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Living with HIV


last year. my cousin was a pregnant and we dont know her hiv status upto her fourth month. in her 14 th week of gestration we came to know that she was hiv positive by that time her cd4 count was "198" and viral load was 69.9 copies per ml .
after all completion of this our Doctor started haart therapy to her with ,"nevirpine,zidovudine,lamuvudine". later by seventh month her cd4 count was devloped to "400".
our doctor performed ceasarian delivery and brest feed is not given instead of that formula feed is given.
a single dose of nevirpine is given after birth and our Doctor suggested zidovudine syrup for him but which was not available in india.
upto now the baby does nt have any problem and increasing weight rapidly.
now he is of 9th month and his weight is 9kgs.
now please clarify my doubt is there any chance of transmission of hiv to the baby.
2.i heard that after using haart(zidovudine,lamuvudine,nevirpine) to mother we can reduce tha risk to 0.1 but upto her 14 th week of gestration we havent used any haart to her is there any chance to vertical transmissionm to him from his mother. please answer as quickly as possible.
thank you

PLEASE HELP! HIV test at 4, 6, 9, 12, and 16 weeks (All Negative) But symptoms still persist

Dear Sirs/Madam,

I am 28 years old Male: I try to give a full history about my situation. i try to go to the details:

DAY 00 : A
bout 4 month and 2 weeks ago i had unprotected oral sex (for about 15 minutes) + vaginal penetration + protected vaginal intercourse (for about 4 minutes). The next day i started to feel nervous about what i did and i was very stressed.
DAY 02 : night sweat (Just that one night) + Loss of appetite (for about 5 weeks)
DAY 04 : muscle and joint pain in arms, feet, neck and swelling of arm's muscles (for about 4 weeks)
DAY 12 : White tongue and a discomfortable taste in my mouth which is persistent till now!!! (it's now about 4 month). although i was/am a daily smoker (20 cigarettes a day) but i never had this before!
DAY 12 : sore throat + nose run (for two weeks)
DAY 15 : Pain in the lymph nodes (neck, under the jaw and groin area) and swelling of lymph nodes (they were not like the pictures i see in the internet and there is no sking color change around them) - (i don't know if this was because i was so stressed that i touched them regularly or not!) (it all took about 1 month)
Day 70 till now : sensitive skin + itching all over body
Day 80 : some rashes on the dorsal of both hands (each hand about 5 to 6)
Day 100: abdominal pain + under the jaw & groin area lymph nodes pain come and goes till now

now i try to explain the tests i had till now:
Day 04 : HIV 1,2 antibody Elisa Test ------------------- negative
Day 31 (Week 4) : HIV 1,2 antibody Elisa Test ------------------- negative
HbsAg, HBsAb, HCV ------------------------------------------ negative
Day 42 (Week 6) : HIV 1,2 antibody Elisa Test ------------------- negative
Day 60 (Week 9) : HIV 1,2 antibody Elisa Test ------------------- negative
Day 85 (Week 12) : HIV 1,2 Elisa + P24 COMBO test ------------------- negative
Day 125 (Week 16) : HIV 1,2 antibody Elisa Test ------------------- negative

+++ I had 2 complete CBC BLOOD TEST:
The first after 9 weeks:
W.B.C=9400 - Plateletes=130000 - POLY(neut)=73% - LYMPH=23% - MONO=3% - EOS=1%
And the second one after 16 weeks:
W.B.C=7700 - Plateletes=139000 - POLY(neut)=68% - LYMPH=30% - MONO=1% - EOS=1%

question 1 : I visited 5 different "Infectious Disease Specialist" 3 of them told me not to worry and two of them told me to wait for 6 month test and even 12 month test! based on the information about the hiv tests I did and more importantly CBC Blood tests (the reduction of WBC cells on the 2nd test and somehow low lymph % counts) Can take it all as NEGATIVE ?

question 2 : As my doctors orders i used oral nystatin (+ tavanex tablets for 10 days) for my white tongue and there was no change back to normal tongue. If the tests are conclusive, then what is the reason of my never going white tongue (as i said i never ecperienced it before!) and the other come and going symptoms?

question 3: yesterday I woke up and there was lots of small red dots all over my left hand (except the palm) and i was scared to death that it was never happened before! and went away, but not completely because as i look closely there is still trails of them on my left hand skin? (I took a fluconazol tablet the day before, can it be the cause of this? if yes, why only on one hand?!)

question 4 : should I really wait for 12 month to have my complete and final results?

please help me. because I'm still fully stressed and can't even enjoy a second of my life with all these thoughts and stuff. I'm losing my job, self destructing my self (if its not already destructed!) and begging for a help to ease my mind.

I just hope and pray for a world with no HIV or any other incurable diseases...

