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Help! Panic - 9.5 negative HIV test but feeling symptoms

I'm a man and had protected sex (using condom) with three female sex workers in different occasions. I also touched their clitoris but didn't insert my finger.

Negative tests:
- At week 7 after last sex encounter (I know the exact date) I had a lab test (rapid-test) which came back negative.
- At week 9 (and a half) I was so scared I requested the lab to inform me about the tests they did. I insisted to get both the rapid test again and also the Elisa 1/2 (which normally they only do if something is wrong with the rapid test). They said the Elisa was "4th generation" and both came back negative.

Further details of symptoms for each week after last encounter:

- Week 1 after last encounter I had antibiotics for helicobacter pylori. This was diagnosed prior to sex encounters. Not sure if related in any way to some further symptoms but a doctor mentioned it.

- Week 2 I got balanitis in my penis glans but no secretions/discharge. (Hope my translations are correctly). Used a cream a couple of weeks, it improved but didn't go away completely.

- Week 4: I visited an urologist for the balanitis who gave me other cream and antibiotics for 5 days. About a week after, I noticed the balanitis had disappeared but I had a burning sensation when I peed. The doctor said I should be fine by then, but I insisted in getting some tests. I had a urethral swab/culture test, urine and blood tests. This lab test was two days after stopping antibiotics and was still using cream so lab said results could be affected. Everything came back negative. I was so stressed I hurt my leg because I didn't watch my step and had to take some meds for pain but tried to take as little as possible.

- Week 6: I went to a new urologist, the balanitis was gone but I still felt a burning sensation when I peed. He gave me an antibiotic for two days and then another Type of antibiotic for four days (1000 mg each pill) (this was the fourth set of antibiotic I took if you consider the one for helicobacter pylorywas the first and then three for the burning sensation). After two days (out of four) of the last antibiotic pill I got soft stool one night and night sweat. Urologist said it must be the strong antobiotic and asked me to suspend it.

Week 7: I've always been really hypochondriac, so I got the first hiv test in a lab (rapid-test) the day urologist asked me to stop antibiotic, even though he didn't recommend the hiv test. When I got the negative results the burning sensation in penis stopped and I started to feel better. I still took the Last two additional pills of antibiotic even though the doctor said it wasn't necessary. Everything got better.

Week 8: I got a small rash on my cheek below eye. I started to panic and browse all over the Internet for hiv symptoms. I went on a trip to a place colder than home for 4 days and started getting an awefull sore throat (dry throat).

Week 9: sore throat persisted, I had some sweats in my body but never fever. I noticed a brown tone of skin in my neck. Two or three soft stools (not watery except for one).
-- Visited dermatologist who said cheek rash or brown area on neck was not related to any sti or hiv and it was not a fungal infection either. Gave me a soap and cream for face and rash and brown area in neck stared to dissapear slowly.

-- Visited an internal medicine Doctor who is an infectious disease specialist (looked for it online). He said I was being paranoid and self destructive trying to attribute any simptom I had to hiv. He checked my limph nodes and said they were ok. I had an irritated throat but he said it wasn't related to hiv (but maybe allergy or a small infection) and that rash wasn't either. He weighted me and said I lost a couple of pound probably due to stress. I asked if I had a white tongue because I feel I have one due to my stupid internet research and he said it was normal. He said he gets patients like me regularly and he was sure I wasn't infected and recommended a psychologist. He said my first balanitis could have been caused by the helicobacter pylori antibiotics I took, and asked me to stop taking any more medicines and told me I had taken to many antibiotics which I had to be careful with. He said he was sure I wasn't infected and I shouldn't re test any more. He suggested a test at 6 months to close the deal.

I also got a throat swab/culture which came back negative.

- week 9.5: sore throat persisted so I tested again for hiv. This time I insisted lab to perform both quick test and Elisa 1/2 (which they said was fourth generation). Both came back negative. I've read some specialists consider 4th generation test conclusive at 8 weeks. And if the symptoms I had were hiv related, tests would have come positive. I really hope I'm just being scared.

It was a bad experience because I was really scared when I took the this last test. When I got the blood sample taken they offered results next day (as they did before on previous test). When I got there next day results weren't ready and they couldn't explain because they are really confidential for this type of tests and only deliver them in person (they said they had performed the quick test but we're still pending the Elisa test due to something related to the machine. They asked me to come back next morning (which was two days after blood sample). When I got there they had me waiting for 15 mins for results which felt like a lifetime. Finally they gave me results which were negative. I asked to talk to the person running the lab and they contacted her by phone. They said both rapid test and Elisa were negative. They said the reason they were delayed was because they did both tests and because they were waiting to make other Elisa tests to run the machine for that one. I hated it because even though my results were negative it didn't help my stressful mind.

Week 9.5-11: I had alternating constipation for some days and a bit of soft stools (but not that soft). sore throat started to get better at week 11. (I've always had reflux but I've never had a sore throat this bad).

Week 12: I thought about re testing and went nearby lab but I got to scared since I'm traveling soon and I didn't get the test. I read about irritated bowel syndrome in the Internet which described my constipation + some hard stools + some semi soft stools.

I started excercising a bit again. However I started feeling bloated (stomach), getting noises at stomach, and after two days excercicing I started going a bit more to the bathroom but felt an irritated stomach. Could this be stress? And lack of excercise last months? (I did do a bit of excercise before all of this months ago and then stopped).

