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PCR RNA question (please answer)

Hello all, thank you for the great answers you guys give.

I have a quick question about the PCR RNA test. Do they need a sample of your blood from "before" an exposure to compare it to? Meaning do they need to see what/how your cells looked like before an exposure and then after to see if/how much of the virus is actually in you? I hope that makes sense.

question 2: If they do not need a before blood sample, what are they actually looking for? Does HIV actually have a distinct look?


I had a reactive result to my HIV 1+2 Ab + HIV p24 AA test. Then they re-ran the test (protocol) and the HIV 1 RNA (PCR/NAAT) test found "No HIV 1 RNA detected" and the interpretation was that it was not consistent with HIV infection but a follow up EDTA is required to confirm.
I am now waiting for the results of the EDTA and my anxiety is through the roof!!
What are the chances that the initial test was a false positive? Is it more likely that the first test was a false positive or that the second test was a false negative?

p24 antigen test

hi thanks for your wonderful service and support i had a hiv blood test pcr rna at 7 days and p24 antigen test at 31 days after the possible transmission
both came negative and i have a rash on my back for 6 weeks i didnt have fever or any other symptoms if the rash is a symptoms of hiv my blood test at 31 days would be positive rite

Multiple Tests?


I had unprotected sex with a male (male) it was minorly rough, and no ejaculation inside. It was Feb 19. Never was sick after.

I got tested by blood at a lab on March 21st. Got my results later and negative. Along with all clear on vitamin and other levels.

I got an Oraquick on like day 75 or something, week 11. Negative as well.

During that timeframe, I got a yellow fever and other shots, and they went just fine. I also had some cuts and they healed no issue.

So, everything should be good? I just am way paranoid all the time. Safe, always!

please help me on my situation

Hi Sir,

Continuously my TWBC count is higher than normal, and widal test given thypoid but in thypoid normally TWBC count will be less why for me it is higher ,
It is giving ranges from 11800 to 12600 in 3 tests with weeks gap.

I am still feeling very tired after 3 weeks of medication currently i am taking B complex and vitamin supplements .

I had sexual encounter with protecton on feb 6 had symptoms of fever on feb 12 nad took HIV 1 rna pcr test on feb 24 -not detected ,took finger pric test after 31 days for Ab - non reactive and took cima 4th gen test on 52 day of contact not ractive (0.11)
but still i am having swollen lymph nodes under armpit and oral thrush
what is this what happened to my body behaving very abnormal.

HIV ECLIA TEST AT 77/92 DAYS and inquiry abt NAT Test

Dear Doctor,

Thanks for your lovely reply as you confirm I don’t have any problem of HIV with two ECLIA TEST
TEST done detail meantion below :-

First test - at 77 days – result – 0.32 (Non-Reactive) ECLIA COMBO
Second test - at 92 days – result – 0.325 (Non-Reactive) ECLIA COMBO
Hepositic B – 0.48 (Non-Reactive) at 92 days ECLIA
Syphilis - (Non-Reactive) at 92 days .. Digit not mention in Report

I want to ask actually my Visa going to renew for that Medical fitness to be done before they will check HIV blood check, UAE Government doing HIV testing by NAT method.

As I mention you early I have symptoms now point itching muscles & joint pain. Swelling in very less on hand ,leg, face and lip inside . When I took one tablet Asprin medicine getting relex of 4 day. dont know why it Is may be too much Stress I am carrying ?

1. Could you please let me know, is any chances ECLIA COMBO result or NAT result will differ at 92 days result?
2. Is NAT test will be scanning only HIV test or can do Herpes (HSV) testing also same time when they will do HIV?
3. Means if they do NAT TEST for HIV is any chances Herpes or any STD/STI decease can deduct automatically ?

I need to go within 24 hour for testing.

Kindly reply very early …..

Thanks & Regards,

More than 25 symptoms but non reactive, what is this?

After possible exposure, i was admitted to hospital for 4 days and only antibiotics was given. Blood was drawn and tested but not for hiv bcoz not expected for that at first. Then i experienced all symptoms listed below and some still with my body;

1. Dehydrated 2. Eye pain 3. Sore throat 4. Rash at the back 5. Joint pain 6. Thrush 7. Weight loss 10kg
8. Extreme fatique 9. Night sweat for seven months 10. Blurr vision 11. vertical and horizontal nail line
12. Frequent urinating 13. Fever 14. Hair loss 15. Shortness of breath 16. Dry cough 17. Dry and scaly skin
18. Chill 19. Nerve shivering 20. Hard feces 21. Dizziness 22. Headache 23. Hand numbness 24. Cold hand and foot 25. Stiff neck 26. Mouth sores 27.Testical pain 28. Black spot eye floaters 29. High liver enzyme

I did several hiv test including PCR RNA, virus not detected and cd4 414 at 9th months, at 10 months hiv 1/2 ab &p24 ag not reactive.

What is possible disease i got? What should i do again? Please help

Existe transmissão em pequeno corte?

A few months ago I had a relationship with a woman, with no penetration, but I put my fingers into her anus and vagina making slight movements and caresses. It turns out that about 8 hours before had hurt my finger with a small cut in the skin, which bled very little, just clench. Just I remembered that the finger was cut one after the meeting.
Since then I was very worried about what happened about to do several tests, elisa and 4th generation with p24, roche test and Abbott at the same time, 12, 23, 46, 60, 65, 80, 93 and 100 days. And 3 rapid tests in CTA with 20, 41 and 68 days. All non-reactive and two PCR-NAT with 8 and 100 days.
I also managed to take the woman to do the same examination elisa double rcohe and Abbott with 18 days of contact and fast test with p24 to 90 days, both nonreactive.
I wonder if my concerns were exaggerated or whether there is some way to have been contaminated in this way?
Until today I did not present any symptoms, but I get very afraid and that possible contamination and delayed seroconversion can happen, even if the examination it has delivered a negative, because I read that in early infection can be transmitted but not detected in tests.

PCR RNA Early Detection Test


I had a PCR RNA test using the Roche COBAS® TaqScreen MPX Test which is a qualitative multiplex test that enables simultaneous screening of HIV-1 Group M and Group O RNA, HIV-2 RNA, HCV RNA and HBV DNA in pooled and individual plasma donations, I was told the lower limits of the test was 20 cp/ml.

I had this test at 20 weeks post a high risk event, I have read that this test is only accurate up to 40 days, do you know how accurate it is at the time I had it?

Just for information I have had a 4th generation duo at 3 months as well.


HIV-1 PCR Qual test accuracy


I took an HIV-1 PCR Qualitative test at 17 days after exposure, and the results just came back negative. I'm reading a lot of contradictory information online about how conclusive that result might be. Can you help explain? Thanks.


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