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Low risk


I had a protected intercourse with a girl. Does their is a chance for HIV

about my hiv and other std result

hello sir, i had sex with prostitute with condom just vaginal sex no oral r anal,after next day fever,breathing problem,skin wrinkles,yellow toungue started so i went to doctor thy told viral infection happened but i didn't told about sex thy given antibiotic.after that fever went away but skin become more wrinkles i thought its due to anxiety r antibiotic reaction so after 4 week i went for hiv test its came negative its eclia duo test i dont knw which generation test thy used. then after 5th week i went for std test for herpes,syphills,hepatatis b came back negative but for urine test doctor gave me zithrox plus tablet thy didn't told me anything about problem in urine, after i searched abt tablet its for gonoerhae even i used condom but gonoerhae is positive how its possible? i know gonoerhae not transmit by skin to skin contact only by body fluids if its positive then im fearing for hiv risk. still 2 months or left for conclusive is thr any risk for hiv? how accurate 4 week result? is it possible to turn positive after 4 week plz help me im so anoxious sorry for my bad english

Hiv transmisson

I recently had sex with sexworker I used condom for vaginal sex erection didn't last longer then I pulled out condom before ejaculation then I started fingering vagina and masterbated penis with same hand she also gave me hand job is there possibility of transmission of hiv

Cunnilings risk will 3 tooth fillings done approx a month ago

Hello Christina. Thanks for your inputs. I have another question. http://helpline.aidsvancouver.org/question/cunnilings-risk this was my previous question. You said test is not required as the risk level was very low but I forgot to mention that I had 3 tooth fillings done in august 1st week and my exposure was on September 18th. Will this make any difference. I mean will this make any difference in the suggestion 'test is not required as the risk level is very low'.Thank you for your response.


I loved a women For 11 Years i Dont know that she was Hiv positive,I never Tried sex with her only pressed her breasts Many times,1 Year Ago i French kissed(Mouth to mouth)Her 2 Times She was pregnant that time,Then I kissed her vagina after that I Sucked Her Breasts than i  touched my penis to her vagina after a day My Penis Humped her anus She was in Nightwear so my Penis humped her on Nightwear Sad part is that she Recently Died because of Aids.I need Hiv Test for this?,Can I Become hiv+ because of this?Please reply my answer quickly.I am feeling really depressing.

Lip biting and related risk

Sometimes I slightly bite my lips because I'm anxious and I get small bruises that bleed a little bit for a few seconds. I performed oral sex to a guy and let him cum in my mouth, then I spitted out the cum, didn't swallow it. Although I remembered I had bitten my lip around an hour ago and I am scared that could have been too risky. Any idea of how risky this situation was? Please help, thank you.

HIV Anxiety


I had protect sex on 8th of June, 2015. I have symptoms of HIV , like Sore Throat (Still have this), Running Nose, lymph under neck (No more).

I did a RAPID TEST on August 17th,2015 (69 Days) at a local Lab which was Non Reactive. Since I had the continued sore throat I did another test on 8th October, 2015 (120 Days). Tested at same lab - RAPID TEST as explained by the doc there. Again the result is Non-Reactive.

I still have the sore throat. I very worried I may be positive. Is my result at 120 conclusive. Please advice.

Hiv with cunnilingus and menstrual blood

Im italian so i ask sorry for my english. I had sex with an escort 11 days ago. Sex was protected but i did a cunnilingus for 1-2 minutes and when we finish i find 2/3 drops of blood on my legs and on my fingers. Is very high the risk for had contract hiv? I will do a molecolar test in italy after 30 days, i can take conclusive the result? Thanks far all... Have a nice day

oral sex worry

I am just writing to try to figure out whether I am being irrational or not. I have a niggling fear I am in danger of contracting hiv even though my friends tell me it's fine. I am away on a year abroad currently so getting health advice is difficult. I had oral sex with a guy I had known for a few days, no ejaculation though, so I think it is meant to be extremely unlikely as lack of fluid right? But I remember my lip being a little sore from a tiny nick (not bedding, no open) does that count as a sore /cut that could allow access? Moreover I had to have blood test on entry to acclaim residence as did he only a couple months before so in order for us to get visa we would have both had to be clear although its possible he could have met others in between . It's niggling at me though.
and thanks!

about my risks!

Dear Sir/madam
Not sure if u received my previous question... thanks anyway and looking forward to be hearing from u as im very very very anxious!

Let me try to explain my situation: on august 30th, at around 04h30m pm i did oral sex with a guy! he didnt ejaculate on my mouth though! nevertheless, as i didnt know his status, i decided on monday to go to a specialised public hospital in here and they indicated me to do the PEP and did a blood test! Its important to mention one thing here: the nurse who came to take my blood, brought in a small box, where all the needles, gloves etc were in! she wore gloves and picked one to wrap my arm! however, i noticed that this glove she intended to wrap around my arm was dirty (i cant tell exactly what it was, but in my mind i tend to think it was dried blood as it was dark brown stains...).... i kindly asked her to take a new glove, so she changed her gloves and picked a new one to wrap around my arm... she took my blood and left!

Well, i did the 28 days of PEP! Meanwhile, i asked the guy to test himself and 12 days after our encounter he did a 4th generation test and it was negative!

I finished PEP and 17 days after i did a 4th generation test which is also negative!

My anxiety is so big right now... do u think i still need to test? and also do the the dirty gloves pose any risk? i mean i cant tell if this dirty glove touched the one the nurse used... i remember that the needle she used was encapsuled, but as far as the gloves they werent individually packed so im actually quite afraid....

Thanks so much for taking your time to answer me!
Best wishes!


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