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Living with HIV


Recently I was hospitalised for appendicitis surgery where I was diagnosed and was found to be HIV +ve. As per the results HIV has a value of 2.04 and CD4 counting to 291 based on this what stage is the disease in and what's the risk factor and what steps need to be followed to avoid any further harm.

I gave a HIV + makes blowjob deepthroat

Hi I gave a HIV+ man a deep throat blowjob with a condom. After the act I put gloves on and took the condom and filled it with water and the base had a small pin hole probably cuz it was a toothy blowjob I gave. The tip And other areas were all intact just 3/4 up closer to the base of the condom was a hole. So I took a glass of water put hydrogen peroxide in it about 1/6 of the glad and gargled with it than also drank a big sip then I took mouthwash and left it in my mouth for 2 minutes and swallowed some mouth wash just in case some cum came through that pin hole. Also when I put the condom on the hive positive guy when rolling the condom on my finger was touching his penis head as I pulled his foreskin back and then my fingers touched the condom so I'm sure some of his natural uncircumcised penis head secretion got on the coondom while rolling it on. I'm scared I got HIV from this I never bottomed or anything just wanted to try giving a bj and I didn't even like doing it I'm straight just been watching a lot of porn and it gave me the idea to do this. What's my chances of HIV in this encounter. I drank the hydrogen peroxide about 2 minutes after the encounter. And the mouth wash after that. Please help thanks do I need a 4th generation naat test? P24 one the anxiety is killing me.


dear volonteers i appriciate you regarding your work on this help line
i have a question about my life my cousin who is a hiv positive person and we both shared same room and toilet. but i have cracks on foot due to a skin disease due to which my foot are opened but there is no bleeding from the foot and daily i used that bathroom for urination, oneday she got boil and i also got a boil on my back since it is summer both of our boils are popped on the sane day my sisters boil was popped first then mine and a cloth is used for her to clean all the puss and blood after a while the same cloth used by me .
now recently i found small and hard painy lumps in some places of my body such as under ribs and in right thigh and left thigh(near to groin) near to arm joint. and little soft movable lump under right jaw under mouth other than that i dont have any other symptoms.
now please tell me am i contracted with hiv?
please answer my question.

HIV Timing Question

The following information was submitted via the web on:

email: kane_566@hotmail.com
question: Hi, please reply would mean world to me and my boyfriend who needs some answers, so even if these instances were true in a regular 20 year old male you would not die from AIDS OR ARS in the first three month window period after exposure(waiting testing) adult is infected with a large amount of HIV Contaminated fluid eg. 1 liter or if they are infected by fluid from a hiv positive person more than once within the window period, or if they are infected with more than one strain or subtype of the virus, thankyou.

Safe sexual activities

Hi there,

I've been dating a women for 2 months now. Yesterday she confessed to me that she is HIV+. At first I was kind of upset because she didn't tell me earlier, but on the other hand I truly like her, and I want to give this relationship a fighting chance.
For the record, we did not have sex yet, meaning oral and vaginal sex. We did engage in french kissing, and after the first month or so, she gave me a few oil massages and masturbated me several times without it going further than that. Like I said, no penetrative sex in any way up till now, and she didn't want me to give her oral satisfaction nor fingering (for the apparent reason above, I know now). I just want to make sure these activities (massage & masturbation) are safe, because I'm experiencing a cough and a sort of rash in my mouth for a few weeks now that I can't seem to get rid off.
Was I at risk somehow to contract HIV? Is there any risk it may happen under those circumstances?
I don't remember getting in contact with her bodily fluids at any given moment.
It worries me, and I'm afraid, because if you search the net, you basically freak out afterwards.
What are the really safe sexual activities for not getting HIV?
Thank you.


risk with blood contact

i have a doubt regarding hiv
my cousin is a hiv positive who detected in march2014 and in january 2014 i had lump(due to over heat) on my back. un fortunately my cousin also have same problem on her back and one day the lump was broken and the matter is discharged(i.e blood etc) . it was fast broken to my cousin and my parents cleaned it with a cloth after a few minutes mine also broken and the matter got discharged my parents cleaned it with same cloth that used to my cousin . and my feet are broken due to a health problem(which is from my childhood) i used the same persons bathroom with out slippers. i am at age of 21 still i dont have any symptoms but i got fever twice in two months(aug,sep2014). my weight is 71kgs it was not dropped from beginning of the year. now please answer my question
1.am i at risk of hiv?
2. if at risk can a person who received deep mouth kiss ( i dont have any oral sores) and pennis to pennis dockind as well as thigh sex can get it? please answer to my question i m feeling so tense pls pls

Which situation do occur during ARS? Thrombocytopenia or Thrombosytosis

I read that during ARS one can have thrombocytopenia. It is also said that acute HIV infection can cause Reactive Arthritis, and Thrombocytosis is a marker of reactive arthritis. I'm now confused. Which situation is more likely during ARS? (Thrombocytosis vs Thrombocytopenia)

HIV fear and stigma

I'm 17 years old, and for the longest, I have been taught that HIV develops into AIDS, and eventually you will die from some sort of related complication within 10 years. Yeah, there are meds that will relieve you of the harsh symptoms, but it's a death sentence--you get AIDS, you die--period. Well, today we had some speaker who was HIV positive come to our school to talk about the importance of safe sex. However, what blew me out of my chair was that he said he has been TWENTY SEVEN YEARS INFECTED!

Apparently I have been misinformed, how long does it really take for HIV to progress to AIDS? And most importantly, if there are modern medications that slow it down to 30 years or more before it progresses to AIDS (or maybe even never!), why is there so much panic and stigma about this illness that makes everyone act like it's the bubonic plague? It seems to me that all you need to do is gulp a few fills everyday, and you're good to go! Can someone enlighten me please?

Blowjob blood

My bf is hiv negative. I was giving him oral sex and I saw some red on his penis. I didn't see blood but it was like a red spot. If he was bleeding am
I at risk of hiv ???

Please help me! Qn on shared makeup and handshake


Today I went for an event as a fashion model. The hair stylists and make up artists were both HIV positive. I knew that because they chatted with me about it. So they both did my hair and makeup. The things that worry me was that the guy touched and fondled ard with my hair and scalp and also touched my face. The makeup artist used the same makeup kit that she used for herself on me. I saw her use it. She used the exact same brushes, lipstick etc, which she has used on many other people before without cleaning. Is there a HIV risk if she has gotten any blood on the brushes and she used it on my face? My face has a few pimples and acne.. It is red and swollen. Is there any risk? Is there any risk with shared makeup (especially lips makeup since it touches the mouth) with HIV positive people? I also shook hands with them and I realise there is some peeled skin on my hands. What are the chances of HIV if their blood touched my peeled skin? Is it of high risk?

Please help me


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