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Low risk

Condom broke - sex worker

Hi, I was in Ethiopia last week and while a little drunk had sex with a prostitute. The condom broke. It pulled out immediately after 1 to 2 seconds. I also had a small amount of pyrosis towards the end my the shaft of my penis. But they were not open or exposed. I got a hiv test about 30 hours after. It was negative. How higher risk am I.

Sex and Oral Sex With Multiple Escorts

Hi, within the past year or two I've been to 5 different escorts mostly due to my state of concience, I was taking oxycodone and it made me do things I normally wouldn't. Now that I'm off it I keep rethinking each encounter I had with the escorts. Each encounter I used a condom, the first three times I received oral for a minute and left. The two last times I received oral and had sex using a condom for both activities, once again the duration of the activities were very short and the condom didn't break. One of the encounters when I finished I took the condom off, forgot to wash my hands due to my anxiety, but they were dry no fluids on them, 30-60 seconds later I wiped my hands on my pants than itched my eye, I'm not sure if this is a risk or not. Also one time i did not wash my hands after taking the condom off and smoked a cigarette once again no fluids on my hands. Sorry if these questions are stupid, I just really regret what I did, it's just not for me, and I don't know if I should get tested or not.

My possible risks were:
Receiving oral with condom three times.

Having sex two times with condom on, I checked the condoms they were not broken nor had any holes, also it was a short duration of time and made sure there were no skin to skin contact.

Not washing hands after removing condom. (I'm not sure if that's a risk)

Thank you in advance for taking the time out of your day to answer these questions. Sorry if they're a bit ridiculous the scenarios are just eating at me, I have anxiety issues. Also I forgot to mention one woman jumped on top of me and wanted me to kiss her body so I kissed her mostly all over except below the belly button. I kissed her beasts momentarily, but did not try and suck on them. While she was on top of me we were both naked but our genitals did not make contact. Since these encounters I haven't been sick once, I heard there is a 90 percent chance of getting sick 2 weeks later is this true?

Protected 5 stroke sex

I had protected sex with a prostitute after 9 days I got fever and I got treated after 3 days.
After this I got ulcers in my mouth and testicles and rashes which went away after getting treated in 2 days and a little swollen lymph gland in my neck. I inserted my penis and gave 5 strokes and I felt horrible so I stopped it am I at risk of hiv?

I am frightened

I had protected sex with a prostitute after two weeks I got fever mouth and testicle ulcers rashes. I was inside her for less than strokes and I didn't even ejaculate I am very afraid

Risk of HIV from cut on finger?

I fingered my girlfriend and she had spotting, I had blood all over my finger and in my cut. I washed it with soap and water and then we had protected sex and I had more blood on my fingers from the condom and I repeated and put neosporin on it. What is my risk of any bloodborne disease?

oral sex.....anxiety attacks

I had a sexual encounter 3 weeks ago. I am worried to death now. I have continuous panic/anxiety attacks along the day. I have no one around to talk to nor to consult. In a nutshell I give you hereunder the worst case scenario as I do not recall the very details nor sequence of acts during this gloomy encounter:

- Out of curiosity, 3 weeks ago, I had unprotected oral sex with a transsexual (circumcised) sex worker. Let's say she was HIV +
- We kissed shortly and gave each other blowjobs with no ejaculation in the mouth. However, at some point maybe her precum came in my mouth.
- We rubbed each other's penis using lotion.
- After she ejaculated, I rubbed my penis against her penis contaminated with her sperms and lotion. Moreover, I rubbed the shaft (head) of my penis against her shaft (here is my biggest worrisome that her fluid came into my penis urethra .)
- After I ejaculated the first time, she rubbed my penis with her hand contaminated with her sperms and lotion for a second round for maybe 2 minutes, but I did not cum again.
- I fingered her and licked her anus with my tongue. She externally rubbed my anus with her hand maybe contaminated with her sperm and lotion.
- I had a shower directly after the episode and peed (if this makes any difference). I washed my mouth with Lestrine mouth wash 3-4 times, and brushed my teeth when got back home.
I was worried all the time after this day. However I evidently noticed the following symptoms as of the 15th day which persist until the time of writing to you:
- itchy skin at different spots of my body that became more frequent. I had a reddish rash near my right pit that lasted for only one day and went away when I put some vesline. (honestly maybe due to the use of perfume directly under my pit, I do not know)
- Now, it is really getting worse by time. As I read a lot about the symptoms of HIV infection and my mind is not resting at all. I have itchy skin (but not always need to scratch myself) on the upper part of my back, my face, around the lips, hot breathes, itchy scalp. light burns feeling on my arms and chest. My arms and hand veins are getting bigger. I get frequent severe itchy skin at the anus area and scrutom sac, this really annoys me. II totally lost appetite. I have upset stomach. I am trembling. I cannot distinguish between the symptoms of HIV and anxiety/panic attacks I have, as I read that the levels of adrenaline in blood due to anxiety could cause similar symptoms as HIV.
Please advise, what is my risk contracting HIV and other STDs? what should I do now? Am alone, thoughts are killing me. I totally lost appetite. I did not eat for the last 2-3 days. People around me noticed my gloomy mood. I really appreciate the time hopefully you will spend to reply to my email.
You and people like you are doing a great job raising awareness and providing guidance to ones with vulnerable status like me now.
bless you

