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hiv duo at 40 days

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have done a stupidest thing,I had 4 sexual encounters with 4 different sex workers and each sexual encounter was at a gap of approximately 1 week and all sexual encounters was done using condom. My last sexual exposure was on 25th September. From 26th onwards i have different symptoms like a rash on chest ,fatigue, ill like feeling and itchy rashes on my penis and anus,white thrush on backside of my tongue .After 18 days of my last sexual encounter I had RNA PCR qualitative test and the result came as "not detected" later on day 40 after of my last sexual encounter I had 4th generation HIV DUO test which came as non reactive and index value is 0.16.I heard that hiv duo test at 6 weeks is conclusive,is my HIV DUO test is conclusive?or should i have to test again? please reply and help me, thanks in advance.

Risk of breast licking

Hi Team,
The only exposure i had on 28th of august is that i licked the breast of a CSW for 2 minute(softly). There was no intercourse happened(vagainal or Anal). I have done HIV NAAT test right after 30 day of exposure it came as negative.
Symptom i faced are below:
White toungue and dry mouth (after 9 days)
Diarrhoea (2 week after exposure)
Burning sensation( 2 week after exposure)
A fever (101) and swollen lymph node (after 60 days of exposure).

Please help i am really worried.
My 90 day are going to complete on 28th of november.
Do i need to go for testing? Really worried.

HIV Infection - Incredibly Complicated / Inconsistent Results - HELP!

I have a very complicated situation and would love any thoughts.

Two weeks ago, I had an incident where the I had sex with 3 men, as a bottom, and used a condom, but don't know the status of the individuals. I also don't know if the condoms were put on correctly (as it was dark) and one of the individuals came in me (I don't believe the condom broke but not sure).

So two days after the incident, I started on PREP (I couldn't get PEP) and then 5 days later, I went and got tested. The Antigen, Antibody test were both Negative but the clinic also did an HIV RNA quant test that showed up Positive with a viral load amount of 294. At this point, I had been on PREP (Truvada) for 5 days.

5 Days later, I got another RNA Qual (Super sensitive so from what I was told, detects viral load of <20) and that was negative. I also re-run the antibody and it was negative.

My doctor is hoping that the initial RNA was a false positive (due to the context) and because the initial viral load was so low, but also uncertainty because of being on PREP and perhaps that bringing down the viral load prior to the test.

Any thoughts? Sorry, it's a bit convoluted of a scenario but would appreciate any counseling.


I took the RNA PCR Test at 11 days post exposure and it returned back negative. It is almost a month since the exposure and I have experience no flu-like symptoms at all.

Since the RNA PCR Test was negative, I can assume that given the accuracy of the test at that time that I am perfectly okay, correct?

I mean, my doctor is an Infectious Disease doctor and he deals with people that DO have HIV/AIDS and he told me that the virus would already by at detectable levels in the blood by the time I took the test, and he was quite confident enough to even prescribe me with PrEP.

Now, I've seen a lot of post answers regarding the RNA PCR test and some of your volunteers give a window period for it of 3 months when it's actually a less than a month window period, why? I've seen some giving the correct answer for the window period here. I just want to know why the answer isn't consistent.

Anyways, I am glad to know I am HIV negative, as far as the RNA PCR Test goes, and that I am fine.

Oral sex + 6 and a half months test negative

Hello Guys,

Thank you for answering my questions in advance!
I have had an contact with a true positive person. I received fellatio, thats all i have done!
That happened on January 27... my last test is on august 17 i think (among many other tests..)
I have been tested well over 10 times, I have had 3th gen elisa's, 4th gen duo tests, westernblots, and one time RNA PCR test on 9 week after exposure.

I have had many symptoms(i will not go into much details) the remaining symptoms are:
Isometric Tremor (when i flex my muscle and try to hold it just shakes and cant remain steady), brittle nails, cold feed, eyefloaters and some weight loss + pain in the head when i look right with my eyes.

I am considering to get another test, but I am too scared to do this now... I have had so much hard time, every test i engaged i died inside waiting for the dreaded news... THANK GOD I remained negative, but even after hearing so many negative tests, I still cannot get back to normal :(

Can you please advise me how to proceed in this kind of situation? Should i go to another test and if so, what is my chance of testing positive after almost 7 months negative duo test, 9 week RNA test - undetectable + westernblot ( and many more tests).

