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Low risk

Risk on HIV? Series of encounters with the same person/girl.

Hello everybody, I hope you're doing well.
I would very much like to ask you a few questions concerning a series of encounters I've had lately with a girl(friend) whose HIV status is unknown to me.

I know you get a million questions always addressing the same topics, but so far my anxiety levels are getting a hold of me, reason why in the end I've decided to write you.

Here goes (and many thanks in advance):

1 - Does fingering a girl with a small (non bleeding, but healing) cut in your finger pose a risk for HIV?
2 - Does getting an unprotected blowjob pose a risk? What about strong-ish lip-bites and hickies from the both of us?
3 - Does dry humping pose a risk for HIV? With both of us in our underwear? She was very lubricated and I had some pre-cum in my boxer shorts too. I recall at a certain point a bit of penetration going on, despite the obstacle our undies presented. It wasn't just the rubbing, but also some attempts at penetration...
4 - What about pregnancy? Can it happen in the situation described on "3"? [I cannot remember by now, but let's assume my hands had been in contact with my semen [not wet] by the time I also fingered her.]
5 - In the end, a week later after "3" we ended up having real sex (protected). But, with all the excitement I recall the first condom being put inside out. Risk for HIV?
I swapped it immediately after by another; by then correctly placed. I recall both our hands having been in contact by both our fluids (hers, most importantly). Risk for HIV? What about for pregnancy? [I cannot tell for sure but I think both our hands were not "actively" wet on bodily fluids.]
6 - The day after "5" we had sex again and this time I ejaculated (protected, once more). We went for seconds and again, on both occasions, the condom was placed with my hands dirty from both our fluids (hers, most importantly; and mine, from the first orgasm). Risk for HIV? What about for pregnancy? [I cannot tell for sure but I think both our hands were not "actively" wet on bodily fluids.]
7 - What about giving oral sex? She asked me to but I already knew in advance that giving is potentially more dangerous than receiving. I ended up choosing to masturbate her only, with a bit of fondling by my nose. Does this pose a risk, considering her fluids were in contact with the mucus of my nose?

I'm a little (very) scared because on all of these 4 condoms I only checked the validity date in *one* of them (manufacted in 2013, expiry date in 2017).
(I never noticed for any ruptures or cracks in the condoms after removing them.)

Tomorrow will be day 15 (2 weeks mark) since we've started getting more intimate (the dry humping episode) and I've been developing some sore throat + flu/cold like symptoms since last Saturday - and I know there's a fever coming in any day now.
... 11 days after we've had the dry humping episode. 3 days after having had sex for the first time.

Important note: she's been sick too recently and has had at least 2 different partners (protected, she claimed) in the past 3 months.

Deep down in my gut I have the impression I've taken precautions in all events, but doubts still float around due to fear.

I know for sure (100% sure) prior to these episodes I wasn't HIV positive.

8 - In the meantime we've agreed to give one another the reassurance of running HIV tests. I'll be below the 3 month mark. For her, 4 weeks ever since we've met (assuming she hasn't had anyone else in the meantime). If she turns out to be negative, is it somewhat safe for me to draw some indirect conclusions?
9 - Is it or is it not a good indicator if a person is negative by week 4? I've read some much info about weeks 4, 6 8 and finally 12; it's stressing/mis-leading to say the least.
10 - I've also read about the accuracy a 4th gen 95% test gives by week 4. What makes up for the final 5%?...

Because I don't know about her history, and read also in the meantime that during the window period the danger of infecting others can sky rocket by up to 26 times; here's where my preoccupation lies (yep, I've been doing a lot of reading)...

Again, please accept my deepest and sincere gratitude in any clarification you might shed, especially because of the ridiculous amount of questions I placed.

Am I at Risk?

First time had sex(With Condom) with a call girl a month ago. She gave me a blow job without a Condom for 2 minutes and again with a condom for 1 minute. After that we had a protected vaginal sex for very short time, say 2-3 minutes because I started feeling nervous. The moment I ejaculated, reached home in 10 minutes and had a bath quickly. Am I at any sorts of risk for HIV? Or I am just getting nervous.Please answer quickly

Stick and poke from somebody with HIV

I was in county jail and was very bored. I let a man stick and poke a small tattoo on my wrist. after to find out he had HIV. What are my chances of being infected... he washed his hands often and i never saw any blood on his fingers.
very nervous please help.

rare or low risk

I recently wrote in about performing oral sex with ejaculation(swallowing) and testing was not recomended. I went ahead and tested at 43 days after exposure anyways and my test came back non reactive. Like many others I thought my worries would be gone after this yet here I am again with more questions. I apologize in advance if they seem repetitive of others inquiries before.

1. The test taken says HIV1 / 2 ag/ab combo screen. What generation test is this and at 43 days is this conclusive for oral sex?

2. Because my test was taken at 43 days does that mean either the antigen or antibodies would have surely showed up by this time? What would take them longer to show up?

