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Hi, I had an oral sex with a guy I swallowed half of his cum and half was spit out. 4 days later he told me he is HIV+; the following week I got tested and everything came back negative. After 1 week, I started having the symptoms. I had rashes (maculopapular rash) all over my body and bruises on my legs, and diarrhea for two weeks, which made me lost 8 lbs in just 2 weeks.

I took the HIV RNA test on the 17th day which came back negative. I am freaked out now and don't know what to do anymore. On my 26th day, I went to get tested again and now just waiting for my results. Am I going through seroconversion phase? And if I am, would it show to all the tests that I have done including the HIV RNA test? Am HIV+ now? I am beginning to accept the fact that I am now HIV+ and beginning to lose hope. PLEASE HELP!

HIV window period compared to other STI windows

There are many post about accuracy of HIV tests and as stated it is always best to retest at 3 months period for absolute confirmation.

The lower limit (4 weeks) on the window period is likely set by the sensitivity of the test while the upper limit (3 months) is set by the biological variation in humans.

But I was interested to know why the window period is so long specially for HIV compared to other STIs including bacterial and viral.

Is this something to do with

1) How your body produces antibodies to HIV specifically, it is slower? Maybe because HIV can hide inside of cells more efficiently?
2) Means of testing, other STIs especially bacterial will look for the bacterial itself therefore will always be able to detect much sooner? Although syphilis is also form detecting antibodies from a blood test as well I thought?
3) Or window periods are essentially the same for all infectious diseases just in the case of HIV to make sure we can catch all the cases, we must be much more stringent and extend the window period to catch as many statistical outliers as possible.

If the latter is correct and if most people test for STIs such as chlamydia (3 weeks) much sooner than HIV, is likely that there a lot of missed cases of chlamydia, on top of the fact that most people don't present symptoms and get tested in the first place.

Two encounters that got me scared of HIV

Last March I had sex with an escort and after I was done I discovered that the condom was broken.
I had a combo test 4 weeks post (April) and it was negative , I had another combo test on 4 Months I think and it was negative too.
My second encounter was with an escort too , I had protected sex with her but she was grinding on my penis with no condom and her
vaginal fluids were all over it ( I am not sure if I had scratches or not) but when we were talking she told me she never has unprotected sex.
My last test was the rapid test which was one week after my second encounter and 7 months after my first.

Now it all began after my first encounter , since after that I started getting very anxious and super scared of HIV because I see a lot of escorts and not in monogamous relationship , I have sex with multiple partners of unknown status all the time.
I always use protection but after I am done with all the sex I start getting worried

My questions are:
1-What are the risks of my two encounters considering my tests
2-I am thinking about getting the RNA test tomorrow , how accurate is that and whats its window period?
3-Are escorts considered high risk as most people including me think they are?

Test Accuracy

Hi, i had protected sex about 8 weeks ago with commercial sex worker. I did fingering in to hers vagina and post that had vaginal sex. I had done DNA PCR test on 15th day was negative. I have done Antibody Elissa test on 57th day which is post 8 weeks of possible intercourse was again Negative.
Can I consider my test results conclusive?

Multiple negative test conlusive?

Hello, I had 1 protected enclosure about 16 weeks ago, I tested PCR RNA negative at 2 weeks, then negative 4gen combo (antigen and antibody) at 28 days and again negative at 13 weeks. Then I tested negative rapid blod test at 14 weeks. Are these negative results conclusive?

Is there any change I can get positive after? Do I need to test at 6 months? Can antibodies be detected at a further point or with just the antigen and RNA is fine to rule out a a possbility of infection? I want to start my monogany sex life again with confidence!

rna qualitative pcr

hi if rna test accuracy is 99.6 after window period and if result is negative has there been any cases of false negative after window period . is there any possibility by which rna test cannot find virus after 21 day window period

Queries ? Repost ?

Last test was take at 179th day ! Hiv1/2 ag/ab ( Eclia ) Non reactive!

Got tested at 23rd 28th 42nd 93rd 122nd 179th day !
All were hiv 4th generation tests !
One PCR rna test ( limit was 66.6ml copies ) All came out negative!
One NAT test ( viral screening hiv1/2 hep b hep c ( Roche Cobas taqman )

1) are this conclusive ?

2) any further tests needed ? At 9months or 12months ?
3) do I need to test by western blot ?
4) any possible of all tests being false negative ? 5) symptoms ? Improper stools ? Minor sore throat ? Bad feeling about being infected !
6) diff between NAT and id NAT tests?

? Queries ? Confused

PRespost Last test was take at 179th day ! Hiv1/2 ag/ab ( Eclia ) Non reactive!
Got tested at 23rd 28th 42nd 93rd 122nd 179th day !
All were hiv 4th generation tests !
One PCR rna test ( limit was 66.6ml copies ) All came out negative! One id NAT test - viral screening ( Roche Cobras taqman ) hiv1/2 hep b Hep c

1) are this conclusive ?

