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Low risk

protected sex

I had protected sex with at a full service masseuse. It was very dumb of me and i have been very anxious that i contracted HIV from the woman, whos status i am unsure of, most likely HIV positive, but it has been 11 days since my encounter with her, and all i have experienced is an upset stomach on and off along with some minor diarrhea. No other symptoms like the flu have entailed but i want to know if in my case, i should be worried if i got HIV. Also if my upset stomach could be a result of my anxiety.

4th gen elisa accuracy after 27 days.

I had protected anal sex (bottom) and unprotected oral sex, I tested 27 days after and the results came back negative. Shld I still be worried or is it almost 100% safe that I am not HIV+?

Sexual encounter with transgendered person, and sex with overseas sex worker, Cambodia.

Hello. I am a 26 year old Canadian male, currently residing in a hotel room in Cambodia. I am steeped in guilt and anxiety following two sexual encounters I had last night. I had far too much alcohol to drink and was walking down the street in a lively area of town when I bumped into a transgendered person, a ladyboy they call them.. Having little to no inhibition, within minutes I was receiving oral sex in an area of the street out of sight. This lasted for only about 15 seconds before I realized what I was doing and definitively put at end to the act. Maybe an hour later I ended up having protected sex with a female sex worker. Although I know the risk of HIV transmission through oral sex is low, and despite the fact that the sex was protected via condom with the second of the two encounters, I am now consumed with feelings of guilt and self disgust having this being the first time I have paid for sex, as well as fear that this may be one encounter I won't walk away fully unscathed from... I am now very paranoid that I may have contracted HIV, being that this is a low income country, and the blowjob was from a ladyboy, and the sex was with a sex worker... I know there is no absolute way to be sure I have contracted anything until a couple months have passed and I can have accurate HIV/STI/STD testing, but is there anything, anything at all you can say to help me through this while at the same time not sugar coating anything? I have done ample research on HIV transmission being a naturally neurotic, paranoid person and realize the risks are low, yet HIV has no prejudice, and I still fear I may have put myself at great risk.. I will paraphrase my predicament in the spirit of transparency once more - I received oral sex from a transgendered person (not a sex worker) for approximately 15 seconds, and then I had PROTECTED sex (condom) with a female sex worker. No other acts were committed, I was tempted to perform oral on her but I mainly just kissed and lightly licked around the vagina and anus but I wouldn't consider what I did to even be able to be considered cunnilingus... Can you help me gain a little peace of mind on the matter? I'm freakin' out here and pretty sure I have tarnished the remainder of my trip now with this newly instilled paranoia. Thank you so much for your time.


Hello Sir/Madam
I am really paranoid and i am really stressed out if there is anything you guys could advice me to do.This incident happned 15 days back i encountered a Oral sex with a condom on and then for 2 minutes penetrated.He then used a tissue to clean it and started giving me oral sex again the then took it off and gave me oral sex i am really worried if she gave me HIV i have got tested for Hepes 1 and 2 both came negetive but my doctor asked me too wait for 3 months i cannot eat or sleep and im really worried could you please help me.

Please help. Worried my bad relationship will end with another nightmare for me.

Hey, so I just found out my boyfriend of almost 2 months had been cheating and having multiple partners during our relationship, as well as most likely never been tested throughout his life.
About a week and a half after we began becoming sexual (that is, me giving him oral with ejaculate in my mouth, and dry humping- penis on vulva contact but no penetration.) I developed a really bad cold that I just couldn't shake. I had a 102 fever, sore throat, and stuffy nose for about a week. I felt fine after, but a month later I still can't shake a stuffy nose and possibly swollen lymph nodes and cant figure out if it's allergies or not .

Bottom line is, I am very worried that I may have contacted HIV through our activities and these are symptoms of that. Please Advise.

Please help !!!

If a guy had the HIV virus and a woman drinked his sperm and accidentally swallowed it , will she gets the virus too and what if it was a guy you know "gay sex" .
( also what if a brother and a sister had sex but none of them had the HIV virus will they get the virus ) ??! .

