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Living with HIV


Can a person have AIDS and not HIV? If a person has AIDS do they also have to test positive for HIV? Aren't they somewhat the same thing? I am a little confused. I also read on the web that when a person has AIDS that antibodies will go away therefore making it where they don't test positive on a test… is this true? Do antibodies e v e r go away once they're in a persons body? Thanks for your knowledge on HIV/AIDS

hi sir

today tested the HIV test in tridot the result is positive in hiv1 can i take western blot for confirmation.plz send reply as early as possible

people who have HIV

i just want to know people who have HIV, what should they do and also i hear that many individuals who are living with HIV, and who treat in Canada today never progress to AIDS, and do not pass on HIV to other individuals. so this means the number of infections are decreasing.


Hi! I had a hiv test at three months but one of the months was February during the window period. February only has 28 days in the month. So my exposure was with a HIV positive dude (no condom) I am a girl. We had sex January 31st and I had a negative HIV test April 27th... with the days in the months is this considered conclusive? (I think in total the HIV test was done on the 86th day after exposure) I am confused and I am so scared because I have been having so many stomach and chest issues and that is what HIV effects I also have so many other 'unexplained' symptoms. I am in constant pain now. I don't know what is wrong with me but before I had sex I was fine and did not have any of these problems. I am convinced I have HIV and I am going to get retested on June 29th. I do not know what is going on with me and neither does my doctor. He says that it may be related to stress but I don't think so. I definitely think HIV is causing my problems and I would not doubt it because the dude I had sex with does have HIV!!! I feel like my life is ruined, I do not want to live with HIV even with the medicine because those cause bad side effects too

Does Window Period Change Everytime I Sex With Wife - FOLLOW UP

This is a follow up thread regarding my question which is still uncleared.

As you said:
Every time you have sex (or participate in a risk activity) the window period for testing begins again for that activity. So if you were to have sex with anyone and are wondering if you could have acquired HIV from that encounter the HIV test is considered conclusive 12 weeks after that possible exposure.

I worry about this because i never passed my 12 weeks of period window without being sexually unactive.
I have been sexually active with my wife throughout these 2 years while testing for HIV1,2 via fourth generation.

My exposure happened 2 years ago, I tested at 3,4,6,8,10,12 month after my possible exposure but throughout my testing period i was sexually active with her .. does that mean by test are not conclusive since i have been sexually active with my wife every week?

Please help!

involved in kissing

Hi, my name is Collins i have girl friend who is hiv positive we have not have sex since i fear that i can get infected even if i use a condom since sometimes this things do burst.So on 03/05/2015 we kissed deeply but there was no blood in her mouth neither mine this was just five minutes after she took her ARV and i felt a different taste which i believe was the taste of the drug. One week later i had a fever and went to the hospital where i was found to be having malaria and typhoid i took the drugs and am now fine although i still have this guilt like maybe i was infected during the kissing which i thought lasted for 2-3 minutes.



I had a new cut on my leg that was bleeding , someone touched it of which I believe had no open cuts. Could they be at risk for hiv still? Does the virus die as soon as it hits the air?

Explain to me

1.How can aids not progress in months?
2.Isn't everyone's body different so it may happen at a different time for everyone?
3.Just because it usually takes years for hiv to turn into aids doesn't mean it's not possible for it to develop in months?

I'm sorry I'm just so paranoid that I have aids and it's not picking up on an antibody test [had a 3 month negative]. Please explain, whats the so called science behind the progression of hiv to aids. Anythings possible, I don't see why it can't progress quickly.
Thank you lots

Sex worker

First, I want to thank you for your services.

I had a night which I went to a bar that I thought normal where after some drinks met a girl and we went to my place together and had sex. But after, I realised the girl was a sex worker...We did use protection with condom but for some reason the condom almost slipped off but was still covering the glans ( Sadly, alcohol makes my memory vague) I am now really getting stressed and a shame of myself. I read the transmission rate is at 0,04% for a case like mine. She told me she always uses protection and get tested every 3 months but I'm still really worried. Should 35 days before getting tested is enough?.

Thank you very much.


last year. my cousin was a pregnant and we dont know her hiv status upto her fourth month. in her 14 th week of gestration we came to know that she was hiv positive by that time her cd4 count was "198" and viral load was 69.9 copies per ml .
after all completion of this our Doctor started haart therapy to her with ,"nevirpine,zidovudine,lamuvudine". later by seventh month her cd4 count was devloped to "400".
our doctor performed ceasarian delivery and brest feed is not given instead of that formula feed is given.
a single dose of nevirpine is given after birth and our Doctor suggested zidovudine syrup for him but which was not available in india.
upto now the baby does nt have any problem and increasing weight rapidly.
now he is of 9th month and his weight is 9kgs.
now please clarify my doubt is there any chance of transmission of hiv to the baby.
2.i heard that after using haart(zidovudine,lamuvudine,nevirpine) to mother we can reduce tha risk to 0.1 but upto her 14 th week of gestration we havent used any haart to her is there any chance to vertical transmissionm to him from his mother. please answer as quickly as possible.
thank you


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