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Living with HIV


Hello and thanks for your time
Can you go to this link below and read this article

Is it true what they are saying, all of that is super confusing...... 6 month symptoms and what not? I'm confused about what they are saying and what you all say about hiv/aids. Can you help explain.

HIV Syringe Stabbed

Hi i'm depressed about this situation. I masturbated with a guy in the cr of his hotel room for about 5 mins. He turned off the lights and we masturbated. We never kissed or do sexual contact. We only do mutual masturbation. After that he turned on the lights and i noticed that he has a pouch in the sink and then, i saw a medical vial but without syringe. I am scared that he might pricked me with syringe while the lights are off but i didn't feel anything. I'm so scared! I am thinking about this everynight. Please help me!!! I'm so scared because I feel like everytime I feel something in my body i always connect it with HIV. Worst feeling ever, I have so many plans in my future

HIV transmition

Hello. I was deagnosed hiv+ the time when I want to marry official my hushband in 2013, since than my life become upsaid down. I am taking terapy, my vl is undetactable all the time, my heath is very good, I am not having any sicknesses. But the problem is my husband. He is asking many doctors about hiv and most of those doctors advice him to leave me, to cut the relationship. Those doctors make him affraid that he is having so many chances to get the virus from me, by kissing or cooking or touching me. Please, tell me, is those doctors are right, really, my husband can be infected by kissing me, or eating the food I am cooking for him, and hiv is the reason to break up the famely. Thank you in advance.


When someone becomes infected with HIV will they always have detectable antibodies, even if they have aids will they have antibodies that will show up on a test? Do antibodies ever go away in a HIV positive person? Help me with my confusion on this please, I've read weird things on other sites that say so many different things

Condom slips off

hi, I have a protected sex with HIV female, after ejaculation she stays on the top of me like a minute and when she tries to get off the protection stucked inside of her. Is there any risk of HIV? Plz help

Same day treatment

If i test positive today can i walk away with antiretroviral meds tomorrow


Can a person have AIDS and not HIV? If a person has AIDS do they also have to test positive for HIV? Aren't they somewhat the same thing? I am a little confused. I also read on the web that when a person has AIDS that antibodies will go away therefore making it where they don't test positive on a test… is this true? Do antibodies e v e r go away once they're in a persons body? Thanks for your knowledge on HIV/AIDS

hi sir

today tested the HIV test in tridot the result is positive in hiv1 can i take western blot for confirmation.plz send reply as early as possible

people who have HIV

i just want to know people who have HIV, what should they do and also i hear that many individuals who are living with HIV, and who treat in Canada today never progress to AIDS, and do not pass on HIV to other individuals. so this means the number of infections are decreasing.


Hi! I had a hiv test at three months but one of the months was February during the window period. February only has 28 days in the month. So my exposure was with a HIV positive dude (no condom) I am a girl. We had sex January 31st and I had a negative HIV test April 27th... with the days in the months is this considered conclusive? (I think in total the HIV test was done on the 86th day after exposure) I am confused and I am so scared because I have been having so many stomach and chest issues and that is what HIV effects I also have so many other 'unexplained' symptoms. I am in constant pain now. I don't know what is wrong with me but before I had sex I was fine and did not have any of these problems. I am convinced I have HIV and I am going to get retested on June 29th. I do not know what is going on with me and neither does my doctor. He says that it may be related to stress but I don't think so. I definitely think HIV is causing my problems and I would not doubt it because the dude I had sex with does have HIV!!! I feel like my life is ruined, I do not want to live with HIV even with the medicine because those cause bad side effects too


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