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Rna test

First thank u for your help . Second I had sex with woman and i dont use condom . Then after 4 days i test pcr and the result was not detecatable and i did hiv 1&2 antigen antibody after 30 days 60 days 80 days and all of tthis came back negative . Is this conclusive or i need more test ? Or this is enough?

Is ELISA test enough within 3 weeks after exposure?

Hi, I'm not sure whether I have HIV or not. To be brief, I observed diarrhea, muscular pain for couple of days after 15 days of having intercourse. Have also had CBC/HBV/HCV/FBS and lipid profiling along with the ELISA test and all the results are normal. ELISA test also showed non reactive results. It has been only 3 weeks since the intercourse (protected) and the individual claims of being HIV negative. However I might be feeling a bit different as this was the first experience. There are no mouth/ tongue sores. I workout almost everyday. But somehow there's question if I am infected or not. Could you guide what would be the earliest way to detect HIV?

help me on this Symptoms

I had protected vaginal and unprotected oral with women.
by next week i has fever and diariehia and fever .
I took antibody test on 2 weeks after it is non reactive
later at 18 th day took HIV -RNA PCR test -it is not detected .
Also took Antibody test after 31 days also non reactive.
Please help me i dont have fever now but swollen lymphocytes is there still after month .

Is My Result Conclusive that i need not worry?

Hi team,

I had protected vaginal sex and unprotected oral . FEB -6
after that in a weeks time Feb-13 i have fever and diarrhea ,took antibiotics later i did on FEB -19 Hiv antiboby test - non reactive
On FEB-24 HIV RNA PCR test- not detected.
On Mar -9 HIv antibody test- non reactive.
But still i feel swollen lymph nodes under neck and shoulders
Please advice me i am really worried on this not able to concentrate on any thing please help.
Do i have to take tests further please help.

HIV transmission Doubt

I have done HIV RNA PCR test after 18 days of contact(Protected and unprotected oral) and the result is not detected .

can i consider that this result as i am not infected or still i have to go by the tests .
Before and after i did not had any contact .
Please help me

Alere HIV1/HIV2 tested negative at 4 weeks

Hi vancouver,

My name is Mike had unprotected sex with women on the 20th Feb and have being freeaking out eversince, i started having a mild disconfort on my genitals a burning feeling on the tip of my penis and went to the doctor he gave some meds for that and it went away, that same day i did a Alere HIV1/HIV2 and it was negative.
A day later i started having a disponfort pain in my groin and i feel a smal node/lump had a watery diarrhea for 2/3 days ... last week 22 Feb i went to a clinic and got tested again with alere HIV1/HIV2 and it came back negative aswell, early this week i started having what i describe as soreness under my armpit and had a sore in the back of my tonge, so my concern is ... is Alrere HIV1/HIV2 result accurate or am i at risc of being infected ?

Please note that the Alere rapid test is not the determine-1-2-ag-ab-combo.

Your advise will be higly apretiated.

Thank you

Can I Move On?

I got tested at my 10th week post exposure with PCR RNA Qualitative assay and it came NON-REACTIVE! I had indeterminate antibody test prior to this test and decided to take a more test. I am aware of the 12 week conclusive tests, but I really do not want to go back to that clinic to get another antibody test that could potentially give false results again. Can I stop here and put this behind me or should I go back after being undetectable on PCR and re-test again just to make sure???


hi sir/madam. i have being reding our site more than 43 days. last december 30 th 2015 i had a sex with unkown girl who is a sex worker. It was a vaginal sexual encounter protected one she was topping. That was my first sexual encounter in my life and even i was drunk. The condom was put on my penis by the sex worker. After the whole episode, i had a doubt in my mind that wether i may catch with hiv virus. i searched through the internet and the hell started in my life.
1) The first question i had in my mind that wether the condom was properly used or not. i am sure that the condom was intact to my penis and didnt broke till end. But the question is wether it was rolled all the way done to the penis or not? and even wether it covered all the mucuos membrane under my penis foreskin or not, i think it will the silly question ever you have faced, but please understand me.
2) As a part of studeis i moved from india to usa on august 2015. As a part of my university requirement i have taken two vaccination for hepatitis b, actually i have to take 3 vaccination doses but i dint take the 3 month.(since the time diiference between 1 st and 2 nd dose is 1 month whereas 2 nd to 3 rd should be 6 months and this feb 2016 will be eactly six month after my first dosage of hepatits b) will it effect the production of antibodies in my body?
and read in your site that the ARL treatment for hepatits b may cause delay in antibodies. is it ARL treatment of hepatits b related to vaccination of hepatitis b?
3) due to my anxiety and stress i have taken HIV RNA TMA on 12 day and 29 day of my exposure which came negative. I had this tests through Stdcheck.com and they claim negative result on 29 th day through HIV RNA TMA is conclusive? are they correct and how accurate this test to be?
4) does HIV RNA TMA is HIV RNA PCR test? or they are different types of tests?
5) I had hiv 4 th generation DUO on the 29 th day which came back negative. How accurate this would be?
6) DR.Handsfield and Dr.Hook the top 2 experts say that HIV 4 TH generation DUO is 99.8 accurate at 4 weeks. Even the CATIE( Canadian aids treamnet) states that 3 weeks negative with a DUO test is very strong indicator, and even most the experts in British consider HIV 4 th generation conclusive at 4 weeks. By taking all this into consideration, why cannot we take HIV 4 th generation as concluisve at 4 week mark?
7) Even i have read google blogs that AIDS vancover follows a guideline that is outdated and based on older tests. Is that true? I am sorry to ask this, as in way you are doing great help, but i just wanted to confirm and to know fact why you still consider conclusive result at 3 months even at 4 th generation hiv test.
8) if some one tests negative on a HIV 4 thgeneration test at 6 th week, what are the chances that he may test positive on HIV 4 th generation test at 3 months. does this happened to anyone?
This 42 days is hell for my life, cant eat food, i am unable to cocentrate on my studies and being hopeless all the day, i think i wont have any anymore sexual counters in my lie. can you please respond to my questions as soon as possible. Thanks a lot for your great help.

regarding PCR RNA for hiv

hi sir,
im k****, age 21.
my question is tat... i had safe sex with a sex partner of unknown hiv status. aftr havng sex... i just removed my condom with my fingers and later washed my penis with the same hand, within less than a minute and i am much worried abt her vaginal fluid may present on my fingers, as i told u above tat i washd with the same hand. is there any chance for contracting of hiv???
n after 6 weeks i got testd for pcr rna, result was negative. im very happy for the result.
bt evn though im little discomfrt abt the test tat it was really accurate or not??

Possible Causes of Indeterminate/Inconclusive Western Blot

Exactly 30 days post exposure (unprotected vaginal/oral sex) I had a rapid test done. It came with a faint line and then confirmed with a confirmatory test Western Blot. The results were indeterminate with no information about viral bands detection. The case manager who informed me about the test results explained that WB could come indeterminate if I was at the early stage of the infection and was still seroconverting or non-specific antibody reaction. She also said that if I had a cold virus at a time it could've caused the antibody test to show inconclusive results.
Are there any other reasons besides seroconversion, other autoimmune diseases and viral infections for Western Blot to show indeterminate?
I know that according to the CDC guidelines 3 month-mark is considered considerate, however, what if the patient is consistently indeterminate on the Western Blot? Does it mean I am negative or should I try other tests?
Thanks in advance for any answer.


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