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I'm very worried and scared


5days ago I have sexual relationship with prostitute in Indonesia - vaginal intercourse only

I used Condom whole progress

But I'm really worried and scared, also feel guilty

1. Next day I poured water and there is no leak but i found a little blood on condom
2. I have some sort of atopy( psoriasis) on groin, so i'm worried about vaginal fluid may touch that point
3. I contacted owner of red-light district and he told me that every women in his area has regular examination but I don't know should I trust him

I want to know my risk and how should I act from now on

Thank you

Help Drop of Sperm landed in my Mouth

I am in a nervous very desperate situation mentally over a stupid decision.

I am male and received an erotic massage from a male therapist. We were both nude. Alone with a great massage he also fingered my butt for several minutes a few times. I then turned and laid on my back. He was jacking and fingering me and I was jacking him. He cum before me and had a huge load. He shot onto my uncut penis and also hit my head. A small drop of cum landed in my mouth. I did not give him oral just jacked him. I also had a small cut on my finger which was covered by a small bandage. The sperm was also on my finger. I currently have a sinus infection and taking antibiotics after receiving a shot Sunday 1/17. I'm taking prednisone and the bottle says it lowers my immune system. The problem is the meds have my lips chapped and the inside of my mouth red and irritated. The therapist says he is hiv- and std free as of 4 weeks ago when he was tested. I've read over numerous post here but when I put the question in Google I got lots of conflicting information on my risk. Please help I am a very worrying type person along with being married. :(
I've never done anything like this and I'm very scared !!! Please help!
Also if I need to test how long do I have to wait and what test should I ask to be performed?

Thanks in advance for your help.

no sign of blood rkz

Couple of three days ago my friend was cleaning his some sort of micro cigar and I was listening my music while my friend try to joke me about the needle prick when his say hey when I look in my hand there was a syringe on my hand and I was shock but but there's a cap
But there is no sign of blood I ask my friend if he prick himself with the syringe and he said the needle was clean he use only for mixing any flavors from his micro cigar I keep observing my hand if there's any damage or prick and I wash my hand using alcohol only but there is no damage and small pain so in my situation is there any chances I get a low risk pls clear my mind I'm starting to get scared


I had a protected sex with unknow status girl.

I took a nat screening 55 days after the exposure and all result are non reactive for HIV, HCV and the other one( I just forgot the name but it was included in NAT SCREENING TEST) . Is it accurate ? especially for hcv ??

I also took Elisa for HIV test 5 months after the exposure and Non Reactive.

Still Worried

Hi there, I'm a Canadian living in New York City. I had unprotected vaginal sex multiple times with the same girl on the weekend of September 18th 2015. We were seeing each other for a few weeks on and off but it wasn't a committed relationship. This wasn't some random girl I met either, we worked together, and as far as I knew she was clean. We had also been sleeping together unprotected in the months prior to that...

The following friday after that weekend I fell suddenly sick, Immediately I went to the docs and was diagnosed with just a bad cold. After it didn't go away for a few weeks it got worse and turned into a sinus infection. I've been dealing with a laundry list of different symptoms and feeling terrible on and off ever since then. I haven't felt all the way better or at least how I felt before I got sick since then. I was taking loads of over the counter meds plus 3 different antibiotics over the course of the fist few months or so after I initially got sick (I also had a Hepatitis A vaccination prior to a trip to mexico a few months before on June 30th 2015).

I spoke with her shortly after that weekend and she was fine, not feeling sick either in the days before or after that. She tested negative for everything when she went for her yearly gyno appointment a few weeks after that weekend.

I've tested for all other STI's and infections as well as gone through a general physical and general blood test/cell count test. The doc's tell me everything is in the green and fine. However, In the back of my mind I always suspected HIV so I started testing:

October 5th 2015, rapid hiv test: negative
November 27th 2015, HIV 1/2 AG/AB 4th gen w/ reflex, non reactive (negative)
December 16th 2015, HIV 1/2 AG/AB 4th gen w/ reflex, non reactive (negative)

I'm still feeling quite ill and still very paranoid. I haven't had any sex since that weekend to be safe in the meantime also. At my last followup I asked the doctor when can I be finally sure and does he recommend that I test again and he said:

Your HIV is negative and typically waiting 3 months is the standard. I cannot guarantee that you do not have HIV but it is HIGHLY unlikely. The lymph nodes you have are either normal palpable nodes or residual from your prior infection (sinus). However, in answer to your question, Yes repeating your HIV again in one month would be recommended.

