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Low risk

Need some help.

Hey, I was hoping you will be able to help me. Last year, I began to go through an HIV panic. I have always practiced safe sex (besides oral sex) but somehow convinced myself I had HIV. I took my first test in January, a few weeks after my last sexual encounter (anal with a condom and gave unprotected oral), but was told to go back 3 months from then, which I did, and still tested negative. The test used were rapid test. In May, I had another sexual encounter, this it was only oral sex and we used a condom. At one point, he rubbed his penis against my anus (didn't go in) and I was afraid that I may have been infected because of that. In July, I tested again with a rapid test and it was negative. Also in the first week of July, I gave protected oral sex to a guy. This was my last sexual incident. Since then, I took 1 rapid test in September (2 months from the encounter), 1 more rapid test at the end of October (a little over 3 months from the encounter), as well as a Ab/Ag HIV blood test, which all tested negative.

Every time I tested, the counselor advised me that I was at low risk (no risk for the protected oral sex) and have been assured, if the test were done after 3 months of the encounter, they are conclusive. However, I keep thinking of "what ifs". Like, what if the condom ripped during oral sex and I didn't know. Or, if I am taking longer than 3 months to test positive for HIV. What if the test was defective and it is a false negative.

Every time I start to feel sick, the fear that the test might have been wrong takes over me. Whether I have a cough, sore throat, or a fever.

Is this typical thinking for someone in this position? Is there anything that I can do that will help me feel like my test or conclusive? I feel like if I take another test, and it's negative, it will just give me temporary relief.

Risk of HIV infection anally

I'm a 23 year old guy who had sex anally (I was receptive) with a random guy I met on Grindr, last night. We used a condom. He and I ejaculated on my chest.
Immediately after ejaculation I went to the toilet to clean my chest and anus. I used wet wipes to do it fast in order to walk him out. I cleaned with the first one and I threw it away, the second wipe I used I also used it to clean my anus. At that moment I realized immediately that I'm wiping my anus with a wipe that has sperm on it. I instantly cleaned my anus in the pidet with water and soap. My concern is that I might have actually put the sperm in contact with my anus (which might have micro/small cuts due to anal sex?). Is there ANY risk that I have actually transmitted the virus? Please help.
Thank you so much,

HIV infection tests

i had an sexual intercourse with a call girl in thailand on last week of (30april2016). i had a protected sex but my condom became little loose later so i am not sure of protection. since then i am afraid of infection. i face some symptom on hiv like tired, dry mouth, loss of appetite, diahorrea, rashes.so by then i did some tests 30days after sex (30may2016). hiv anitbodies test result came was non-reactive . dna pcr test also i had taken results have not come still. can u please tell me that whether i am in safe state or have any other test to detect the hiv much earlier. some people say i have to wait for 3 to 6 months. i am confused. please help me.

Hiv transmission risk


I wanted to know my risk of contracting hiv after an encounter with a sex worker.

We had protected sex for a couple of minutes when we found out she was on her period. She removed the condom and I went on to clean my penis. I also asked her to clean her hands as well which she did.

a couple minutes after that she performed oral sex to finish it off and during the event she rapidly swiped my penis with some sort of cleaning cloth and now i'm wondering if that could be the same cloth she cleaned her hands with. So my question is is there any risk to her swiping that cloth over the top of my penis if it had any blood on it from her hands.

Based on the information I could find there is very little to no risk considering it was just a brief swipe and also because if there even was any blood on it it would have been airborne for a couple of minutes. I would really appreciate your input on this. Thanks in advance.


I had protected sex with a prostitute 3 weeks back, prior to that I had shaved my beard and had a cut on my lower chin.. After the sex was over.. I removed my condom (which had vaginal fluids) and immediately scratched my chin where it had a cut.. I am very anxious of the results.. I am waiting for the six weeks window which will be on 18th of july.. I have also developed a rash in the base of my penis.. I just wanted to know , how high are my risk of contracting HIV and how conclusive is a six weeks 4th gen ELISA test?

Insertive Oral Sex with a mild cut

i just met someone on social media ( with unknown HIV status). we had sex. We did anal but we used condom. I was the insertive partner. he also performed oral sex on me without a condom... am i at any risk of having hiv.

I found a small cut below the head of my penis. I did not perform oral sex on him.

