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Low risk

Blood during oral sex


A week ago I was performing oral sex to my partner of unknown status and I knicked his penis unwantingly. He started to bleed a lot, I don't know where did I knick him but there was a lot of blood. When he went to clean himself, I went to wash my mouth and noticed that I did get blood on my mouth because my saliva was red.
I'm going to get tested but I wanted to know what kind of risk I was exposed to. Would it be able to get infected by HIV from blood in mouth?

Thank you for your answer,

I will make it simple please address my concern


i attempt to penetrate him with a condom, but i failed because my penis went soft multiple time.
we had mutual oral sex both of us wearing a latex condom.
none of us finish while practicing protected oral sex.


he grabbed both dick and put it together.
mutual handjobs, we did not finish while doing it.
NO kissing
NO other thing happened.

What chance of catch hiv do i have?
do i warrant hiv test?


I last asked a question on this platform on 7th of JUN and well answered. Thank you guys for the services. however, my worries continue. Due to nonstop browsing of the internet for HIV information since i last became suspicious of my possible exposure to HIV now 2 months back, and almost having visited every HIV site, it looks like every site mentions skin rash and headache as some of the major symptoms of early HIV infections. It is by no doubt that i have experienced these symptoms at one time and the current one being a very mild headache. 1 week ago i experienced strong dizziness where low blood pressure and dehydration were diagnosed and was put on IVs and the dizziness reduced but hardly has the mild headache gone away. OK, i know also these can be due many other causes but i cant rule out the fact this can be due to sero-conversion illness because never in my life have i ever got this severe dehydration, and a SKIN RASH!!!. Though all my sexual activities were categorized low risk, i cant rule out the fact carefulness could not have been highly observed during the acts. Nevertheless, i have become a daily customer to the HIV testing centers and all my 6 tests have returned non reactive the recent one having been made on 22nd (8/9 weeks) JUN. My brother who is a health professional has told me never to rely on these rapid (determine) tests as they can only be trusted 60% before the 3 months window period yet i also fear to do other tests like the PCR which can detect the virus no mater the window period. some piece of advice please!!

french kissing and safe? sex

Hello. I am writing from Peru. Please help. I have had three encounters with Transvestite prostitutes. I regret it now. They have the higher index of infection in my country. But look what happened is that I had sexual intercourse with one of them, penetrated with a condom on, for 15 seconds then I pulled out fearing infection. I checked the condom aftewards, it was ok, no cuts. Then I have run into these same sexual workers another 3 other times. BUT in this occasions I have only KISSED them. I didnt dare to go all the way. So I just French Kissed with 3 of them. I am worried because these people have the higher rate of infection in my country, and I french kissed with 3 of them and had protected anal intercourse with one of them.

What do you think?

Thank you!

Get to know medicine for throat infection

I got a throat paining with high fever for three days after a sex with someone who at street i used condoms well safety but i kiss her mouth for a short time so, after a day i was get high fever i had a full blood count it says i having throat inflectional germ, according to that a doctor gave me medicine i was cured well no fever but my throat paining is few and few still at my body i can't speak more time louder than before it is like a paining. Any medicine for this I'm 24 age male from Asian country

bite at hospital

I was a nurse assistant at a hospital and was restraining a schizophrenic patient she bit my arm and it started bleeding in 4 places but doesn't need stitches. I know nothing of her medical history or if she was bleeding in her mouth and i was sent to the er for an hiv test how likely is it that i'll catch something if she had bleeding gums or something??

Open Wounds in Mouth and HIV

I recently had unprotected oral sex with a man. He did not ejaculate in my mouth and only about a tablespoon of precum entered my mouth. I only rinsed with mouthwash beforehand and did not floss before or after I had sex with him. Furthermore, I only brushed my teeth lightly with no blood after sex. I did not see any open sores or boils on his penis. When it is said that 'open wounds' or 'sores' increase the chances of HIV, does that mean chapped lips and gingivitis, or something more along the lines of a deep cut or incision from wisdom tooth extraction? All in all, how at risk am I from HIV?


Hi there, I had an oral with a girl. I had canker sore on my tongue during the oral sex (3 months from now). I was careful a bit, i just lick the girls vagina and did not swallow the saliva or her cum. After that, I had dihoria for 3 days and then stopped.

But, I am continiously having stomach guggling and diahorreah, not really watery but when i go to the toilet, its gas and bubbles. I am also having mild head ache. I asked the girl and she said her health status is ok. She said she was check and she is ok.

I am confused, is this HIV or some other diseases? Please I need some advices.

Thank you


Hi i had a sex with sex worker last sunday.I had oral sex with her now i am afraid to get infected by HIV.Please help me through this .How mach is the chance that i get infected?what should i do now?Thanks

HIV risk?

I just had a protected sex in a brothel, but after the sex when i removed the condom and wiping my penis with tissues i saw some little blood on tissues, i checked my penis there is no scratches on it, so it's most likely that this was her blood but i really have no idea how it camed to my penis with condom on, i also kept the sex a bit more after the ejaculation.
I definetly have no idea if blood was on the base of my penis or on the top because as i said i noticed the blood on tissue. Condom's top was not broken because i saw the semen there and it wasn't probably leaking. Assuming that the sex worker has HIV positive, what is my chance of getting HIV ? Shall i take a test ? Many thanks.


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