So basically, he's asking me to come in and test again at the 4 month mark, which worries me because I thought I was done and past all of this...

I'm reaching out to you in hopes in calm down my anxiety and get some questions answered.

Mainly, after I take this 4th month test and it comes up negative again can I stop worrying? Is there a chance that it would take this long for a positive to show up if I indeed was actually infected? Everything I read online says 3 months is conclusive. Other than being sick right now I'm a perfectly healthy individual. I'm not on any of the things I've read that would affect it (chemotherapy, heavy medications, immune deficiency, etc) Are there any factors that would give a false negative? I just want to be sure after this 4 month test because I keep reading some people take up to 6 months and I really don't want to go through another 2 months of worrying and waiting.

Thank you in advance.

Borderline ELISA - ONLY Female with Female sexual relationships

Dear reader

I recently took a blood test for a general check up and my HIV test results came back as borderline .

- I am 22 / Female
- Never had a sexual relationship with a man
- Never used toys ( dildos, etc )
- Never injected drugs or shared needles ( i smoke marijuana on daily basis but nothing else, not even cigarettes)
- I had unprotected Oral sex with 2 girls . One of them 1 year ago and the other one 3 months ago (both claimed to be healthy)
- I had a Flu shot 3 months ago
- Around 2 months ago i had Herpes on my lip for the first time but applied antibiotics on it so it went away quickly ( i guess i got that from a friend who i shared a Marijuana role with and after i saw she had the herpes on her lip )
- I have a tattoo and its 1 year old, it was done in a hygienic manner
- Currently i was diagnosed with having a urinary infection, but i don't have the symptoms so my Dr told me to retake the urine test
- My White blood cells count is 8200
- The only sickness i had experienced in the past year was a tommy flu ( last week and a lot of people in my university have it now )

since i didn't expect to have HIV at all the borderline result really terrified me and now i'm waiting for my PCR test results.
- What causes a borderline test results / what does it mean /?
- Given my condition, how reliable my test results are going to be please ?
- on the other hand this situation has caused me a lot of stress and all of this is happening while i am on my PMS, i can't sleep properly or eat properly. my heart rate average in the past 5 days is 98 while usually its on 65-70 . Could you maybe suggest a way that can help me reduce my anxiety please ?
- Can any of the factors mentioned above ( Flu shot, Herpes, Marijuana, alcohol, urinary infection) manipulate my test results both PCR and ELISA 3rd generation ?

- Which test is the most accurate one for detecting HIV after all ( amongst all the testing methods existing) ? as my research shows they all can be wrong for so many reasons ! How can i finally know if i have it or not ?

Thank you for your time .


My exposure is 16 month older and my question is specific


Hi Doctor

I had NAT Screening 55 days after the exposure and all are non reactive. HIV Antibody Test (Non Reactive) 5 months after the exposure. Is it accurate ? Do i need to take a test again for Hepatitis and Hiv? Help me please doctor. thank you

RNA test location

If I want to get test earlier, within 2 weeks after the exposure. Where can I get the RNA test in Vancouver? I assume it is free?


Hi, I had an oral sex with a guy I swallowed half of his cum and half was spit out. 4 days later he told me he is HIV+; the following week I got tested and everything came back negative. After 1 week, I started having the symptoms. I had rashes (maculopapular rash) all over my body and bruises on my legs, and diarrhea for two weeks, which made me lost 8 lbs in just 2 weeks.

I took the HIV RNA test on the 17th day which came back negative. I am freaked out now and don't know what to do anymore. On my 26th day, I went to get tested again and now just waiting for my results. Am I going through seroconversion phase? And if I am, would it show to all the tests that I have done including the HIV RNA test? Am HIV+ now? I am beginning to accept the fact that I am now HIV+ and beginning to lose hope. PLEASE HELP!


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