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Low risk

HIV Risk, very worried

Yesterday I performed following activities with a man of unknown HIV status:
1. frottage, rubbing of genitals
2. liked his balls(scrotum)
3. he performed annalingus on me for a long time.
4. he masturbated himself and ejaculated close to my ass, I covered my anal hole with fingers to prevent this cum from getting inside my anus, but after he finished cumming and tried wiping the cum of my hands and the cum might have touched the anus. do you him performing annalingus my anus was open and might have had some scratches or abrasion, I didn't notice any blood.
5. we also deep/french kissed a lot for like an hour.

there was no direct fellatio (both receptive and insertive) and also no anal sex.

how would you rate my risk for HIV or any other STD ?

really worried about hiv due to give oral after 6.10.15

I am licked a vagina (near down urine hole)at only one time (maximum 2 seconds) but definetly there is some fluid present. And i was open mouth kissing to her. I have not any bleeding sores in my mouth and i also have tiny sores in my mouth. If it transmit hiv to me.?? Kindly help me

if one time licking vagina will transmit hiv

I was licked a woman vagina (near down urine hole) at only one time maximum 2 seconds and also open mouth kissing with her. If it transmit hiv to me?.i am so scared. Pla help me

Risk of HIV after unprotected oral sex with ejaculation and tongue ulcer

Roughly 2 days ago, I had unprotected oral sex with a man. I gave him a blowjob for around 10 mins during which time I could taste precum coming out of his penis and into my mouth. He ejaculated into my mouth at the end and I swallowed his semen.
I'm worried because I bit my tongue roughly a day ago and at the time of the BJ, there was a small ulcer (not bleeding as far as I can remember) on the tip of my tongue. Can I become infected with HIV through my tongue? Should I be tested for HIV as soon as possible, and when would that be?

Questions about oral

Pls help, I had unprotected oral sex with a girl(gave and received), after that I noticed I had bruises on my penis, really scared, I went and did rapid antibody test with the girl the next day and we both came back negative. Do I need another testing at 12 weeks?

HIV RISK: Protection Anal Sex


I initiated a sex intercourse with another male (male to male sex). I was the bottom in this case and we used TWO condom.

We didn't conduct any oral sex activities. During sex we replaced the condom with a another because we both wanted to feel more pleasure, or at least try. Long story short, we didn't finish the sex, and he never ejaculated and he left per my request.

I tested both condoms with water to see if there would be any leakage and there was none.

What are the risks into me getting HIV? Am I completely fine and don't need to worry? This happened today 10/11/2015, so I still have time to run to the E.R or my doctor and get PREP if needed.


Menstrual blood on condom etc


On Sept 23 in Asia I meet a vitamese CSW worker at a local bar (a lot of drinking took place) who I took back to my hotel. The following happened

- a condom was used for sex. About 5 minutes in I felt my erection was not holding so I withdrew and held my penis in my right hand and stroke it so my erections came back. This lasted for 10 seconds
- I then penetrated again and that is when I noticed blood on the b pillow where I placed my hand
- I jumped off right away and noticed there was blood all over my testicles and stomach area.
- I cleaned the blood off with kleenex and removed the condom. I then showered immediately

- 10 days later I went out with the guys and got pretty drunk
- on the 11 day I was very tired
- on the 12 day started with a runny nose at work (box of kleenex was used)
- on day 13 started sneezing and right lymph node was aching off and on.
- on day 14 no more running nose, sneezing and aching lymph node. Feeling much better
- day 15,16 and 17 still feeling better bUT blowing nose once in a while to clear mucus.

My question is the following
1: is it possible to get hiv even when a condom was used? The condom did not break which I confirm with the water test and noticed there was no leaks
2: the symptoms I had related to HIV?
3: even when I removed and tried to get a full erections back did I have a risk? I read that the virus basically dies when it comes in contact with air

I also checked for cuts around my testicles and stomach and noticed nothing

Chances of HIV transmission by oral intercourse licking vagina


I met an escort and licked her vagina for about one minute. She didn't ejaculated but my tongue came in contact with her vaginal mucosa probably lubricating fluid. I am not sure of her status but she told me that she is safe and is negative. There were no major wounds in my mouth but had pharyngitis two days before that encounter. What is the risk of transmission here. There were no other unprotected sexual activity involved.


Asian massage parlor visit

Hello, a year back I bisite an asian massage parlor in San francisco. The lady was mid to late 30's and from Vietnam, she spoke English pretty well. After a rub on my body she slipped a condom on my member using her mouth, she then performed oral for about 3-5 min, then went to vaginal with the same condom on. The next morning I noticed a little red spot on a gland on my shaft that I'm not 100% sure was covered or was where the condom band was tight on and was irritating it, it could have been scrapped by a razor because I had shaved 5 hours before the visit to the amp. I rubbed it with alcohol and I didn't feel any sting so I'm unsure of what it was. It went away after 3 days. But I got tested for HIV and syphillis 7 days after exposure, and then again 30 days after exposure. All tests came back negative. Since its been a year, I can't help but freak out whenever I catch a cold or a flu or even get a symplex blister. Are my tests conclusive? My doctor didn't recommend a 3 month test. Please help me. Thank you

very confused and concerned help me plz

Hello I think I was at risk for high expoure to hiv.. I was visiting my family members in Africa the west part and I meet this girl who I now suspect is a sex worker.. we kissed and foreplay.. she performed oral sex on me for like 2 min.. but before having sex she rubbed my penis on her virgina for like a good min but with no penetration we used a condom after but I do think i had her fluid on me when she was rubbing my penis in the beginning .. I went back to the usa because I was scared and I took a hiv antibody test at 3 weeks negative and at 7 weeks also negative after my exposure but at 8.5 week I had a fever for a couple days with me sweating at night and a little diarrhea that lasted a couple of days the sweating to me was do to the fever i got because i was on my vacation in the Jerusalem and change of whether it went away with medicine.. it been 4 .5 months and I am still scared.. I feel fine i have not got sick since i feel strong and also put on 15 pounds of weight.. they say 6- 8 is conclusive should I go back and do another one..


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