel ill. When the condom broke I was exposed for 10/15 mins while still inside of the person. I got tested in October but the health physician say it was too early for HIV to be detected in your body. So that test came back negative. The last time I went to get tested was November 2. The test was a rapid HIV testing my results came back negative. The health phyician told me to come back in the middle of December. That will be past the 3 month window period. To know for sure if I'm in the clear. Am I still at risk for attracting HIV?

HIV and aids

Hello, 10 weeks ago i had unprotected sex with a stranger. She was 19 years of age and I know nothing about her. After a few days i realized how stupid i was for having unprotected sex...I was going to wait 6 weeks to get tested but I was so anxious and I went after five weeks. Everything came out negative. No STDs no HIV but I am going to get tested again at the six month mark. I have been doing a lot of research about it, since im still anxious but My question is. In case of infection, how long does it take for HIV to turn into aids???????

I'm only 16

I have a boyfriend who slept with an HIV positive female before he slept with me he says he slept with her one month ago but he slept with me to weeks ago and his semen went in me if that happen but the semen cone back out seconds later is it still possible I have HIV also I didn't get tested yet I'm very scared

Girlfriend viral load went up after 3 months of unprotected sex. Should I be concerned and can we live a normal sex life

Me and my girlfriend been having unprotected sex for 3 months between August and October. She confessed to me around the end of October that she HIV positive for 5 years. She's been undetectable for 5 years too. I went with her in the middle of October to get her test done. Her viral load went up. She said its cause she had stopped taking her medicines in the beginning of October for about 3 weeks cause she was depressed. Her viral load was 1676 and her cd4 was 1315. Ever since then she's been taking her medicine again from the end of October till now. We use condoms now since her viral load went up but we still have unprotected oral sex on each other. I was tested almost 2 weeks ago and was negative. I had a HIV antibody test and HIV viral load test. Both was negative. I want to know how long will it take her viral load to go back down again? How long will it take her to get undetectable again? What's the chances of her body becoming resistant to the medicine. The name of her medicine is called Complera

Ton of Anxiety, Do I Have HIV?

I absolutely worried and scared that I might have HIV, and am afraid that my life is going to end because of it, or the quality of life will be extremely poor.

I've been with my significant other for a while and she's had some partners, and though she says she is clean, she has not been tested. She has had bloodwork done though, so not sure if they check for HIV or lack of immunity.

Can you get HIV from:
1. Mutual masturbation (handjob, fingering, etc)
2. Mammary intercourse (titfucking) - yes, there was contact with semen
3. Deep kissing / french kissing (no blood that I know of)
4. Hickeys / breaking some skin but not enough to bleed profusely
5. Contact with breasts orally (may have been contact with breastmilk)
6. Dry humping

Are there any other STDs I should worry about that could be caused by any of the above? I believe it's possible for skin to skin contact to cause some STDs but I don't know if I should be worried based on the stuff above.

This is my first partner that I've done stuff this extensive with and I'm absolutely terrified of getting a STD of any kind, ESPECIALLY HIV/AIDS as that seems to be the most deadly and not curable.

I don't know if I'm just letting my anxiety getting the best of me or I'm worrying for the right reasons. Please help.

oral sex

I'm HIV+ . I recently met a guy who proved to me that he was hiv-. He thinks that I'm hiv- as well. After 3months of dating we had sex; with a condom though. My concern is he performed oral sex where he put his tongue into my vagina licking and sucking. This was a nice experience but m worried that he might be infected. Every time we have sex he likes to do oral sex 1st. He refuse if I ask him not 2 do it. Please help me. How do I tell him 2 stop doing it cos I don't want him 2 be infected

immunodeficiency and hiv tests

Thank you for your time.

I had a risky encounter in april with a transexual. I was bottom ( no protection )

I know it was a stupid thing to do, and the last six months have been the worst, and I don't think I will ever believe I am 100% Negative

Two weeks after encounter-
Developed a butterfly rash on my face that felt like sunburn.

Three weeks-
Came down with a fever, headache, chills, mild sore throat, sweats. This lasted for 24 hours.

Other symptoms include-

Sensitive skin,
Cuts , esp after biting nails taking a while to repair, and seem to get infected, but clear in the end.

At seven weeks, I had a 4th gen finger prick test, which was negative.

At thirteen weeks, the same test still negative.

Then at 22 weeks negative.

But I still can't get it out of my mind. I am married with a daughter and feel so guilty. I can't get close to my wife again just in case .

I still have the rash on my face, and was diagnosed with rocasea. It just seems strange that I get this rash, and that 24 hour fever, a couple of weeks after the encounter

My question is, if you have aimmunodeficiency disorder, would your test be false negative or false positive?

The reason why I ask is because the last three colds I have had, have gone straight to my chest, having to have two weeks of work each time. Also with my cuts slow of healing and sometimes getting infected (but still heals after a while)

Could I have a immunodeficiency that has not been diagnosed yet? I am terrified to go to the doctors, just in case I find that I am hiv positive, as my hiv tests were not from my doctors, but from a charity called Higgins trust UK

I made such a bad mistake, and I am paying for it. If there is any chance I am positive, I will take my life.

The stress of all of this has taken its toll.


I have recently been diagnosed with hiv about a month ago and all my past partners since having my daughter have been tested and they are all negative. How could this be?


who don't no fi you get it


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