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Low risk

Hiv with cunnilingus and menstrual blood

Im italian so i ask sorry for my english. I had sex with an escort 11 days ago. Sex was protected but i did a cunnilingus for 1-2 minutes and when we finish i find 2/3 drops of blood on my legs and on my fingers. Is very high the risk for had contract hiv? I will do a molecolar test in italy after 30 days, i can take conclusive the result? Thanks far all... Have a nice day

oral sex worry

I am just writing to try to figure out whether I am being irrational or not. I have a niggling fear I am in danger of contracting hiv even though my friends tell me it's fine. I am away on a year abroad currently so getting health advice is difficult. I had oral sex with a guy I had known for a few days, no ejaculation though, so I think it is meant to be extremely unlikely as lack of fluid right? But I remember my lip being a little sore from a tiny nick (not bedding, no open) does that count as a sore /cut that could allow access? Moreover I had to have blood test on entry to acclaim residence as did he only a couple months before so in order for us to get visa we would have both had to be clear although its possible he could have met others in between . It's niggling at me though.
and thanks!

about my risks!

Dear Sir/madam
Not sure if u received my previous question... thanks anyway and looking forward to be hearing from u as im very very very anxious!

Let me try to explain my situation: on august 30th, at around 04h30m pm i did oral sex with a guy! he didnt ejaculate on my mouth though! nevertheless, as i didnt know his status, i decided on monday to go to a specialised public hospital in here and they indicated me to do the PEP and did a blood test! Its important to mention one thing here: the nurse who came to take my blood, brought in a small box, where all the needles, gloves etc were in! she wore gloves and picked one to wrap my arm! however, i noticed that this glove she intended to wrap around my arm was dirty (i cant tell exactly what it was, but in my mind i tend to think it was dried blood as it was dark brown stains...).... i kindly asked her to take a new glove, so she changed her gloves and picked a new one to wrap around my arm... she took my blood and left!

Well, i did the 28 days of PEP! Meanwhile, i asked the guy to test himself and 12 days after our encounter he did a 4th generation test and it was negative!

I finished PEP and 17 days after i did a 4th generation test which is also negative!

My anxiety is so big right now... do u think i still need to test? and also do the the dirty gloves pose any risk? i mean i cant tell if this dirty glove touched the one the nurse used... i remember that the needle she used was encapsuled, but as far as the gloves they werent individually packed so im actually quite afraid....

Thanks so much for taking your time to answer me!
Best wishes!

Cunnilings risk

Hello, you guys are doing a great job.
Here is my problem. I Went to a strip club few weeks ago. The stripper performed unprotected fellatio on me and I performed unprotected cunnilings on her and then we had a condom protected sex and there was no breakage. Since there was no risk of HIV in blowjob and protected sex,iam worried about cunnilings. During cunnilings I just licked the clitoris like 20seconds while I fingered her. My tounge never entered her vagina. I never had an std and there were no major wounds in my mouth. Will get infected. Thanks in advance.

HIV RISK: Protected Anal Sex Con't Part 2


This is hopefully my final continuation on this topic.

So for example, if I had symptoms that were related to HIV infection/acute symptoms, then the test would return positive, right? I know that symptoms can't diagnose HIV infection, but from what I understood from what you said (which will hopefully help others with my questions) is that if I were to be experiencing HIV symptoms, the test would be positive if they were.

I have actually taken a PCR Test on Friday 10/23/2015 (11 days after possible exposure) and I will have the results in on Tuesday. How accurate are the results at 11 days? I was reading some reliable sources and they said that this test is accurate at 10-12 days after possible exposure.

Also, is it possible to contract HIV with microscopic holes in the condom? Like in my case, the guy didn't ejaculate because I stopped the intercourse. But there's the thing about precum, which is also known to transmit HIV. So basically, have their been any documented cases or is their a risk for transmission from microscopic holes in the condom?

I am planning on testing again on November 2nd, 2015 (3 week and 1 day mark) via a 4th generation test regardless of PCR results.

Also, what is the number for the Helpline? 1-844-INFO-HIV, what is that translated in numbers? I think I would get faster response if I had the Helpline toll free number for Canada and US Region.

Thanks so much for your support as always!

OLD POSTS - Old continuations, new update above, old posts below.


This is a con't of my question that was answered below. I know that WHO and AIDS Vancouver don't think of symptoms. However, is muscle ache in my upper right arm a sign of HIV? Or the lymph node that appears to be a little swollen up in the upper front ear lobe of my left ear? It's not really noticeable but, there it is.

Also, I was at the E.R at the 7 day Post Exposure mark (Sunday 18 Oct) and they did a 4th generation test, which I am likely to get the results of today. They said if they call that means I am positive, but that if they don't call me that means I am good.

I guess my question is, are ARS/Seroconversion symptoms known to appear this early?

As for my question, as I said, he didn't ejaculate, because I stopped the intercourse myself, and the condoms used weren't broken. Doesn't that in itself diminishes the chances of transmission to basically null? I am guessing that since my mother and brother for example have been sick, that this has also affected me since we live in the same household.

I am paranoid of my health as it is, and I need to know if I'll be fine. I have already scheduled an appointment with my primary health doctor for the 3 week and 1 day post exposure mark, to get tested for HIV via a 4th generation test since the Window period for such test would be at it's strongest then. Considering that's within it's within period, a negative result would be conclusive, but as usual, I will also test at the 3 month mark to make sure.



I initiated a sex intercourse with another male (male to male sex). I was the bottom in this case and we used TWO condom.

