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Low risk

Could I have HIV?! Cum in mouth and face

Hi there,

On the 15th October I got rather drunk and visited a gay sauna in London. I performed oral sex on three guys without condoms and two of them came in my mouth and on my face. I also had protected sex with two of them (i was bottom).
Since then I have been terrified that I have caught HIV. I have never had anxiety like this this. I went to a clinic the next day and started PEP that morning, although the doctors said it doesn't always work. It's now five days later and I have a sore throat but I can't tell if this is just my anxiety.

The doctor wasn't very helpful and didn't give me a chance to ask these questions so any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Cum leaked out of the bottom of the condom

So I had sex with this guy (he wore a condom) and he came but stayed in me for a minute and when he pulled out he noticed cum on my vaginal lips.. I'm not sure if any cum got in but it defiantly was on the outside. If he had HIV do I have any risk?

Oral sex, 4th generation test at 39 days

Hello, please give me some information about my specific case, because I find a lot of confusing information online.
I performed oral sex on a man. At some point I think I felt a little precum but I swallowed, cause it was the only option. He ejaculated on my tongue and I spit out right away. Then I took the remaining sperm with my mouth and spit right away again.
My mouth is healthy, but I had a root canal done 10 days before the encounter. It was not a surgical procedure, it was done through a crown. No blood was involved. Basically it was like a big tooth filling.
Even though I was advised that my encounter was low risk and no testing is warranted, I decided to do it for my peace of mind. At 39 days I got tested (so almost 6 weeks); INSTI rapid test and 4th generation duo test, both negative. I was convinced that I'm done with testing, I was very happy for a while, but then I became worried again. I'm trying to remember if I accidentallly bit my cheek that night, all kind of details just to make sure I wasn't at risk.
Also, we are both married with kids, for me it was the first time and for him it was the second time. But I don't know what he has done in his first encounter. I'm just guessing he received oral sex cause it was the only thing he proposed me to do.
So I keep reading that 4th generation test at 6 weeks is conclusive (99.89%) or a very strong indication of my status. If I test again at 3 months it's going to be accurate 99.9%, so not a big difference?
Should I get tested again? Or should I see a therapist? Because sometimes I am almost sure that he was no risk in the first place, then after a few hours I become scared again that he might have been infected...
Thank you very much for your help.

sampath:- is rna test is 100% accurate?

Hi sir,Though i had a protected sex with a prostitute i had some symptoms after 2 weeks they are like, a non itchy plane rash on chest later changed to a painless papule and itchy rashes came on penis ,stomach pain , nausea , mouth sores , blurred vision for few days,though i do not get fever i have chills and night sweats. After few days every thing got normal ,later after 2 weeks of getting normal i.e, after 4 weeks after having sex, i have gone for rna pcr qualitative test which came as non detectable .Is rna pcr after 4 weeks is accurate, what are my chances of getting hiv ?i am so afraid .please reply and help me.thanks in advance.

worried.. licking clitoris

on 6th October i was licking vagina (nearby urine hole) only one time, maximum 2 seconds and also i swallow some fluid that place, but my tongue does not enter her vagina. and I was open mouth kissing to her. After 1 week I had some painful pimple (like rashes) in my face. If i infect with HIV?? Please help me. I'm so scared .. pls...

Oral Sex, No ejaculation


About 2 weeks ago I gave unprotected oral sex to a man who recently got tested for being HIV negative. His last encounter prior to me was about 2.5 months. Would his status be legitimate? Should I go get tested? He did not ejaculate in my mouth.

HIV Risk, very worried

Yesterday I performed following activities with a man of unknown HIV status:
1. frottage, rubbing of genitals
2. liked his balls(scrotum)
3. he performed annalingus on me for a long time.
4. he masturbated himself and ejaculated close to my ass, I covered my anal hole with fingers to prevent this cum from getting inside my anus, but after he finished cumming and tried wiping the cum of my hands and the cum might have touched the anus. do you him performing annalingus my anus was open and might have had some scratches or abrasion, I didn't notice any blood.
5. we also deep/french kissed a lot for like an hour.

there was no direct fellatio (both receptive and insertive) and also no anal sex.

how would you rate my risk for HIV or any other STD ?

really worried about hiv due to give oral after 6.10.15

I am licked a vagina (near down urine hole)at only one time (maximum 2 seconds) but definetly there is some fluid present. And i was open mouth kissing to her. I have not any bleeding sores in my mouth and i also have tiny sores in my mouth. If it transmit hiv to me.?? Kindly help me

if one time licking vagina will transmit hiv

I was licked a woman vagina (near down urine hole) at only one time maximum 2 seconds and also open mouth kissing with her. If it transmit hiv to me?.i am so scared. Pla help me

Risk of HIV after unprotected oral sex with ejaculation and tongue ulcer

Roughly 2 days ago, I had unprotected oral sex with a man. I gave him a blowjob for around 10 mins during which time I could taste precum coming out of his penis and into my mouth. He ejaculated into my mouth at the end and I swallowed his semen.
I'm worried because I bit my tongue roughly a day ago and at the time of the BJ, there was a small ulcer (not bleeding as far as I can remember) on the tip of my tongue. Can I become infected with HIV through my tongue? Should I be tested for HIV as soon as possible, and when would that be?


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