HIV transmission and Thrush


I'm 23 and live in Thailand and 20 days ago when drunk I paid for intercourse with a prostitute, this was the first time I have ever done something like that. The intercourse was protected, I kept going soft but I made sure that I could always see the base of the condom. The condom came off on exit however I am almost certain my penis didn't come into contact with any vaginal fluids. There were no cuts or sores on my penis.

After which I received oral sex for 5 or so minutes until ejaculation. The oral sex was not vigorous and consisted of her licking the head of my penis with the tip of her tongue while performing a hand-job.

3 days later I noticed that I had penile thrush. I went to a dermatologist and was given an anti-fungal cream. Now the thrush has cleared up however I'm still using the cream just to be safe.

Exactly 15 days after the incident I started to have severe headaches, a swollen neck, diarrhea and a loss of appetite, now 20 days on I am beginning to feel better apart from my anxiety.

My question is what are my chances of contracting HIV? I think the thrush was caused by the blowjob as the side of my penis she was licking was much much worse than the side she wasn't which looked untouched.

Does the fact I got thrush from the encounter indicate that I am more likely to have contracted HIV or are the two unrelated?

I have read the statistics on both Oral and Female to Male transmission but I still can't get it out of my head.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your time.

test results assessment with hiv symptoms

Hi everyone. I would just like to get your opinion regarding my risk/possible exposures and the results of my previous tests.

June 7 (possible exposure # 1) - unprotected anal and oral sex with a guy met from an online application with ejaculation on mouth only

June 9 - sore throat, diarrhea, low grade fever, diarrhea, night sweats, muscle pains (arms, legs, back) all for 6 days.

July 30 (7.5 weeks past exposure # 1) - tested negative at a local clinic using HIV antibody rapid test

August 14 (possible exposure # 2) - gave unprotected oral sex with ejaculation, upper gums got swollen in the afternoon

August 24 (11 weeks past exposure # 1) - tested negative using an approved Philippine home HIV test kit (finger prick blood)

August 30 (2 weeks past exposure # 2) - high fever for 2 days, nausea, headache, diarrhea for 1 week

I was so paranoid and related these symptoms to my oral sexual encounter last August 14. My gums got swollen that day and I thought that I could have an open sore that time which led to the possible infection. What makes me more bothered is that I got the fever around 2 weeks after, when ARS typically appears

September 12 (4 weeks past exposure # 2) - Due to paranoia and since I haven't purchased a new HIV kit yet, i re-tested using the kit I used last August 24, since there was still a reagent/HIV buffer left. Before re-using, I was so sure that there was no indication of any line in the T area. After putting blood and the buffer, there was a faint line that showed in the T line!

September 27 (6 weeks past exposure # 2) - tested negative using a new HIV kit.

Now, my questions:

1. I know it was a dumb idea to re-use the kit, but why is there a faint line that appeared? Is it because I re-used the kit? I was thinking there could be something that really reacted from my blood, because if there is nothing, then it should have stayed the same, with nothing appearing on the T-line.

2. Is the September 27 test more reliable? I know that 3-month test is conclusive, but could this be a false negative, given that a faint line appeared on my September 12 test? Did I just use the kit wrongly this time, that's why there is no faint line that appeared?

3. If my September 27 test was indeed accurate, am I cleared of my June 7 exposure?

4. Given my oral exposure last August 14, should I re-test at the three month mark?

What are your thoughts?

terminal cancer and hiv window period

sir/ madam
i) i read that terminal cancer can extend hiv window period but other cancers don't extend hiv window period , if so i can we know we have terminal cancer and what is difference between terminal cancer and other cancers?
2) i read from dr.hunter handsfield blog that even overwhelming systemic infections can extend hiv window period , if so how will we know if we have systemic infection?

i had an oral sex with girl and i did elisa test in 3 months , which came back negative but above questions worries me to much pls help god bless u

Oral sex.kissing and anal sex Testing after 29 days

Previously I had asked Question I had unprotected oral sex,Kissing with a transgender and protected Anal sex on 27 August . I tested with 4gen test after 14 days of exposure at AFA and it was negative and again I tested after 29 days of exposure .
plz tell me how reliable is this I am really vey tensed. I have developed little bit of rash its because of fear I really sometime I don't know... I got tested after 29 days its negative plz reply


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