We didn't conduct any oral sex activities. During sex we replaced the condom with a another because we both wanted to feel more pleasure, or at least try. Long story short, we didn't finish the sex, and he never ejaculated and he left per my request.

I tested both condoms with water to see if there would be any leakage and there was none.

What are the risks into me getting HIV? Am I completely fine and don't need to worry? This happened today 10/11/2015, so I still have time to run to the E.R or my doctor and get PREP if needed.



Hi there! Thanks for contacting us with your HIV related questions/concerns. We're happy to help!

Anal protected sex is considered a low-risk activity. What this means is that although there have been a few reports of infection in this manner, they're usualyl under certain identifiable conditions. In this case, a condition would be a broken condom. Your condom didn't break, which greatly diminishes the risk. In theory, it would be no risk since condoms prevent the exchange of bodily fluids, but we say low risk to account for human error and breaking.

I would say you don't need to get tested or get PEP for this encounter, since the risk level was basically none.

I hope this helped!

Check out smartsexresource.com for more information.



AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (PST)
1 844 INFO-HIV (Toll free Canada & U.S.)
Private & Confidential


Hello and thanks for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

We want to clarify that acute symptoms of HIV cannot be identified because they vary so much. If you're experiencing symptoms related to HIV, your HIV test will make that clear. Some people experience a flu-like illness between 2 and 6 weeks post-exposure, but dissipate promptly. In the exposure you have described, we do not see risk factors (e.g. broken condom) present that would lead us to believe you were exposed to HIV, as Christina had explained. However, it's great that you are getting tested already, so we would encourage you to follow through with the process, to provide yourself with some relief but not necessarily due to a high-risk of acquiring HIV.



AIDS Vancouver Volunteer

AIDS Vancouver Helpline

1-844-INFO-HIV (Toll-Free USA+Canada)

Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM PST

Private and Confidential

AIDS Vancouver Helpline

1-844-INFO-HIV (Toll-Free USA+Canada)

Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM PST

Private and Confidential

hiv fear


i gave oral sex without ejaculation. 6 weeks and a few days after i had cold-like symtoms like runny nose, sore throat, fever, malaise that vanished a few days after (i was on antibiótics), however the fever less tan 38c lasted for 2 weeks thoug it was my only syntom i didnt felt bad, i didnt experience any rash.

i dont know if this are ars symtoms and if they are on time because in many sites like cdc or aids gov says 2-4, but other 2-6


How accurate is an RNA PCR HIV test at 11 days post exposure? I took the test 11 days post exposure (10/23/2015) and I will go in for the results on Tuesday. I wanted to know the exact accuracy of the test?

1) Is it 100% conclusive at this time and reliable at this time?
2) If the virus is not detected, does that mean I am not infected?
3) If the test doesn't detect the virus, should I retest at 4 weeks post exposure?
4) I told my doctor that if I am found negative, I want to go on PREP (Truvada). PREP + Condoms usage is the way to go, but how effective is PREP at preventing HIV in case the condom fails?
5) Has there been any documented case of HIV with people on PREP?
6) Should I also tell my doctor to prescribe me with Isentress? I heard it's good if combined with Truvada for PREP.

Thank you!

is rna pcr qualitative test is accurate at 18 days

Hi Sir, First of all sorry for my english.
I had a sex with a prostitute using 2 condoms , I did not know whether it is teared or not but after few days i have some symptoms like, a non itchy plane red rash on my chest later it changed to a painless papule and itchy rashes came on my penis , nausea ,skin itching, mouth sores , blurred vision for few days,though i do not get fever i have chills and night sweats. After few days every thing got normal ,later i have gone for rna pcr qualitative test which came as non detectable .Is rna pcr qualitative test after 18 days of exposure is accurate?, what are my chances of getting hiv ?i am so afraid .please reply and help me.Thanks in advance.

scared out my mind

condom broke csw 3,4,8,9 weeks rapid antibody blood test then at 12 weeks and 94 days rapid 4th generation duo. Since my last duo test I've had swollen lymph nodes by my groin and feels like im losing weight. I'm starting to freak out again do this mean that I'm one of those rare case that have to wait 6 months to get a positive result. I also found out I had chlamydia from this woman 8 week post exposure so I'm wondering did I catch hiv to i been to my doctor he thinks it syphilis that make me even more scared because I had a full std screening at 3 weeks post exposure so why wouldn't it show then. I don't have any immune deficiency nor cancer what's goin on doc.

15Please answer me Fear about Hiv

Please kindly read my question in detail and answer and guide me pls its a humble request
Thanks for you answer for my last question which i asked on 16/10/2015 which is repeated below along with the details you asked about the tridot test which i took where conducted at home or at lab.
All the tests where taken in lab in india and note here i even tested the male with whom i had that exposure with tridot test in lab as mentioned in my earlier question which is there for your reference below .
I am male and had a unprotected oral sex with male he gave me blow job no ejaculation in his mouth 3 and half months back there was no penetration just touched his anus with my tool,he said he had mouth sores due to heat regular and took b complex tablets,so after 10 days i just had some pimples on my right arm shoulder and checked with doctor it was not herpes ,but I had intercourse with my wife and started worrying about hiv thinking that if his semen touched my penis tip,so I got tested myself with tridot test four times at different intervals and last test was at 13th week I took which all came negative ,so i spoke to that guy whether does he is infected he said no and I requested him to get tested with the same tridot test on 7th week from our exposure and again on 14 week with same tridot test which came negative,so my question is that is am I free from infection and can I move in my life ahead without any kind of sexual acts with anyone else just want to be active with my wife kindly pls answer me


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