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Low risk

HIV risk of condom slippage

I recently had sex with unknown HIV status. We used condom during the course but when he pulled his penis after ejaculation the condom slipped. I pulled the condom inside my anal since the base of the condom is somewhat near the opening of my anus. I inspected the condom and found his sperm/semen inside before I throw it. I'm not sure if there's breakage since I haven't notice leaking. Am I at serious risk?

PEP Failure

Good evening everyone. First, let me start by appreciating what you do here, using your time and resources to serve humanity. May God continue to give you all the strength to do more. Thanks.

During a vaginal sex (which lasted for about 4 minutes) with a CSW in Nigeria on June, 20 2019, I had finished and pulled out only to discover that the condom I used had ruptured. The following day (21 June 2019) I went to a clinic and was given one month course of PEP which I started within 23hrs. During the time I was taking the medication I experienced fatigue on 3 different occasions, cluster headache and intermittent nausea. I finished the medication on 20 July 2019 and since then have experienced the following symptoms: cluster headache that cause me pain in my eyeballs, pain that moves around all my joints, pain in my groin, lower back pain, light painful sensation in my armpit and under my jaw, recurrent nausea. 9 days after the course of PEP I developed a very high fever that will come, go, and come back again putting me in a state of feeling extremely hot and then extremely cold again, night sweats, pain in my calf and behind my knees that extends towards my thighs, peripheral neuropathy that causes tingling and numbness in all my limbs, nasal congestion in one of my nostrils that gets worse at night, light sour throat for few days, pain in my eyes and ears, chest pains, body ache and cramps.

This is my test update. 9 weeks post finishing PEP and 13 weeks post exposure, 3rd generation Alere antibody test-negative, but I am still having joint ache that moves around all my joints starting from my ankle joints to my knees, to my elbow joints and waist, and fingers. The pain would come and go and come back in a few days. Occasional body aches, pain in my eyeballs, nasal congestion in one of my nostrils that gets worse at night, few pimple-like rashes on my shoulders that would appear and go away in a few days and come back again, occasional chest pains. I think the PEP failed me and I am seroconverting. Please what do you think? I have read stories of people that seroconverted 6 months after taking PEP. Do you think I am one of such persons?

Hello, possible high infection

So, I am a guy and I did anal protected with a man and oral unprotected. the guy ejaculated on my chest where I hadn't any wound, I took a bit of that semen with my finger and putted on my tongue, I have to specify I hadn't any injury, wound or really small injury, or an injury who was on healing on the mouth, after the sex, that day I washedmy mouth with mouth water colagate who hadn't a strong mint taste or burn effect but it gived an mint taste on my mouth, I also did a hot shower, now is the 31` day after the contact with that guy who did hiv test in 2018 june and it was negative, he told me he hasn't and a guy told me he heard he has, I asked more person and they don't know about him, I did this sex on a vacantion on another city, this is the 32 day and I bitted my tongue strong, is there an chance it may give me hiv and the hiv survived on my tongue 32 days during my routine with washing mouth with colagte mouth water, washing my face with cold water and sometimes I cleaned my own teeths with colgate pasta who letted me with a strong mind taste in my mouth, I didn't knew about the pills anti hiv even if I heard right the second day after I had the sex with that person, to clearify in present it's the 32 day after the incident and after I bitted my tongue right after 20 mins I putted sanitary alcohol on my mouth and letted it there and now I feel my tongue is slowly burned a bit, please answer me I am worried, the knowledge is the cure for fear, and I miss the knowledge on this cause

Routes of HIV transmission

I have heard that risks for HIV are only:
1) Having unprotected penetrative anal or vaginal sex
2) Sharing IV drug equipment with other IV drug users.

Does it mean that such situations as anal fingering with bleeding finger or accidentally getting someones drop of blood into the wound risk free?

Protected Sex Swollen Lymph Node

Thank you for answer my question:
I had Protected sex with someone of unknown status, I believed i was very careful due to my fair of HIV. Two weeks after i noticed my lymph node on my neck swollen, mildly swollen confirmed with Ultrasound, CT, Biopsy.
I went to the clinic at received Fingerstick:
Day 17 Alere Determine™ HIV-1/2 Ag/Ab Combo - non-reactive
Day 44 Alere Determine™ HIV-1/2 Ag/Ab Combo - non-reactive
Day 60 Alere Determine™ HIV-1/2 Ag/Ab Combo - non-reactive

I understand window period, but what is the likelyhood that im positive at receiving a 8 week 4 days Negative?

Thank you for you timely response.

hiv testing and clarification

Known HIV positive person during the intercourse condom broken, after 10 days, HIV RNA PCR test not detected and 12 WEEKS after hiv 4th generation test with CMIA method non reactive index value is 0.07 after 7 months HIV test with ELISA method non reactive i.e index value is 0.45. all test are performed at laboratory .can I safe are further any tests required? If required after how many days after and which Test is required? and my tests index value is rising from 0.07 to 0.45 the index value rising any problem?

HIV Risk with Ultra-Thin Condom


I visited a massage parlor in Barcelona a few months ago. I ended up having sex with the masseuse. She provided the condom which was an ultra-thin one. It got me worried afterward since it was very thin and I could barely feel it. Is there any HIV risk with such thin condoms? What if it had already expired?


Risk of HIV/AIDS in one-time gay sex

pre-cum was on my anus and I discovered irritation that started to bleed

Symptoms after 2 days of exposure and continues till 2 weeks

I had an exposure with a Thai girl in a massage parlour . We had sex two times a night but with condom and i didn't ejaculate both times. Both sessions lasted for maximum a minute . I was completely drunk at that time . And i have sucked her nipples and hugged her . Immediately after two days of that incident i am feeling tired with mild headaches and drowsiness . And these tiredness continues till now which is almost 2 weeks from exposure . Is these symptoms due to HIV . Kindly reply on this as i am completely stressed out and not able to sleep or concentrate in my daily works .
Thanks in advance .

Bit Someone and Hurt Tongue


I remember an incident with my brother who is HIV+ in the past before his diagnosis. We were messing around and I tackled him
and accidentally slashed his skin causing him to bleed with my teeth. Immediately afterwards, my teeth bit the left tip of my tongue. My left tip of
my tongue was already inflamed due to lack of sleep and lack of nutrition which caused the biting to cause immense pain.

The scary thing is I don't know if the biting my tongue caused bleeding in my mouth (does this count as a DIRECT access to my bloodstream) as it happened simultaneously as the biting. There could have been blood in my mouth due to the biting but I don't remember. Has there been cases like this? I'm afraid that my brother's blood could have been in contact with the fresh wound that was created immediately after my teeth slashing him then my teeth accidentally biting my own tongue in the process.

Thank you.


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