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Living with HIV

clinical latent infection

Does clinical latent Hiv can be diagnosed in tests. If yes which test is reliable. Thank you very much

HIV phobia

I really appreciate if you could answer my question.
Unfortunately My boyfriend has phobia towards HIV for nearly 4 months. He had been tested for three times for it up to now. Although the results are always negative, he still believes that he has HIV. He is always worried about that even though he is not in a risk group for HIV. He even started to complain about some AIDS like symptoms (lesions in oral mucosa, joint aches, gastrointestinal problems etc.) in his body. He searches for AIDS on Internet nearly everyday although I requested him to stop. I also suggested him to see a psychiatrist but he refused it. He can't admit that it is a mental issue. We are really having hard and dreadful times right now. Do you have any advice to overcome this problem? İs there any way to persuade him to see a mental professional?
Thank you very much in advance...

Iron deficiency

If my immunity is not very good and there iron deficiency does it make any difference to the test results. And how a person will know that there is immunodeficiency disorders? ??? I am leading a normal life but my mind is not at peace. Please help

HIV Symptoms vs ARV Side-Effects

You would think the folks who produce the drugs would be smart enough to know that giving them side-effects that closely resemble acute HIV infection symptoms is only driving people battier than we already are during this process.

Please answer ASAP I'm very anxious!!!!!!

So here's the situation. I was at a restaurant I go to a lot and the waiter there I recognize because he's always there
Last time he waited on us and we only got drinks but he kept asking if we wanted food but we were only there to watch a band and have drinks. This past time we got food and for some reason I'm very skeptical of this guy because he always makes weird remarks such as I asked for light lemonade and instead he said no we don't have that we just have regular but I can put water in it. Anyway he's kind of rude and odd and so my mind is making me think he's sketchy and could have hiv/aids. Here's my concern after ordering wings and food I did notice after the wings I was eating that the wing kind of stabbed me in the inside of my mouth my cheek.
This could very well have been just the chicken bone but my fear is that he could have put a needle in my food and it punctured my cheek. I checked the chicken bone after the stabbing feeling but I didn't see any needles and I was eating them with my boyfriend. (Wouldn't we know if there was needles in our food or wouldn't I really know if a needle poked me wouldn't it hurt more than a jab?) But the fear kicked in when I got home and looked on the inside of my cheeks and saw a tiny scrap pinpoint of a cut on each side but I did eat pizza the night before and I was eating fast and it could have been scraped by the crust. It's just that the next day the cut was pretty much gone and mouth cuts heal fast so I'm thinking the cut came from the night prior while eating chicken wings and a sandwich that this waiter brought me. I'm still ill thinking that this waiter would purposely put an infected needle in our food and I have no reason to believe he has hiv/aids it's just that he seems miserable with his job life etc how do I know he isn't sick with the disease and he is purposely trying to infect me by putting needles in my food. I didn't see any barrel of a needle but is it irrational to think he stuck bits of contaminated needle in the sides and edges of the chicken wings so when I bit it pokes my cheeks and infects me? Is this situation possible? I've been dwelling over this since last weekend and read a story online how airline passengers had needles in their sandwiches and one guy was on medicine PEP or something and being tested for hiv because of the situation. I thought in order to get hiv it is from the barrel really that gives the risk because the blood sits in a barrel but what if there was a tiny barrel and needle this waiter constructed and put in my food that it was so tiny I couldn't see it? Please help me and tell me if you think I need to be worried and test for hiv I've tested so many times before but this situation is freaking me out do I need to test again? Is this my anxiety and fear of hiv or could this be real? Does this sound like an unrealistic situation? Please help me. Do I need to be worried? I'm so upset I'm walking around thinking this guy did something to my food. Please answer all my questions and leave a detailed response and honestly it's OK if you tell me this question is ridiculous! Please help and tell me your honest opinion of the situation if it seems that this could happen I'm just so scared since I did see poke cut marks in my inner cheeks. I know it could have been from anything but I'm so scared that this guy did something!


Recently I was hospitalised for appendicitis surgery where I was diagnosed and was found to be HIV +ve. As per the results HIV has a value of 2.04 and CD4 counting to 291 based on this what stage is the disease in and what's the risk factor and what steps need to be followed to avoid any further harm.

I gave a HIV + makes blowjob deepthroat

Hi I gave a HIV+ man a deep throat blowjob with a condom. After the act I put gloves on and took the condom and filled it with water and the base had a small pin hole probably cuz it was a toothy blowjob I gave. The tip And other areas were all intact just 3/4 up closer to the base of the condom was a hole. So I took a glass of water put hydrogen peroxide in it about 1/6 of the glad and gargled with it than also drank a big sip then I took mouthwash and left it in my mouth for 2 minutes and swallowed some mouth wash just in case some cum came through that pin hole. Also when I put the condom on the hive positive guy when rolling the condom on my finger was touching his penis head as I pulled his foreskin back and then my fingers touched the condom so I'm sure some of his natural uncircumcised penis head secretion got on the coondom while rolling it on. I'm scared I got HIV from this I never bottomed or anything just wanted to try giving a bj and I didn't even like doing it I'm straight just been watching a lot of porn and it gave me the idea to do this. What's my chances of HIV in this encounter. I drank the hydrogen peroxide about 2 minutes after the encounter. And the mouth wash after that. Please help thanks do I need a 4th generation naat test? P24 one the anxiety is killing me.


dear volonteers i appriciate you regarding your work on this help line
i have a question about my life my cousin who is a hiv positive person and we both shared same room and toilet. but i have cracks on foot due to a skin disease due to which my foot are opened but there is no bleeding from the foot and daily i used that bathroom for urination, oneday she got boil and i also got a boil on my back since it is summer both of our boils are popped on the sane day my sisters boil was popped first then mine and a cloth is used for her to clean all the puss and blood after a while the same cloth used by me .
now recently i found small and hard painy lumps in some places of my body such as under ribs and in right thigh and left thigh(near to groin) near to arm joint. and little soft movable lump under right jaw under mouth other than that i dont have any other symptoms.
now please tell me am i contracted with hiv?
please answer my question.

HIV Timing Question

The following information was submitted via the web on:

email: kane_566@hotmail.com
question: Hi, please reply would mean world to me and my boyfriend who needs some answers, so even if these instances were true in a regular 20 year old male you would not die from AIDS OR ARS in the first three month window period after exposure(waiting testing) adult is infected with a large amount of HIV Contaminated fluid eg. 1 liter or if they are infected by fluid from a hiv positive person more than once within the window period, or if they are infected with more than one strain or subtype of the virus, thankyou.

Safe sexual activities

Hi there,

I've been dating a women for 2 months now. Yesterday she confessed to me that she is HIV+. At first I was kind of upset because she didn't tell me earlier, but on the other hand I truly like her, and I want to give this relationship a fighting chance.
For the record, we did not have sex yet, meaning oral and vaginal sex. We did engage in french kissing, and after the first month or so, she gave me a few oil massages and masturbated me several times without it going further than that. Like I said, no penetrative sex in any way up till now, and she didn't want me to give her oral satisfaction nor fingering (for the apparent reason above, I know now). I just want to make sure these activities (massage & masturbation) are safe, because I'm experiencing a cough and a sort of rash in my mouth for a few weeks now that I can't seem to get rid off.
Was I at risk somehow to contract HIV? Is there any risk it may happen under those circumstances?
I don't remember getting in contact with her bodily fluids at any given moment.
It worries me, and I'm afraid, because if you search the net, you basically freak out afterwards.
What are the really safe sexual activities for not getting HIV?
Thank you.



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