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Low risk

getting HIV from engaging in oral sex

I recently had a brief encounter with a male. there was no anal sex and no penetration. i did, however give him oral sex both on his penis and briefly his buttocks area. there was no ejaculation on his part. what is my risk for contracting HIV and should i think about taking PEP? This encounter literally just happened. The other person was HIV negative and also taking PREP. Thank you for your honest answer here.

Bite Tongue After Oral Sex

I had anal oral sex about 3 weeks ago. After I finished I washed my mouth out with peroxide like I normally do. This time I accidentally bite my tongue causing it to bleed after I washed my mouth out. I'm worried because i'm not sure all the germs escaped my mouth. This was like 15 minutes after oral sex. I'm not sure how long anal mucus remained in my mouth or if the peroxide washed it away. I would hate to hear that someone's anal mucus was able to get in the sore from the tongue bite. Not sure how all that works. Since then I've been having post nasal drip mild flu symptoms like sore throat.

Blood on condom after sex, any HIV risk?


Last week I had sex with a woman and wore a condom the entire time. When we finished and I pulled out, there was blood on the condom. She later today me she thought she was done w/ her period but evidently not.

I carefully took off the condom and there was no blood on my skin, penis nor base. I get a bit paranoid with this stuff. Is there any chance I could have contracted any disease?

Thank you.

Tattoo and Debilitating HIV Concern


First of all, I'd like to thank you for your work here - you've certainly helped a lot of people.

I had a few concerns and I wanted to know if you could possible relieve some of my anxiety.

I got a tattoo on the 17th of June, 2018, and following that, I spiraled into severe anxiety about contracting HIV although there was no obvious risk. The country I got the tattoo in is unregulated - however, I made sure to go to a parlor that maintains strict sterilization processes - including having an autoclave. Despite all this, I was anxious and got tested twice - both tests turned out negative.

Just last month, I got another tattoo - and the same thing started happening. Once again, I did choose a parlor that maintains strict sterilization processes - as per the employees. The country is, once again, unregulated. However, the parlor does use disposable needles, ink cartridges and ink pots. In addition to that, they say they sterilize all non-disposable equipment (tattoo grip) in a chemical solution and then in special packages in an autoclave. They've mentioned all this on their instagram page.

I have a couple of questions that have been plaguing me.

1. I wasn't paying attention when the tattoo artist set up her station, although she did it in front of me. I did see her setting up the tattoo machine. However, I didn't pay attention as to whether she opened a new needle or not. Although they assured me they always use new needles and would never risk their shop's reputation. If a used needle was used, what are the risks? I believe I was her first customer of the day - and if not, it took her at least an hour to draw and set up. If there were any blood present, would it still be able to infect? I know that tattoo needles aren't a major concern since they are not attached to a barrel.

2. When she was working on my tattoo, the ink ran out and she had to grab the ink bottle to refill the ink pot. I know that you cannot get HIV from surfaces. However, I also know that tattoo artists shouldn't touch anything that isn't wrapped, etc. So, that has sent me into so many "what ifs" - like what if she used used needles. I mean she did touch an unwrapped bottle and then touched my skin.

3. I didn't see any visible blood. So, my question is, can one get infected from microscopic amounts of blood?

4. I know that being tattooed using non-sterilized equipment is low risk - but why is that? If there were blood on a used needle, wouldn't it have been exposed to air before touching my skin?

5. Tattoo needles are solid - as we all know - however, some tattoo needles are actually made up of several smaller needles. Do those pose a higher risk due to blood being held in those spaces?

6. How risky is getting tattooed in terms of HIV infection - I mean, I have a couple of tattoos - and I have never seen any visible blood. Not sure if this is relevant.

Lastly, I would like to apologize for all my questions. However, I won't be able to get tested (for my peace of mind) for the next 2 months - and the country I live in deports you if you are infected with HIV. The tattoo parlor I went to (second tattoo - last month) seems extremely reputable and has at 8,000 followers on instagram and the person who did my tattoo owned the shop. Is it naive to think that she wouldn't risk her shop's reputation and therefore, would always use disposables?

I also want to state that I do live with anxiety and possibly an anxiety disorder - and I do tend to have paranoid thoughts although they have never been this intense and these intense thoughts only seem to revolve around HIV. I know that HIV is not diagnosed based on symptoms, but I am now associating any physical ailment I have with HIV.