THank you! I love you!

Test reliabilty by time

Hi, thank you in advance for taking the time to adress my concerns.

I was anonymously informed that I was a contact and to get tested. No date or idea of when was provided so im basing my experience on the most recent potential exposure (I generally practice safe sex but this involved heavy drinking which blurred my memory).

My first test was a pooled nat at 10 days (non reactive) followed by an insti, p24, and pooled naat, at 4.5 weeks (all non reac) and finally an insti test at 6.5 weeks (non reac) coupled with a pooled naat at the suggestion of the nurse due to the fact I was listed as a contact and my general anxiety over the issue. I will not get the naat result until next week. How reliable is the combination of testing to date up to the 6.5 week negative antibody test? How likely is the 6.5 week naat to change from 4.5?

Do I need to go back at 12 weeks for verification or can I rely on the variety of tests recommended?

HIV test

Can I consider HIV RNA test at 45 days conclusive? Many say it is conclusive at 28 days. Is it true? Can I relay on that?


How accurate is an RNA PCR HIV test at 11 days post exposure? I took the test 11 days post exposure (10/23/2015) and I will go in for the results on Tuesday. I wanted to know the exact accuracy of the test?

1) Is it 100% conclusive at this time and reliable at this time?
2) If the virus is not detected, does that mean I am not infected?
3) If the test doesn't detect the virus, should I retest at 4 weeks post exposure?
4) I told my doctor that if I am found negative, I want to go on PREP (Truvada). PREP + Condoms usage is the way to go, but how effective is PREP at preventing HIV in case the condom fails?
5) Has there been any documented case of HIV with people on PREP?
6) Should I also tell my doctor to prescribe me with Isentress? I heard it's good if combined with Truvada for PREP.

Thank you!

HIV? Repost ? Concern ?query ? Doubt

do know there are 4 situation which effects the hiv testing !
1) pep
2) treatment for hep c
3) treatment for cancer
4) immunodeficiency

I have take several duo test at
23rd day - Eclia
28th day - Eclia
42nd day - Eclia
58th day - Eclia
89th day - ELFA
93rd day - Eclia
103rd day - ELFA
103rd day - Cmia
122nd day - cmia

One hiv rna pcr 1 qualitative @ 103rd day - NOT DETECTED

One id NAT test @ 125th day - viral screening for hiv rna Dna 1/2 ! Hep c ! Hep b ! - NOT DETECTED

Two complete immunology test once th day when I had my IgM was slightly high and IgG was slightly low @ 48th day

Again took immunology test at 58th day
All were normal

Again took immunology test at 93rd day
All were normal

How do I know whether I have immunodeficiency ? I was serious kinda ill during my childhood
Suppose if I do I have some immunodeficiency
Does it affect my testing !?
Testing is delayed for antibodies ?

But even with some immunodeficiency antigens /rna/ dna / Id NAT should be detected?it detects the genetic material of hiv

I mean even if I do have some immunodeficiency
Test like I'd nat and pcr rna looks for virus only ?
Rather than looking for antibodies ?

DUO test - positive for p24, negative for antibodies.


Firstly, I would like to say thank you for all the help provided by this site! I'm sure its appreciated by all who visit. Here is my situation:

I engaged in unprotected oral sex about 4 months ago with a friend who claims he tested negative prior to our encounter. We had a few other oral sex encounters leading up to about 2.5 months ago. Within 2 weeks of our first encounter I had symptoms of HIV, which I know are nonspecific. I bought an at home "Oraquick" oral swab test to obtain some peace of mind 2-3 months after our first encounter (I tend to be a hypochondriac). Test results came back NEGATIVE. I still wanted to get tested at a clinic, so I did a few weeks later, which was about 4 months after initial exposure. It is also important to note I had a flu vaccination 3 weeks before my 4th gen test. Results came back as follows:

4th gen test: POSITIVE for P24 antigens.

Since that was positive they then preceded to "step 2" which is Antibody differentiation immunoassay. The paper the clinic gave me said this test "produces results faster than previously recommended western blot" - assuming its similar to western blot then..

Anyways, this test came back: NEGATIVE.

Now I await ANXIOUSLY for my NAT results to come back.

What is your take on this situation? I feel I have had more than enough time to produce antibodies and have non detectable P24 levels since those tend to diminish after 28 days. Any chance the flu vaccination played a role in this?



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