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Please, I need your help. I had sex with a sex worker and I had two little scratches in the basis of my penis and maybe they were not covered by condom. I tested 6 weeks after the fact. The test was negative. I read in this Forum that if the test is 4th generation, the odds of HIV infection at this time is too low. But I don't know if my test is a 4th generation one. I ask in the clinic but they don't know and don't allow me to talk to the responsible person for the test. I live in Brasil. I'm gonna try to translate my test below. Antibody Anti-Hiv 1 and 2 Test Results - Nonreactive - 0.18 Method - Chemiluminescence Reference: Nonreactive: less than 1.0 Indeterminate: between 1.0 - 5.0 Reactive: more than 5.0 Lot 08559LI00 Validity march 2012 In case of suspicion of HIV infection, a new sample should be collected 30 days after the date of sample collection. According to the informations I gave you, could you know if the test I did looks for p24 antigen? Thank you very much


Hello. Real Time PCR after 12 and 46 days (oral sex - felattio and cunnilingus both unprotectd) demands other tests? I also did tests "rapidcheck" and "biomanguinhos" (in Brazil, Fiocruz foundation) with 20/32/46/60 days. In Brazil, depto.public health said the window period is 60 days because of the generation of those tests (biomanguinhos, rapidcheck). Could you, please, give me some help?

Should I go to somewhere else to get the test?

I heard DUO test or HIV RNA by PCR can be done after 6 weeks or so from the day started. I cant really wait for 3 months since I cannot stop worry about this. Are these tests available in Canada?


  Dear team,
I had intercourse on 1 year 6 months before.
After 8 months of my post exposure i did hcv and hiv test.
 i got hcv- positive  and Hiv 1&2- negative
and i tested for hcv rna pcr quqntitative test, valve was less then 15 range. 
Doctor told me there is a chance for me to cure automatically by my immune system because 15 to 25% of the people their immune system cures hcv ...
and also i verified in internet that 15% of hcv infected peoples having chance to cure by their own body immunity  with in a year after infection.
By luckly last 4 months i got hcv negative .
 Now 1 year and 6 months completed ,
And also my hiv test  is negative.
I did Hiv1 RNA real time quantitative pcr test - Below the detection Limit.
Linear detection Range: 50- 1000000 copies/mL)
my question..
1. Are my hiv rna pcr result is conclusive?
i got hcv positive at 8th month. now 1 year 6 months completed, last 4 months i got hcv test negative.
2. there is any change for me to reproduce hcv again?

rna pcr accuracy after 15 days ?

 rna pcr accuracy after 15 days ?

can hiv result delay?

hi sir/mam i am male from India, i had sexual exposure with sex worker and she was HIV positive and the condom broke for 1 or 2 seconds then i changed then after i did pcr proviral dna pcr test aftr 45 days the result was non reactive then after 6 weeks rapid test for hiv1/2 the result was negative then after 3 months elisa result was non reactive then after 5 months elisa result was negative then after 6 months 4th generation elisa test the result was also non reactive then after 8 months western blot test that was also negative, then after 8 months rna pcr viral load test for hiv 1 the result was <20 means not detected but sir my cd4 cell is going to decrease
% CD3+/CD45+ (T-CELLS) 68.1 59 - 84 %
% CD3+/CD4+ (T-HELPER CELLS) 45.8 26 - 48 %
% CD3+/CD8+ (T-SUPPRESSOR CELLS) 19.2 18 - 41 %
CD4/CD8 RATIO H 2.39 0.57 - 2.03
then after 9 months tested by two rapid tests kits result was negative ,now i did 3rd generation HIV rapid test after 10 months the result is negative then after 10,11 and now 12 months sd bioline3.0 rapid test all were negative but
i have white coated toung from 11 months and pain on it and back pain, dry cough also, phelgem, fatigue, stiffness in neck, white sports on shoulders and musles weekness fatigue pls help me

HIV dna pcr

i did HIV dna pcr after 9 months of expouser which was not detected.. is it accurate at 9 months...?


Hi! I would like to know the accuracy of a PCR did 13 days after the risk situation (scratches in penis not covered by condom). I got the results now and it's ok, that is, negative (<50). But could I trust in this results after only 13 days?
I have an extra question: two days ago a fingered a sexworker vagina and after that I realized I had a peeled finger which was not bleeding. This new situation can be considered a risk situation for HIV and others STD's?
Please, I need your help!!


Where in Vancouver can I get a PCR RNA test for HIV?

negative DNA PCR and duo test at 4 and 8 weeks

Hi. I am a 26yo male who was involved in receptive anal sex about 8 weeks
ago. A condom was used but 4 weeks after the encounter I noticed a creamy
build up on my tongue I went to the GP and explained the situation. A HIV duo
test as well as a DNA pcr were performed. Both results came back as negative.
However the thrush persisted. At 8 weeks post exposure both duo and pcr tests
were repeated and both came back negative yet I still have oral thrush?
What does this mean? Thrush is a stage 3 defining illness and I have it
despite negative results at 4 and 8 weeks. Is it possible there tests are
missing infection or is my thrush caused by an unrelated condition?
Confused. Please help....


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