- should I feel ok with my 9.5 weeks negative result?
- could my stress, or several antibiotics intake I had in previous weeks and lack of exercise be causing recent symptoms?
- before getting my 9.5 week negative test I had sore throat for 5 days and a bit of stomach issues. If "Simptoms" were related results wouldnt have been negative right?

My sore throat and stomach condition has lasted more than 20 days and it's been more then 25 days since the small check rash. Hiv symptoms don't usually last that long?

- 4th generation negative test at 9.5 week can I relax a bit?

Please help, I feel paralyzed. Work is a distraction, but I feel constantly worried.

Canker sore

Would a canker sore increases the risk of HIV during oral? I just need a conformation as I already read it is no risk!

HIV Transmisson

I had sex with sexworker using condom it was my first experience erection didnot last longer so before ejaculation I did pulled out condom and started fingering her vagina with same hand I masterbated my penis i.e without condom she also gave me a handjob afterwards I feared of being transmission of hiv then clean hands and left do I have take HIV test?

Had protected sex with sex worker in South Africa


I have a concern right now. I made a really foolish mistake. I hired a black sex worker (found her on a website) in South Africa. I have not had sex in the past. This was my first time. The sex worker proceeded with foreplay only kissing. She gave me oral sex with a condom. I did not give her oral sex. We proceeded with vaginal sex. It didn't last long, about 50 seconds. I didn't inspect the condom properly, but I did not see any holes or damages on the condom. The condom was on during the whole experience. Now I am worried that I might be at risk for contracting HIV. I know the risk is low, but considering that black South Africans have higher risks for spreading HIV.

So I really don't want to get tested for HIV because I know there is a slight risk and besides waiting a few months then getting tested, and finding out I'm HIV positive. I was wondering if I could take post-exposure prophylaxis to almost eliminate the chance of being HIV positive. I would rather bear the side effects of the medication than have a disease for the rest of my life and constantly regretting.

Please advice


Terrified because of possibility HIV Exposure ... PLS HELP

I had vaginal sex with person I hardly know on October 8th. Both of us has also taken the ORAQUICK ORAL SWAB test and both of our results were negative.
We also had oral sex (me to her). I also has used a condom but I was drunk and don't know if the condom broke.
After 2 weeks of exposure I got some rashes on my chest and hands. I have consulted a General Physician (MD) and she told me that the rashes are not from HIV and it might be because of folliculitis. After 3 weeks I started to have joint pains in both the elbows and knees. I have learnt from WEB that these are all the symptoms of Acute HIV infection. Please tell me if I am at any risk in this situation. She told me that the last time she had unprotected sex was nearly 7 - 8 weeks ago.
So, would ORAQUICK ORAL SWB provide a near accurate results for a person infected with HIV in 7 - 8 weeks??
Also please tell me if I have to get tested again. If yes, please tell me whether I can take it at 6 weeks after exposure??


I had a protected intercourse with a girl. Does their is a chance for HIV

about my hiv and other std result

hello sir, i had sex with prostitute with condom just vaginal sex no oral r anal,after next day fever,breathing problem,skin wrinkles,yellow toungue started so i went to doctor thy told viral infection happened but i didn't told about sex thy given antibiotic.after that fever went away but skin become more wrinkles i thought its due to anxiety r antibiotic reaction so after 4 week i went for hiv test its came negative its eclia duo test i dont knw which generation test thy used. then after 5th week i went for std test for herpes,syphills,hepatatis b came back negative but for urine test doctor gave me zithrox plus tablet thy didn't told me anything about problem in urine, after i searched abt tablet its for gonoerhae even i used condom but gonoerhae is positive how its possible? i know gonoerhae not transmit by skin to skin contact only by body fluids if its positive then im fearing for hiv risk. still 2 months or left for conclusive is thr any risk for hiv? how accurate 4 week result? is it possible to turn positive after 4 week plz help me im so anoxious sorry for my bad english

Hiv transmisson

I recently had sex with sexworker I used condom for vaginal sex erection didn't last longer then I pulled out condom before ejaculation then I started fingering vagina and masterbated penis with same hand she also gave me hand job is there possibility of transmission of hiv

Cunnilings risk will 3 tooth fillings done approx a month ago

Hello Christina. Thanks for your inputs. I have another question. http://helpline.aidsvancouver.org/question/cunnilings-risk this was my previous question. You said test is not required as the risk level was very low but I forgot to mention that I had 3 tooth fillings done in august 1st week and my exposure was on September 18th. Will this make any difference. I mean will this make any difference in the suggestion 'test is not required as the risk level is very low'.Thank you for your response.


I loved a women For 11 Years i Dont know that she was Hiv positive,I never Tried sex with her only pressed her breasts Many times,1 Year Ago i French kissed(Mouth to mouth)Her 2 Times She was pregnant that time,Then I kissed her vagina after that I Sucked Her Breasts than i  touched my penis to her vagina after a day My Penis Humped her anus She was in Nightwear so my Penis humped her on Nightwear Sad part is that she Recently Died because of Aids.I need Hiv Test for this?,Can I Become hiv+ because of this?Please reply my answer quickly.I am feeling really depressing.


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