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HIV-1 RNA PCR @ 25 day

Dear Sir, 
I tested for HIV PCR RNA (Blood Sample given after 25 day of exposure) and below is details. 
Test: Qualitative detection of HIV-I RNA by end point PCR method 
Clinical Indication: - 
Method: Conventional PCR-Gel method 
Can i have to test further or this result is conclusive in my case. 
How accurate PCR test results in my case?
Please reply. 
Thanks in Advance. 


i did hiv dna pcr after 8 months of expouser and also did hiv rapid test and of 6 months , end of 8 months , end of 10 months, were non reactive..
my question is- is hiv dna pcr detect hiv virus after 8 months of expouser and is hiv rapid test conclusive or reliable?


Can you contract hiv from fingering a vagina?
Can you get hiv if someone touches their vagina then touches your penis?
How accurate is hiv PCR DNA test at 23 days?

HIV Pooled Nucleic Acid Testing vs RNA Quantitative, Real-time PCR

I am planning to perform HIV screening after potential incident(oral sex) at 5 weeks.
I am planning to perform antigen (ICMA,Western-blot) test however if i am in window period this test may come negative so in addition to this test i am also planning to perform either HIV Pooled Nucleic Acid Test or RNA Quantitative, Real-time PCR.
Please advice which test should i take in addition to antigen test for near conclusive results. Please let me know difference between these two Pooled NAAT vs RNA Real-Time PCR test.
I have psoriasis which being auto-immune disorder, can it affect any of the test results?
Thank you.

HIV-1 RNA Quant-Ultrasensitive PCR Test

Hello, Recently i had unprotected oral sex with high risk woman. I am planning to take HIV-1 RNA Quant-Ultrasensitive PCR Test (Range: 48-10,000,000 copies/mL) on 15 days. Should I take test on 15th day from incident or should i wait till 21 days. What is recommended approach? Thanks for your help!

Handjob by Sex Worker

Hi , On 3rd JAN, I did a silly mistake , It was my first time , I was drunk and had an encounter with a commercial sex worker. She gave me handjob with condom at the same time I fingered her vagina. I had no cuts on my finger at all. I don't know about the her hands status with which she wore me a condom . Till now I have not seen any weird symptoms on my body. I think after handjob when condom was removed , I had accidental touch of finger having vaginala fluid (wasnt much liquid , was kind of dried) with upper penis part. I know its stupid , but it happened. I am very much worried . I did (p24 antigen , HIV dua , RNA + DNA) on 6th Jan results were negetive . I took p24 antigen by ELFA on 16th Jan(After 13 days) which negetive. Again I did HIV DUO(CMIV test 4th gen) on 2 FEB (After 29 days ) . It was non reactive. The index was 0.51. Do I need to test further anymore. As I think its only anxiety eating me nothing else. Please suggest.

hiv pcr test vancouver

just wondering we can get a hiv PCR test in vancouver ?

HIV risk

I had protected sex with a masseuse in Bangkok on 28 Jan. She had been giving me an oil massage on my back and legs, then she went and showered and came back and we had intercourse. She helped me put on the condom and pinched the tip. I am worried abou whether she could have got oil on her hands during foreplay by touching me and if it could have got onto the condom and damaged it.
I also had brief uncovered oral during foreplay.
I was rubbing her pubic mound and clitors and felt some wetness. I had slightly injured the nail of the finger I was using, while opening a can two days previously and there was a small bruise under the fingernail (not bleeding however) and the nail was a little looser because of the damage but healing. Is there any possibility of her vaginal fluid having got under my fingernail. I don't think it did but can't be sure.
As it is only three days so far I haven't got tested but am planning to get a PCR test after 10 days. I have also started PEP (after about 65 hours after exposure).


Please, I need your help. I had sex with a sex worker and I had two little scratches in the basis of my penis and maybe they were not covered by condom. I tested 6 weeks after the fact. The test was negative. I read in this Forum that if the test is 4th generation, the odds of HIV infection at this time is too low. But I don't know if my test is a 4th generation one. I ask in the clinic but they don't know and don't allow me to talk to the responsible person for the test. I live in Brasil. I'm gonna try to translate my test below. Antibody Anti-Hiv 1 and 2 Test Results - Nonreactive - 0.18 Method - Chemiluminescence Reference: Nonreactive: less than 1.0 Indeterminate: between 1.0 - 5.0 Reactive: more than 5.0 Lot 08559LI00 Validity march 2012 In case of suspicion of HIV infection, a new sample should be collected 30 days after the date of sample collection. According to the informations I gave you, could you know if the test I did looks for p24 antigen? Thank you very much


Hello. Real Time PCR after 12 and 46 days (oral sex - felattio and cunnilingus both unprotectd) demands other tests? I also did tests "rapidcheck" and "biomanguinhos" (in Brazil, Fiocruz foundation) with 20/32/46/60 days. In Brazil, depto.public health said the window period is 60 days because of the generation of those tests (biomanguinhos, rapidcheck). Could you, please, give me some help?


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