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Living with HIV

AIDS how long it takes?

how many long it takes - ( years ) gets to manifest the AIDS( not the HIV)?

Unprotected gay love

You are doing great job!! Keep it up pls!

I have just found my love for life! Sadly he is HIV positive, but we have just discovered that 5 months ago.

Before he was tested, I had unprotected anal and oral sex with him. Sometime aggressive sex.

After he was tested positive I was sure that he infected me but we decided to stop sex actually he decided to stop sex because he loves me and asked me to test so I did at 10,16 and 20 weeks mark and the results were always negative. We are both very happy about my result!!! Now we are planning to get some consultancy on our sex life and move on.

But can I really rely on the 20 weeks mark negative test although my boy tested positive.

I love my boy soo much and would like to be with him healthy looking after him and loving him.

Thank you - Kiss

Sero discordant couple

my wife has just been diagnosed with HIV
I'm quite scared and still don't want to leave the relationship
How can I protect myself
She's on ARV right now and we are planning to have a baby


How long does it take for HIV to develop into AIDS? Is 3 years possible? Everything I read says 8-10 years. Is this true or could it be shorter? (without medication)

NAT test at 4 months exposure negative result doctor advise for elisa test for further confirmation

I have had unprotected exposure with hiv positive undetectable viral load on december 2014, last exposure on feb 13, 2015 NAT test on March 20, 2015 negative result. No signs and symptoms except for occasional flu which lasted only for 5 days...was my NAT test still not confirmed about my hiv status?

help i'm stressing out after having unprotected anal sex

So I had unprotected anal sex 3 times with ejaculation with 3 different guys last year. I lost my virginity to one of them. I was told by all 3 of them that they were clean. after the 3rd guy(which was summer time), I got really scared and it was really really stupid of me that I didnt get tested. I didn't have sex till recently this week. Through the months of not having sex I did not have any symptoms of any sti/hiv. Recently I had sex with the guy who took my virginity again. I told him before having sex, that he should get a condom. But when we had sex, he did not use a condom and just went in without telling me and just ejaculated afterwards. I've been looking through google about hiv/sti's and I am panicking. I've scheduled to get tested next week and I just want to know that... If I get a positive is it too late to use PEP and if I get a negative how many times more can I get tested without having sex?.. I really hope to get an answer because im getting anxiety and thank you so much if I do.

Am I at risk of HIV? (very worried please answer)

So I recently visited one of my hiv positive friends and she prepared some food for me to eat. Let's say that she dropped blood on my food and I ate it after just one minute, am i at risk?
i do have a few sores in my mouth but nothing like constant bleeding or sti (do these small sores put me at risk?)
also, once outside the human body, how long does it take for the hiv virus to die?


Hello my adult son had a party at my house. A bunch of his friends stayed over. They got up and left in the morning and I went down to clean. While cleaning I stepped on an earring, which hurt and pricked my foot. A tiny bit of blood oozed out of my foot. I am worried that one of my son's friends that stayed over might have bled on that earring when taking it out of his/her ear, and a minute later there blood on earring went into my foot when I stepped on it..............any HIV RISK AT ALL? Why or Why not?
Please be clear and definitive on your response as I am worried. Thank You

is a 53-day post exposure rapid test conclusive? + other details

I just tested non-reactive after taking an HIV-antigen rapid test 53 past exposure. It was a great relief on my part but I'm still in doubt whenever I think of my "symptoms" and medical history within than 53 days.

I had a supposed to be protected anal sex (receiver) and unprotected oral with a paid masseur I met from an online app. Two days after I began experiencing sore throat, muscle pains (back, arms and legs), fatigue, slight fever, diarrhea and night sweats. This lasted for about 4 days, sore throat for about a week. I messaged the masseur and admitted to removing the condom during the sex but insisted that he was clean. But stil, I cannot be assured.

I was so anxious and paranoid during that time that I self-medicated my self thinking it was ARS. Since I had no access to PEP, I searched for HIV stuff online and did the following for about 5 days:

A. Take virgin coconut oil 2-3 tbsps 3 times a day. (There was a research about it from a scientist from University of the Philippines)
B. Drink apple cider vinegar twice a day.
C. Eat a clove of garlic twice a day as it supposedly cleans and fight the digestive track where the "virus reservoir" normally is.

I felt better a week after possible exposure. However, three weeks after, rashes began to form on my legs and thigh. They are red, non-raised and non-itchy. This time, no other symptoms are present. It was diagnosed as vasculitis by the doctor which is an auto-immune disease, and found no cause for it after several lab tests. It can be caused by drugs, recent bacterial/viral infections, although sometimes, no cause can be attributed to it. I've read that it is a rare complication in HIV positive persons. The rashes went on until the 53rd day mark and it is still here. Rashes come and go, occasional flares happen. I was taking prednisone during this time which is an anti-inflammatory and immunosuppresant drug (60 mg tapered down to 5 mg on the 4th week, ongoing).

Again, as I've said, I tested negative on the 53rd day. Now, my questions:

1. Is my 53-day rapid test conclusive? How accurate/conclusive it is? The counselor did not recommend further testing but I was not able to mention to her the medicine that I was taking.
2. Could the symptoms I experienced 2 days after be ARS?
3. Could my vasculitis be HIV related? I read in another forum there are a couple of HIV positive posters/members who experience this. Or should I just believe my doctor that for my case, no cause can be attributed?
4. Given the "medications" I took, could have I prevented infection with the apple cider, virgin coconut oil, and garlic, similar to what PEP does? Or could these have just delayed the antibody formation?
5. Could the prednisone, which is said to decrease the activity of my immune system, delay the antibody formation? I took this 3 weeks/21 days after exposure, starting 60 mg tapering down to 5 mg per day.
6. Would you recommend re-testing?

Sorry for the long list of questions, but thank you in advance!

Fingering a thot

I fingered a girl for maybe 30 seconds at the most. She's out there (meaning she has sex just about every week) & I'm not ure what her status is. What's the risk of me contracting this horrible degrading disease?


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