Thanks for your kind support and waiting for your soon reply

With regards,

My bf just tested positive

I just turned 24 and found out my bf whom I will I refer to as "v" was confirmed positive on April 15th. His estimated exposure was in late September 2014 when he had unprotected anal sex. "V" recalls the week of thanksgiving 2014 experiencing ARS fluelike symptoms. Currently he is experiencing sever depression. He has not started antiviral therapy or HART yet and I am confused about this?! I was tested April 16 2015 with RNA test and I am still waiting on the results. Moreover I tested negative Feburary 2015 before we had sexual relations. I took an oruaquick test April 15th 2015 and it was negative. We had sexual relations around Feburary 26. Since then we have had protected anal intercourse 6 times which included unprotected oral sex. I haven't been able to function since then. I am curious about what my risk for these prior events?! I have spent approximately 72 or more researching hiv and can't seem to stop. Someone please give me advice.
Concerned Lover

Real risk with CSW- high risk group


Reading some of the answers i find it confusing since it seems its suggested that CSW protect themselves when this is actually misleading. I know the helplines mission is to assess risk but to be realistic in Canada and more in other parts of the world CSW are immigrants and people with scarce resources who cant afford to pay HIV treatments and wont get it for free in a country that is not their country! Even if CSW protect themselves by asking clients to wear condoms etc their job exposes them to lots of cases of condom failure! The chance of getting HIV from sex with a CSW is very high so i would say its not worth even doing it... HIV was spread in Thailand this way! Also CSW dont get tested thats false and if they are positive they are not going to quit and work as engineers the next day! I just want yo say that HIV is riskier in high risk groups. I received oral (inserted my penis) from a CSW 5 weeks ago and im dying of panic now! What if the CSW bit her lip while doing oral to me or what if she had bleeding gums... its all we did but we showered before in warm water which might inflamate my penis mucous membrane and increase transmission risk please help if this might be worth testing. Also please do tell ppl CSW are a high risk group. Thanks s lot!

Ejaculated when rubbing our penises...

We met 2 months ago. We were considering to develop a serious relationship. 4 weeks ago, we had sex, the first one and the only one. At that time he said he had a sore on his gums. We did not do anal sex. But we did oral, we kissed, and we rubbed penises tightly with hand, and finally I ejaculated in the rubbing process. Two days later, when I was bathing, I noticed there was a small lesion on the mucosa of the my balanus (my foreskin was cut when I was very young), but there was no bleeding. And the day before yesterday, we went to HIV test together. I was tested negative, but he positive. It can be speculated that he was infected before our sex encountering. He never thought of this before I suggested we go to test. I am supporting him now. But I'm still worrying about myself. The window period of the test is 4-6 weeks. Theoretically, I still have the possibility of positive. So, what do you think of it? I'm particularly concerned about the action of penis rubbing.... Thank you very much!

shall i get tested?


My partner was diagnosed with HIV december 2014 after donating blood.

Here's the story. The last time we had sex was december 20 2014 and He went to another country for 3 days on 22nd of december the same year for some meeting. He donated blood on 25th and received a call that he tested positive on 30th of december. Imagine my anxiety almost went to the roof. I was afraid to get tested. From that time we never had sex again.

Confirmatory test was done January 2015. He is confirmed HIV +. Then he admitted that he did something in that country, he said he accidentally got pricked by a drug needle of a friend injecting drugs inside the car. That there was a check point and they got scared and he bravely threw the needle outside and got pricked from there. Well, the was his version. I asked him how certain he was that ge got it from the needle, he said he told the guy whom the needle belonged to that he got positive in an hiv test. The guy got tested and was confirmed to have it as well. I was depressed of this news that I couldn't feel my self sleeping even if my partner told me I did.

And finally I got tested on march 16th and I got a negative result. We promised each other that we will not have sex anymore even if protection is available. We both agreed. Until just this 4th of april, he gave me a blowjob and I came in his mouth, after which I got scared of the possibilities of me contracting the virus. I read so much on Insertive oral sex contracting HIV and it always says it is impossible unless I was the receptive one.

Shall I get tested again?

clinical latent infection

Does clinical latent Hiv can be diagnosed in tests. If yes which test is reliable. Thank you very much

HIV phobia

I really appreciate if you could answer my question.
Unfortunately My boyfriend has phobia towards HIV for nearly 4 months. He had been tested for three times for it up to now. Although the results are always negative, he still believes that he has HIV. He is always worried about that even though he is not in a risk group for HIV. He even started to complain about some AIDS like symptoms (lesions in oral mucosa, joint aches, gastrointestinal problems etc.) in his body. He searches for AIDS on Internet nearly everyday although I requested him to stop. I also suggested him to see a psychiatrist but he refused it. He can't admit that it is a mental issue. We are really having hard and dreadful times right now. Do you have any advice to overcome this problem? İs there any way to persuade him to see a mental professional?
Thank you very much in advance...

Iron deficiency

If my immunity is not very good and there iron deficiency does it make any difference to the test results. And how a person will know that there is immunodeficiency disorders? ??? I am leading a normal life but my mind is not at peace. Please help

HIV Symptoms vs ARV Side-Effects

You would think the folks who produce the drugs would be smart enough to know that giving them side-effects that closely resemble acute HIV infection symptoms is only driving people battier than we already are during this process.


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