HIV Transition through Oral Sex

Hi, I'm HIV positive and a few weeks ago, my girlfriend gave me a blowjob without a condom. I'm pretty worried now because a few weeks after that she began to have a headache and now her stomach hurts, she's throwing up and she also has diarrhea. So far, from what I hear its pretty intense. I don't know all the symptoms of getting HIV, from what I googled it seems kind of scary. She's all the way in Kelowna so I can't check up on her, but I don't know what to do. Could she have HIV?

Help Urgent

I am a Male. I had unprotected sexual encounter Last year in September and November with another male (2015) . I have received oral sex and given oral sex and body Playing in that period.

I got tested in on December with finger prick (non reactive). Another test whole blood test (Negative).
In February'16 I got tested twice in two different government hospitals (both: Non Reactive).
Again got tested in a hospital through SD Bioline rapid test (Non Reactive) in March'16 at local dispensary.
In April I went to AHF for quick finger prick test (result: Non Reactive) and In May then went for another test (non Reactive).

Does Love bites (reddish purplish spots) infect somebody ?

I am not working these days, stays at home and have these thoughts about Hiv tests again and again.
thinking about their accuracy and all.
my OCD and anxiety is threatening me.

"The people at the counselling and testing centre in new Delhi. Have no idea about the four factors which affects the test result or window period. They said its nothing like that".

Are my results conclusive.
Please Tell me

Unprotected Oral Sex, Elisa Combo and PCR

Hi all
first of all I've to say this helpline is very useful and well done too.
Let's move straighforward to the point. I'm in a homosexual relationship since 3 years but in May we decided both to have one experience each with other guys, always protected insertive sex and both did unprotected oral sex without ejaculation in the mouth and without any sort of contact with blood.
Doing some math
My Boyfriend took an Elisa 4th generation (antibodies + p24) test 35 days after the "possible" exposure with the unprotected oral sex he had, results negative (no reactive).
I took a PCR RNA test after 15 days from the last exposure combined with a Elisa 4th generation test resulting "undetectable , less then 37 copies/ml " and not reactive to the antibody + p24 test.

I know PCR RNA is not a diagnosing tool (but my doctor prescribed me because he found me very anxious) because of high cost, technical problem and high rate of false positive but that actually is a high sensitivity test (so very few false negative results). What I am wondering now is
1) does my boyfriend can take his results as conclusive ?
2) can i take mine as conclusive ?

Now we are 6 (my boyfriend) and 4 (me) weeks after the last possible exposure and we do not have any syntomphs.
Thanks for all !

Potential HIV+ semen on towel + other sex acts

Hey, I came here to just get an opinion on what I should do. So earlier today (About 3 PM EST), I hooked up with a guy (I'm gay), I didn't know too much about him, but I did so anyway. I know, definitely horrible judgement on my part. There was no anal, but we did do some other stuff. We jerked each other off, he did suck my dick, we frotted (rubbing our dicks together, tip of our penises didn't touch though), and I rimmed his ass a little bit. Just some small kisses to his cheeks and hole, I didn't stick my tongue in his ass though.

Also, he came on my chest. So he wiped off with a towel. Then like 3 mins later, after dry humping his butt (tip didn't touch his butt), I came on his back. We wipe off with the same towel. The only thing is... that towel touched the tip of my penis. I'm not sure if it was the side with the cum on it or not. And I know nothing about this guy, I don't know his status and what not. We didn't do anything too crazy, but I'm still just worried and am wondering if I should go on PEP. So far it's been 8 hours since this all took place, so I would really appreciate a response back soon. Thank you all. Sorry if this post is too messy, and sorry if this has already been asked. I just wanted a clear opinion from you guys, about all the stuff I did.

Also, here's a re-cap of what I did in case you're confused:
-We were kissing
-We both rubbed each other's dicks
-He sucked my dick
-I rimmed his ass (no tongue)
-We frotted (tips of penis didn't touch)
-I dry humped his butt (tip didn't touch his hole)
-His cum was on a towel for 3 mins before it touched mine


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