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Low risk

Oral sex.kissing and anal sex Testing after 29 days

Previously I had asked Question I had unprotected oral sex,Kissing with a transgender and protected Anal sex on 27 August . I tested with 4gen test after 14 days of exposure at AFA and it was negative and again I tested after 29 days of exposure .
plz tell me how reliable is this I am really vey tensed. I have developed little bit of rash its because of fear I really sometime I don't know... I got tested after 29 days its negative plz reply

conflicting responses regarding oral risk

In a Sept. 21 post "Worried of Oral" one of your volunteers indicated that oral sex is low risk and that there have been some cases of HIV being transferred this way under special conditions. This contradicts what everyone else seems to say which is negligible risk and no confirmed cases. Could you please clarify which is correct? This is a seemingly contradictory position taken on your site. Thank you.

'this is seemingly contradictory information between low risk and essentially negligible or no risk.

Anal sex with HIV positive partner


I got a HIV test result Negative in July 2015 and the test’s name is HIV Combi PT. The test was conducted at:
– 17th week after unprotected anal sex
– 16th week after protected anal sex
– 10th week after unprotected oral sex
– 29th day after my partner fingered my anus

Should I get tested again? I had an unprotected oral sex a few days ago which makes me worried now.

All the exposures occurred with my partner - a HIV positive person.

Many thanks!

Potentially risky exposure / VIH

Hello everybody thanks for your guidance.
I was with a young sexual worker and the following happened: I was kissing her vagina with her panties on, however with a couple of my fingers I touched her anus and vagina and accidentally after an instant I put those very fingers on my urethra orifice for a second (just there). After 5-10 minutes I decided to wash my penis with a liquid soap. Am I at risk? Further information: I saw no blood nor on her anus nor on my hands (fingers). There was no sexual intercourse without condom nor rubbing, when I decided to penetrate the girl I used a brand new condom and there was no issue at all with this. I am worried about my fingers on my urethra for that second. Please help me!!!


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