2) any further tests needed ? At 9months or 12months ?
3) do I need to test by western blot ?
4) any possible of all tests being false negative ?
5) symptoms ? Improper stools ? Minor sore throat ? Bad feeling about being infected !

Test Results Question

I recently had a sexual encounter with a transsexual female (born male). I received unprotected oral sex and we had protected anal sex (condom). She ejaculated, cleaned off and then gave me oral sex plus anal fingering. I have no idea how well she cleaned up after ejaculation and if there was any left on her body/hand which was then used back on me in form of handjob and anal fingering. I also had slight open abrasions on my penis from previous sex that week which had not fully healed.

The day after I had shooting migraines that lasted 2 weeks. At 14 days after possible exposure my lymph nodes swelled and became sensitive to touch. I also woke up on day 14 in a panic/sweat. I had blurred vision and was experiencing dizzy spells with waves of nausea.

We both got tested the next week (9 days, 21 hours after the sexual encounter). Not sure what test she got but I believe a full test panel (but the HIV test must have been rapid because she got results right away). Results on that test were negative for everything.

My test (same exact time frame, 9 days 21 hrs) was performed using the APTIMA HIV-RNA Qualitative Assay (Gen-Probe). Test came back negative “HIV 1 RNA, QL TMA NOT DETECTED, REFERENCE RANGE: NOT DETECTED”

My question is am I definitively clear of possible HIV exposure or do I need extra testing? Is it possible that the test I got was done too early? I've since read that 11 days post-exposure are needed for that test to be definitive.

I ended up in an urgent care unit today due to the amount of anxiety and stress I am feeling about this entire situation. My heart felt like it was going to burst through my chest I am so nervous. Can't focus and am feeling depressed and overwhelmed. I feel a slight bit of relief with this negative test result but I am not convinced…not sure I will be convinced for a long time the way I am feeling…

Thank you for your response and help

Hiv? Re post ? Final queries?

I had a question posted but haven't got any reply !

But let me describe again.

Hello doc !
I did have a possible exposure to local sex worker in Greece ( MAY 2015 )

Symptoms did arrive post 2-3 weeks
Exact flu kinda symptoms!
Was nervous and thought of being infected!
Really felt like killing myself !

Some sources say 3 months some say 4weeks some 6 weeks some 6 months too !

Some say there are 4 situation which effects the hiv testing !
1) pep
2) treatment for hep c
3) treatment for cancer
4) immunodeficiency

How do I know whether I have immunodeficiency ? I was serious kinda ill during my childhood
Suppose if I do I have some immunodeficiency
Does it affect my testing !?
Testing is delayed for antibodies ?

But even with some immunodeficiency antigens /rna/ dna / Id NAT should be detected?it detects the genetic material of hiv

I have take several duo test at
23rd day - Eclia
28th day - Eclia
42nd day - Eclia
58th day - Eclia
89th day - ELFA
93rd day - Eclia
103rd day - ELFA
103rd day - Cmia
122nd day - cmia

And last one was

179th day - Eclia ! All were not reactive


One hiv rna pcr 1 qualitative @ 103rd day - NOT DETECTED

One id NAT test @ 125th day - viral screening for hiv rna Dna 1/2 ! Hep c ! Hep b ! - NOT DETECTED

Two complete immunology test once th day when I had my IgM was slightly high and IgG was slightly low @ 48th day

Again took immunology test at 58th day
All were normal

Again took immunology test at 93rd day
All were normal

Agin took immunology test at 179 th day !
All were normal

Took syphills test at 23rd 42nd 58th 93rd
And 179th day -all non reactive

Took herpes 1/2 IgM IgG non reactive at 42nd day
@ 93rd day IgM coming out as equivocal and IgG was non reactive
@103/104 ( two different lab ) - both IgG IgM was no. Reactive

Took hepatitis b antigen @ 58th and 93rd day non reactive and 179th day - non reactive

Took chlyamdia IgA IgM IgG -negative at 42nd day

Anti HCV - 93rd day and 179th day -not detected

60th day - CBC count was normal
89th day - CBC - lymphocytes full high - neutrophils low
93rd day - Cbc - lymphocytes slightly high rest normal
103rd - Cbc - lymphocytes slightly high rest normal
124th day - lymphocytes slightly high

130 th day - all were normal

179th day - lymphocytes are high rest all are normal

Took vitamin d and vitamin b 12 - Have Deficiency ( I am vegetarian)

Really tensed !

Got some symptoms that is
Sometimes improper stools or dark colored stool !
Minor sore throat !

Still have bad dreams ! Being too anxious !

Can you explain ? This in detailed manner ?

So many duo test ? Yet feeling scared !

I got married recently! I don't wanna infect her !

I got weird throat sometimes it's proper sometimes it's not same with my stools !

Can all this tests be false negative? That hiv PCR rna ? Duo ? Id NAT for hep c hep b hiv1/2

What is the difference between NAT and id NAT test?

I had three immunology test once Igm was high and IgG was low ! Rest immunology tests were normal !

But lymphocytes are high ! Mostly since two months - three months ?
Any testing needed ?


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