I have even reached a point where I looked up the prevalence of HIV in that country. (It's 0.1% by the way)

Thank you so much and once again, I apologize for writing out such a long message, I just didn't want to miss anything and I'm looking forward to hearing your reply. I hope you can alleviate some of my concerns.


i went to erotic massage many times with different women.
Every time, the masseuse and I did the same thing :
First the handjob, and after that she put the condom on my penis and then we had protected oral sex + protected vaginal sex with the same condom. At the end, i always put some water in the condom to see if it broke.
I remember that I verified every time except for one time long ago i do not remember if i verified the condom.
I don't think the condom broke or something i did not feel anything strange.
I'm very hypochondriac i need to know if i have to get tested for HIV???
Thank you for your time

Mr Austin (HIV Through Human Bite?)

can someone contact hiv throuth human bite?

HIV risk please answer from India


I went to a red light area to have sex with prostitute. A sex worker came out from a very small room with a customer. I decided to have sex with her. Sp went with her in the same room. She put two condoms on my penis. My penis was not fully erected. I started penetration and after few minutes(may be 5 or less) she stopped me having sex as she got to know I was drunk and she said time is up. I asked was few more minutes but she refused. She went out of the room without removing condoms. I started masturbating. After a minute or less she came back and removed condoms and left. Again I started masturbating with the same hand after some time left the place without ejaculation. I did not check for condoms after the incident but I think condom did not break as I would have noticed while masturbating having them ON. Now I'm worried about the incident.
1. Vaginal fluids present on condom came on my hands after masturbating with condom ON. Later after removing condoms immediately I started masturbating with same hands having vaginal fluids. What are my chances of getting infected with HIV if the HIV+ fluids on my hand touched the tip of the penis and went inside my foreskin(I'm uncircumcised man) while masturbating. What if the virus went inside of the foreskin and stayed there, would that cause an infection?
2. I learned from this and some other websites that once the fluids are outside human host the virus in that fluids is unable to infect as it becomes inactive. Is it true and applicable to my scenario? Does the viral load in the fluid plays role in this scenario, what if it is high?
3. Also as I was masturbating with condoms ON won't that mean the vaginal fluids did not come in contact with outside environment because of my hands.
4. Also the room was very small. I don't think there was any air. Considering this fact still point 2 and 3 is applicable to my scenario? Please let me know the risk of getting infected with this one time incident in my life.


Am I at Risk for HIV from Oral Sex?


I'm currently dating this guy. I'm feeling really paranoid right now because we've been having sexual contact recently. The furthest we have gone is oral sex (giving and receiving unprotected) and him rubbing his penis (covered with a condom), and almost inserting it inside me. Yesterday, I was concerned because when I performed oral on him, there was precum but he didn't ejaculate. I only performed oral for a little bit. Afterwards, I became worried because I had sort of an open sore on the inside of my lip. It wasn't like a bleeding sore. I have a habit of biting my lip and peeling the old skin off so it sort of leaves a sore, but it doesn't bleed or anything. I heard that oral sex is a lower risk of getting HIV, but a huge risk is posed when the person performing oral has open sores or bleeding gums in their mouths. The guy I'm dating, before we ever became sexual with each other, I asked if he's clean and been tested for STD's. He replied that with him being in the military, they often test soldiers for stuff like HIV. So, he said he was clean. Now, I'm not familiar with the military and how often they get tested, but I still can't help but feel concerned because of my paranoia and worry about getting STD's. So, it's hard for me to take his word for it. Anyway, from what I have explained so far, could I be at risk for HIV? Should I get tested?

I did short-length oral sex to a man and I had wounds in my mouth help please

Hi, I'm worried because I was masturbating with a man (no risk at all) but I tried to perform some oral sex to him, but after 2 or 3 seconds I realized it wasn't correct so I stopped, and now I'm scared because I washed my teeth like 1 hour before that, and also I had small sores as I'm using braces permanently. I couldn't see any wound or lots of pre-seminal liquid on his penis, but I'm scared because maybe I got infected if he was HIV positive, is there any risk in your opinion? Will a 4th gen test be reliable after 21 days? Thanks for your answer I'm really worried

Risk from open wound

Hi! I was bitten by a wasp yesterday which caused immediately swelling but no bleeding (except later on I squeezed it and some clear fluids and a little bit blood came out). A person used her finger to apply anti itchy lotion on my bitten spot afterwards. If there was fresh cut with blood on her finger while she was applying the lotion, would I be at risk of contracting hiv through my bitten wound? Thank you very much for reviewing and answering my question!


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