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Low risk

HIV RNA Test Reliability at 13-14 Days


I had unprotected oral sex with a person of unknown HIV status about three weeks ago (both giving and receiving). One week after exposure, I had a 4th generation test that came back negative. 13-14 days after exposure I had a HIV 1 RNA, QN PCR test with sensitivity to <20 (copies/mL) that came back Not Detected.

At three weeks, I am now feeling a bit off -- slight fever, body aches, red blotchy palms, some unexplained rashes on my arm.

Can I take any comfort in my HIV RNA test?

Also, I want to get tested again soon (the anxiety is killing me). Should I take a 4th Generation test, or try to take another HIV RNA test?

Unprotected Oral sex

A month ago I performed unprotected oral on this guy that I met online, we did not have anal sex and he didnt cum in my mouth. However, right at 4 weeks, the 28th day,about an hour or 2, after my dinner I started to vomit and had diarrhea(watery tools). I felt better in the morning but then I went to the hospital and got injection. I am fully recovered in about 3 days.
My question is am I at risk of contracting hiv? Are the vomit and diarrhea I experienced were the symptoms?

Acute HIV, fluid contacts

Hello. First, I want to thank you in advance for your help.

Eleven days ago I had a meeting with a shemale sex worker where I was the insertive partner. It was no more than 1 minute of PROTECTED anal sex and I didn't ejaculate inside her, I have finished masturbating myself (with the same condom I have used in anal sex). We used based water lub and latex condom.

I'm sure the condom was intact because I ejaculated on it and my semen was inside.

Four days after sex, my throat started to hurt a bit more (it was already aching a little before sex) and then after two days my ear and head began to ache (the head hurts in the forehead). It also came a ulcer under my tongue.

The sore throat and ear pain stopped in two days, with the use of anti-inflammatory. But now they started again, but now it's the other ear that ache, and came another ulcer under my tongue.

Now I'm afraid it's ARS symptoms.

I would like to know if some of these situations had some risk:

1) The condom slipped a little, but not out of my penis. The head of the penis was always covered. It was a risk?

2) Mouth kiss. I had sore throat and have gingivitis, which sometimes bleeds. Not sure if it was bleeding a little at kiss moment. It was a risk?

3) I finished masturbating myself, but didn't remove the condom to ejaculate. In my hands and fingers had some anal secretion/fluids mixed with water lub (that was on condom). The problem is that I have hangnail active in almost all my hand fingers, which bleed easily when the skin is pulled, could it be a risk?

I was confident that had safe sex until I started to get sick.

Thankyou again.

HIV Risk

I called an escort from backpage, she seems pretty ok, I asked her if she had any STDs inluding HIV and she said no.

Before the actual intercourse she gave me a SKYN condom(Polyisoprene), I put it, I fingered her vagina for some time with my fingers, then I had sex with her only one time, once finished I checked the condom, it was intact and semen inside it.

What are my chances of getting HIV or any other STDs from this encounter.


On may 29 2016 i had a one time protected vaginal sex with prostiture(female) in india(hyderabad).
1. On 19th day i had a pcr rna test,result was negative.
2. on 32 day i had p24 antigen test for HIV(1&2) and after next day i had hiv1&2 antibody test,reuslt was negative.
3. On 46 day i had HIV1&2 Elisa test the reulst was negaive.
Now i am confident that,hiv-1 can be eliminated by above test reports
Now i am worrying about hiv-2,is there any chance still hiv-2 hidden in my body.

All HIV syptoms

I have vaginal sex with sex worker 43 days before. now I have all symptoms like pimples like bumps on body(coming and going). mussle pain ,joint pain. mouth sore,tongue round peeling skin.after 32 days I have done all test and all negative. I was in too tension. Please help me to get out from this hell.

Possible HIV? 07/13/2016

Please help!

I performed oral sex on guy who, without asking, ejaculated in my mouth. A couple days later I had IBS and heat burning sensation in my hands, bottom of my feet, legs and back and some uncolored rashes that comes and goes within a day or two. Not knowing if these symptoms were related to anxiety (me checking my body in the mirror and worrying too much) or if I contracted STD ...at 11 days post "possible" exposure I took Lab Corp HIV RNA Qualitative blood test and come out NEGATIVE. Then, at 32 days post "possible" exposure I took Lab Corp HIV 4th Generation wRfx which also came out NO REACTIVE on on both - P24 & Antibodies, and if my anxiety was not enough at "40" days post "possible" exposure I took another HIV AG/AB, 4TH GEN with Quest laboratory which also came out both as NO-REACTIVE. I stilll feel burning sensation on my hands, legs and body but my doctor says it s nerves due to too my stress. With these tests done - I know everyone says after 12 weeks is conclusive BUT Can I be really sure I don't have HIV virus ?? Is it possible to get p24 gen NO-REACTIVE and Antibodies NO-REACTIVE at the same time after 32 and 40 days post exposure?? Please help

Chance of Getting a HIV virus

Hi sir,

I went to a prostitute on 9th July 2016 at a brothel where a condom is enforced. So I used a condom throughout the whole oral and vaginal sex. There was no anal sex involved. However, I kissed her through mouth to mouth and she gave me a handjob after everything without a condom. I did not touch any part of her body afterwards as I was not with a condom. I did not ejaculate throughout the whole activity as well. But I am still having an anxiety over getting a HIV by any chance. So may I know my chances of getting a HIV whether it is high risk or low and when I can start testing for HIV? Looking forward to your reply.

Please answer. Am I overthinking

Yesterday I had protected sex with 2 girls in German brothel. I had a cut wound on my shaft, towards the base, 2 days ago but still skin not covering the injury. Muscles beneath are visible. As far as I remember, the wound was covered with condom and was not bleeding. Today morning when I saw the wound, it had opened up a little bit and seems fresh again. Am I at the risk of getting STD? Condom was there even for oral sex. Should I go for some HIV tests? Please clear my doubts so that I can sleep peacefully.


I met a guy off an app on 27th. We engaged in very rough kissing and mutual oral sex without ejaculation. The next day, my mouth was inflammed because of kissing. There was a tiny cut too. Exactly after 9 days, on the 6th night, I developed a mild sore throat. The next morning, I was feeling like I had a cold, and the temperature ranged between 99.0 - 99.5 F. I took some over the counter meds, and the sore throat eased. It came back again last night. I do not feel very feverish, and throughout the day, the temperature remains around 98.6 but during evenings, it goes up to 99.4. I have some phlegm and I cough mildly too. I do not catch colds easily, and the last time I had it was 3 years ago. Can blowing after rough kissing with a tiny cut cause HIV? The symptoms do not feel like a flu, but more like a cold. Yet, the sore throat is quite bad. I did not take PEP, as it is not recommended for oral sex without ejaculation. I knwo symptoms say nothing but considering my low-risk exposure (coupled with rough kissing), and the cold/sore throat symptoms, am I suffering from ARS?


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