Oral sex and HIV

5 weeks ago, I had oral sex with a guy for who I discover later MIGHT be HIV positive. It was just oral sex included and no contact of mine and his genitals was made. After that I started receiving a symptoms such as cough, throat swollen, unusual vaginal discharge (dark brown/black) at the time my period should come and I got very odd skin rash on my hand. My question is because I am not 100% sure is he HIV positive, if he is what are the chances that I got infection just by giving him an oral sex?

hiv risk after scratch in groin

I had sexual encounter with sex worker in Pattaya, Thailand. It was a soapy massage in which first we both get into tub naked and wash each other. Then she made me lie down a plastic mattress and slide upon my bare body by her bare body. She did all kind body to body rubbing while covered in soap. she was also rubbing her genitals on my genital . Now after washing with water she gave me towel to wipe. And she used another towel to wipe her . Afterwards we had protected sex on the bed. Next day i noticed abrassion or you may call it scratch on my inner thigh /groin area which was looking red but it was not bleeding , it may be caused by her intense rubbing by her pubic hairs cause while she was clean shaven down but one small area/patch in her pubic region was not clean shaven and it was very small needly like pubic hairs. So that must be reason. So is there any risk involved due to cut while genital rubbing and may be some fluid of her touched my scratched area .

But now i am worried if I am at risk . Cause after 2weeks i stared to have itchiness around neck but they used to come and go but i never scratched them And some type of feeling that my throat is behaving differently.i read all these symptoms over the net and i worried to death if I actually had been infected. Also my hunger is not the same any more.

So i got tested for ELISA which i think was a 4th genration p24 and antibody . The test was done after 33 days and result said non reactive. is this report ok to be relied on? .

Please reply my message . Now today that is 25 may 2016 its been 46 days. The present situation is that there are some very few pimple like small lesions things on my upper shoulder which do not itch . I did not yet got flu , fever, nose running or muscle ache.

Thanks for reading my message hope you create awareness like this all the time. God bless

AIDS spread through condom?

Hello I have recently encountered a sex worker but we had intercourse for less than 30 seconds with condom ...
I have asked her if she has any infection and she convyed that no ...but although i have used condom my worry is if i would be still infected with HIV?

Im really spending sleep less nights and for a pleasure or relaxation i did t his and now i feel why i have gone though that ?

Please respond if i would be infected to HIV?

Hiv testing at 7 weeks accuracy? 4th generation test. Feeling symptoms

Hello. First of all thank you! I have a couple questions about HIV test and accuracy and window period and systompms.
I'm a gay men of age 22. Living in the USA.
On April 5th of 2016 I had intercouse with two guys. I was the reciver. We used condoms I never saw the comdom being broken but I have so many thoughts going through my head. Both of the guys said that there HIV negative. That night after we were done I went home and to the bathroom to go number two I noticed I had popped something that looked like cum and it was whitish and yellowish. I clean it out with soap and water. I was so scare I had asked the guys several times they said that they are not and not they won't reply anymore . It was a night stand. Ever since I have regrets and gilt. So I Waited almost a moth be more specific exactly at 27 days to get tested on May 2 2016 I went down to the clinic to get tested for HIV. I had asked to do a blood test. They took blood out of my arm and they sent it to the lab. The test that was done was the 4th generation test and they also did a rapid test as well..they were able to give me the results for the rapid test. I went back into the clinic on May 4th to get my result but originality I was going to go there to get another rapid test because I could not wait for the results any longer they did another rapid test and thank God it was negative. When the clinician took me into the room to tell me about my results and told me they had received my test from the lab and they were both negative the rapid and the 4th generation test. I was so happy at the moment. But a couple weeks later I noticed that my glands around my neck were hurting that was on May 21 and 22 . I have not experience any flu symptoms but i do have a pain in near my armpit and pain near my neck. And also I have constant headaches. I have also notice that my body feels itch and I also noticed a big red spot on my nose it kind of looked a pimple. I tried popping it by nothing came out. Not looks all brown and it's pretty big. I'm really worried that it could be a symptom of HIV. The following morning on May 23 2016 I went down to the clinic the day after I I felt the pain on my neck I went down to the clinic to get another test done they did an HIV rapid test where they took some blood out of my finger. For both rapid test they did took blood out of finger. the test came back negative. Right at the 7 weeks mark. Today on May 24th 2016 I went to another doctor and I had told him about my situation I asked him for another HIV test he did the western bolt test. I'm really scare of the outcome! I've Been feeling overwhelmed. I haven't had sex with anyone's ever since. The doctor asked me to come back on Thursday. May 27th
My question is what are the chances of it coming back with a scary results? Like positive? The doctor told me that having 3 negative results is s good sing but I honestly don't know what to believe anymore. I'm so scare I want to cry about it. Should be worried? I don't want to look online anymore it's making me feel more overwhelmed. Can you guys tell me anything that I can do feel better? And are those good signs? Thank you.


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