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Low risk


Please read below. The person that asked the question excluded needles and syringes as objects and simply asked that any object with the exception of syringes would be no risk yet in the answer it says NEGLIGIBLE vs NO risk............why is this inconsistent with most if not all other answers that says HIV is not transferable by an object and requires human to human contact? This negligible risk contradicts previous answers??????

So is touching blood on an object that was there just a second or two earlier and then into a cut a risk or not as the person asked below? Is Any object that is NOT a syringe, NO risk or negligible risk if seconds hold fluid on object goes into open active cut?

Original question/answer below

Object And Surface
Thursday, November 5th
HIV Transmission
Negligible risk
HIV is never transmitted from objects (except needle and syringe) or surfaces, because any fluids on it will be exposed to air, thus virus is not transmissible any more? Is it right?
Even if i have bleeding cut on my skin and that cut contacts with such objects or surfaces, i am still safe?
Short query: Any object (not needle and syringe) and surface are always safe from HIV?

Hi there and thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Online Helpline.

There is no risk of HIV from touching objects that may have come into contact with bodily fluids while having small cuts. This is because HIV in bodily fluids (such as blood or semen) becomes non-transmissible when it is exposed to the air. Any bodily fluids on objects would have been exposed to the air and would not contain transmissible HIV. The only exception to this would be if an object had areas within it that could trap a bodily fluid and was then used internally. This is possible with needles (blood remains in the barrel of the needle and then goes into the bloodstream of the person who uses the needle next without being exposed to the air). There has also been speculation that there could be a risk of this nature from sharing sex toys if there is some form of hole in them that could trap bodily fluids, but there has not been a reported case of transmission of this nature in British Columbia.


Sir , I had a slip of condom and inserted my penis twice inside a bar girls vagina.. Do I have chances for getting hiv ... Please help ..

cunnilingus, 6 weeks test, freaking out

Hi, I really appreciate your work.

I did cunnilingus on a stripper few weeks ago for couple of minutes, then I got into my sense and stopped it.

I started freaking out and got tested with an antibodies test at 6 weeks, it was negative. How reliable was my test? Do i need to test again at 3 month? Worried, please answer these questions

precum into herpes sore

I am gay and recently had mutual masturbation, frottage and being fingered with another guy in sauna. The next day I realised I had an outbreak of a couple of Herpes ulcers/sores around my anus one which was bleeding.( I was diagnosed with herpes in last few weeks).

His penis was touching my anus and rubbing against it a few times after being fingered by him. My worry is that I might have got some precum into the sore and might be fresh cut and bleeding!!!. We are sweating so it's difficult to know if precum existed.

I am not sure of the other guys hiv status. What are the chances of HIV infection through precum into a herpes sore and cut? Are they really high? We were only touching each other this way for a 15 minutes. I am really worried since I know it's a much higher risk to contract hiv whilst having an herpes outbreak especially since I was bleeding the next day.

I would very much appreciate a second opinion from you too find out the risk factors and the chances I could have contracted HIV. The more I read about it on the internet the more worried I get.

oral sex

I'm HIV+ . I recently met a guy who proved to me that he was hiv-. He thinks that I'm hiv- as well. After 3months of dating we had sex; with a condom though. My concern is he performed oral sex where he put his tongue into my vagina licking and sucking. This was a nice experience but m worried that he might be infected. Every time we have sex he likes to do oral sex 1st. He refuse if I ask him not 2 do it. Please help me. How do I tell him 2 stop doing it cos I don't want him 2 be infected


1.Hi this gopi krishna from india ..actually I have rubbed my penis to a married womens vagina ...my penis dint enter into her vagina ...so wil I get hiv by rubbing my penis to her vagina ..?

2.I need a correct answer if two persons dont have hiv ..if they intercourse will they get affected with hiv ?

3.if a boy dont use condom ...but the women uses loop ..or femidom ..in her vagina ..then the two persons will get infected with hiv?

4.will hiv transmits when .we do sex with hiv affected person ..or it affects person who dont have hiv too ?


i got cut on my penis while having anal sex , what should i do ?

Having night sweats,fatigue,and sore throat for more than 30 days ,but the result is HIV negative

Two months ago I had a sexual experience with a sex worker ,i was having full safety precaution.During intercourse my partner pinched me with a needle and she just smiled. I don't know why ,both of them were drunked. i even don't know who is she ,where she comes from,and weather she is having HIV positive .her age is 28 .I just leave it casually, but a month after i just experience night sweats,sore throat and feel fatigue for more than 30 days and i made medical check up (HIV & VDRL) twice in a month that is with agap of 15 days both are negative .The problem is can i donate blood for any emergency situation.

Test Result

I am a male,About 1.5 month ago I had oral sex with a male but no ejaculation in mouth.After that he rubbed his
penis on my buttocks and cum on it and out side of anus,I don't know whether
there ware any open sore or cut is present or not.If I Consider there ware some
open sore or cut,then How much possibility of getting HIV by that way? For
your kind information I have tested for HIV AT about 34 Days and 44 days by 4th gen combo CMIA test,Both are negetive,Is there need to test again,i feel verry anixous,Please Help Me,Pls

HIV Infection - Incredibly Complicated / Inconsistent Results - HELP!

I have a very complicated situation and would love any thoughts.

Two weeks ago, I had an incident where the I had sex with 3 men, as a bottom, and used a condom, but don't know the status of the individuals. I also don't know if the condoms were put on correctly (as it was dark) and one of the individuals came in me (I don't believe the condom broke but not sure).

So two days after the incident, I started on PREP (I couldn't get PEP) and then 5 days later, I went and got tested. The Antigen, Antibody test were both Negative but the clinic also did an HIV RNA quant test that showed up Positive with a viral load amount of 294. At this point, I had been on PREP (Truvada) for 5 days.

5 Days later, I got another RNA Qual (Super sensitive so from what I was told, detects viral load of <20) and that was negative. I also re-run the antibody and it was negative.

My doctor is hoping that the initial RNA was a false positive (due to the context) and because the initial viral load was so low, but also uncertainty because of being on PREP and perhaps that bringing down the viral load prior to the test.

Any thoughts? Sorry, it's a bit convoluted of a scenario but would appreciate any counseling.


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