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Low risk

Chances of HIV if the condoms upper side was lapped with vaginal liquid

I had sex with a sex worker three days ago and I don't know whether she is HIV positive or negative. I am completely unaware of her current status. During sex I used two condoms at a time and had sex around 30-45 seconds. When I removed my penis from her vagina I found vaginal liquid on the upper side of the condom. I removed both condoms from my penis and thrown it in dustbin. I checked the condoms and it was not broken.
1. My question is that the vaginal liquid on the upper side of the condom can cause HIV ??
2. Is there any chance that the vaginal liquid came across the condoms after sex ??
I am sure that there was no direct contact of my penis semen and her vaginal liquid.
Could you please help me out on the above questions as I am worried a lot. I got tensed from last three days and not able to concentrate on my daily work.
Appreciate your quick support.
Thanks in advance...

HIV Treat

Hi Last week met a girl in a club and we got along. We only had oral sex both ways not sure about her hiv condition. Since I have returned back from Vegas in 10 days I see soar throat, no fever or body pain. It's causing me lot of stress and I am Not able to concentrate

URGENT. Possible HIV infection from hard fingering that led to blood

Hello, I'm 20 years old and I had my first time gay experience with a 35 year-old-man today. We did not have anal sex. We have kissed a lot, I sucked his penis unprotected for like 10 seconds. He sucked my penis (also unprotected) and my balls. We exchanged a footjob and handjobs. He did a rimming for me then he fingered me a lot and hard and for like 5 seconds he put 3 fingers inside my anus but I told him to remove it quickly. He then jerked off on my chest. I told him to wipe his hands first with a towel and that's what he did. He then fingered me with the same hand until I ejaculated. When I went to the bathroom after we finished, I was cleaning my ass from the inside and when I cleaned my anus with napkins I found a very little blood point on the napking. I repeated it two times and found also little blood dots. I repeated it a fourth time but found nothing. He told me that he is STI free and that he always test himself. He sweared that the last time he tested himself was 2 months ago and that he is clean and is not infected. Do I have a risk of being infected with STI and especially HIV? Should I try PEP? Please reply ASAP. URGENT.

Risk Assessment

Hi everyone. Greetings from India.
I had oral sex with my girl friend. Including prolonged French kissing.
I gave her canningulus using cut open condom and she gave me fellatio without condom. I get checked every 3rd month for HIV , I suffer from OCD.
But I am not sure about my girlfriend status and its hard to ask And even harder to tell her to get tested.
There was no penetration involved.
What is my Risk??
Best regards !! Thank you.

Please answer me, This is my last question to confirm,

I went to a massage centre, and perform licking her pubic hair. she said, she has mensus period. so she used pad and inside Tampon also. but there is no visible blood any where. My doubt is , when i licked her pubic hair, have there any chance of getting HIV. I didnt go to the vagina or vulva. only pubic hair. But all the area was clean. Please explain me. By mouth how much chance for transmission.

Condom Inside Out

Good Morning!
Just wanna ask about my recent protected anal sex contact last August 18, 2015. we had anal sex im the bottom im just worried b/c im the one who put the condom then at first i put it inside out but i didnt rolled the condom yet it was just on the top of his penis then i turned the condom on the right position and then massage his penis with waterbased lube for about 10 - 15 seconds, just worried there might be a precum on his penis and stick when i turned the condom. I got tested 4 weeks aftern SD BIOLINE HIV-1/2 3.0 result negative but i know it is not yet conclusive. By the way he guy claims to be HIV negative.

In addition it was our 2nd round, first i gave him oral sex then he ejaculate outside of my mouth then after 20 mins i gave him oral sex again and didnt taste any precum before i put the condom and started anal sex, but just worried precum might came out while im putting the condom.

Hope who can help me, thank you!!

HIV test and allergies


Can allergies such as dust,feathers, and grass cause a delayed seroconversion? I don't know if they are considered auto immune disorders or immunodeficiency. I definitely know they are caused by overreaction of the immune system to a harmless substance.


I had a sex with a Cuban csw with a condom. I did not check to see if it had a hole, tear, or broken. after a weak I came down with a high fever, sore throat, and well affected tonsils. I became alarmed and took the fallowing test.

week2 (antibody test)
week5 (4th gen test)
Week7 (4th gen/rna)
Week10 (blood rapid test)
Week13 (blood rapid test)

Fist question is what are the chances that the rna test was a false negative because I might be an elite controller? and have not develop antibodies, although I heard these cases are ab positive, but I could be delaying the seroconversion because of my allergies.

Second can I have some type of supervirus that might of gone undetected such as crfs?

Third Does the 6 months complete window period only apply when testing alone for antibodys?

Fourth most ID specialist in my area test for one year. is this because some people might go undetected for so long or just because extreme conservatism?

Thank you and god bless

Condom broke - sex worker

Hi, I was in Ethiopia last week and while a little drunk had sex with a prostitute. The condom broke. It pulled out immediately after 1 to 2 seconds. I also had a small amount of pyrosis towards the end my the shaft of my penis. But they were not open or exposed. I got a hiv test about 30 hours after. It was negative. How higher risk am I.

Sex and Oral Sex With Multiple Escorts

Hi, within the past year or two I've been to 5 different escorts mostly due to my state of concience, I was taking oxycodone and it made me do things I normally wouldn't. Now that I'm off it I keep rethinking each encounter I had with the escorts. Each encounter I used a condom, the first three times I received oral for a minute and left. The two last times I received oral and had sex using a condom for both activities, once again the duration of the activities were very short and the condom didn't break. One of the encounters when I finished I took the condom off, forgot to wash my hands due to my anxiety, but they were dry no fluids on them, 30-60 seconds later I wiped my hands on my pants than itched my eye, I'm not sure if this is a risk or not. Also one time i did not wash my hands after taking the condom off and smoked a cigarette once again no fluids on my hands. Sorry if these questions are stupid, I just really regret what I did, it's just not for me, and I don't know if I should get tested or not.

My possible risks were:
Receiving oral with condom three times.

Having sex two times with condom on, I checked the condoms they were not broken nor had any holes, also it was a short duration of time and made sure there were no skin to skin contact.

Not washing hands after removing condom. (I'm not sure if that's a risk)

Thank you in advance for taking the time out of your day to answer these questions. Sorry if they're a bit ridiculous the scenarios are just eating at me, I have anxiety issues. Also I forgot to mention one woman jumped on top of me and wanted me to kiss her body so I kissed her mostly all over except below the belly button. I kissed her beasts momentarily, but did not try and suck on them. While she was on top of me we were both naked but our genitals did not make contact. Since these encounters I haven't been sick once, I heard there is a 90 percent chance of getting sick 2 weeks later is this true?

Protected 5 stroke sex

I had protected sex with a prostitute after 9 days I got fever and I got treated after 3 days.
After this I got ulcers in my mouth and testicles and rashes which went away after getting treated in 2 days and a little swollen lymph gland in my neck. I inserted my penis and gave 5 strokes and I felt horrible so I stopped it am I at risk of hiv?


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