3. Ive read answers on this forum that say 6 weeks is conclusive but if you've been at high risk to test out to 12. Why does the risk have effect on timing ?

4. At the fourth week after exposure I was extremely naseous and fatigued for a couple days. Testing was about two weeks after this. If this was in fact ars would the test have came back reactive?

5. The only reason I am still worrying is because of my constant white tongue. I know symptoms are not used as diagnosis but is this common in early HIV or shows up after years of having the virus? Would this be a reason to retest?

6. Is 6 months too long to wait to retest, could someone get deathly sick in this short time period?

7. Lastly why are some oral exposures recommended testing when others like mine where there was ejaculation and a sore throat present not? Is HIV from oral rare or low risk...

Thank you for your time. Your responses really help me and a lot of people who are struggling or not well informed.

Fear of Death......!!!!

I m a 18 years old (INDIAN) Boy (bisexual). 2 years ago, I met a guy at gym, we kissed (liplock), licked each other's chest and neck. but for a moment he wanted me to put my penis into his ass without condom.. but i just rubbed my penis on his ass, without penetration. well! I m a OCD patient I have a fear that my penis may have entered I dont remember.... what I remember is that My penis only touched the ass and just got rubbed. Maybe the anal fluid entered my urethra .. I dont remember... Please help me..If i go for HIV test and The result comes HIV - , will I survive for a long time if i start it as soon as possible... I'll go for ARTS.....

2 pos Elisa, Neg WB, help

Hello, thanks for helping me with my doubtful situation.
I´m an homosexual 25 y/o male.
Past march 25th, 2016 I tested positive with a 4th generation ELISA test. I repeated the test in a State hospital wich came back again Positive (value=21). Next, they performed the confirmatory Western Blot wich came back negative with no bands. At the same time of tests i had an acute streptococcal pharingytis in course wich resolved hardly with antibiotic treatment.

I've been sexually active since 2015 but i've prcaticed safe sex. I've had receptive penetrative acts (2 or 3) all protected and unprotected oral sex with no in-mouth ejaculation or similar. I dont see any potential risk, am I wrong? I also had not any seroconversion-like illness and a recent CD-4 test gave a 534 number.

My doctor keeps on telling me that i have to retest because he thinks my WB is a false negative. But HIV specialist says It's not necessary. My question: Do I really have to re-test since my low risk? Is a false negative WB possible?
Many thanks.

Fellatio through underwear


I did a fellatio to a man (for around 30-40 seconds) while he was wearing his underwear. Basically I was licking his underwear and maybe I also felt the taste of precum. Is there any risk for hiv?

Thank you

Risk of HIV

First off, thank you for giving people a place to ask questions and hopefully get answers during a stressful time. i am 44 year old male and I am recently divorced after 21 years. I was at a stag party for a friend on the weekend and there were several escorts there. I had intercourse two times with one of them and now I am very stressed out. The reason I am stressed out is because, during the second time, she was on top and in the light coming through the window, I could see what looked like track marks on her arms and hands. I asked her what had happened to her arm and she confirmed that they were in fact track marks from iv drug use, but that she had been clean for three years. I asked if I had anything to worry about and she said no, that she was drug and disease free. obviously I don't know this girl, so I am not sure if I can trust her and that is why I haven't slept or eaten in days.

Details :

2:30 am = She gave me unprotected oral for several minutes and then I put on a condom and we had vaginal intercourse.

3:00 am = She gave me unprotected oral again and then I put on a new condom and we had vaginal intercourse a second time.

Both times the condom was intact when we finished. But of course there was touching and rubbing involved and I am worried that even though we used condoms, that I would have the virus on my hands and when I put the condom on the second time that I transferred the virus to my penis?

I apologise if this sounds silly and I am wasting your time, but like I said above, I was married for the last 21 years, so I have never had to deal with anything like this and I am not familiar with the risks of HIV or any STD for that matter. Should I go get tested now? should I wait a specific amount of time before testing? Do I have a high risk of HIV? If you could tell me what my i should do next, that would be great. Thank you

oral sex only

I had risky sex[oral sex only] activity 9 weeks ago. At 30 days (4 weeks and 2days ) and 50 days(7 weeks and 1 day), I took a ELISA HIV test in China and it came out negative[I never take drugs].
The WHO Web site display : Window period :This is the time between original infection with HIV and the appearance of Detectable antibodies to the virus, normally a period of about 14-21 days.[ WHO:http://www.who.int/diagnostics_laboratory/faq/window_period/en/] ,Can I rule out HIV? I need to test after 12 weeks or not?

Worried of HIV

I have been exposed to a protected vaginal sex 66 days a go. I did a ELISA HIV 1 & 2 test at 61 days and it shows 0.06 along with full checkup for Habitats B and C, ECG, lever, Heart. etc and all gave negative with less than 0.1 results.

the only thing wrong was slightly high SGPT at 53

Do I need to worry ?

I have a sore through for 7 days now, and I had a diarrhea for 2 days with no other symptoms.


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