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Rna/4th generation/rapid test

Hello doc

I had a sex with a Cuban csw with a condom. I did not check to see if it had a hole, tear, or broken. after a week I came down with a high fever, sore throat, and well affected tonsils. I became alarmed and took the following test.

week 2 (antibody test)
week 5 (4th gen test)
Week 7 (4th gen/rna)
Week 10 (blood rapid test)
Week 13 (blood rapid test)

First question is what are the chances that the rna test was a false negative because I might be an elite controller? and have not develop antibodies, although I heard these cases are ab positive.

Second can I have some type of super virus that might of gone undetected such as crfs?

Third Does the 6 months compete window period only apply when testing alone for antibodies?

Fourth most ID specialist in my area test for one year. is this because some people might go undetected for so long or just because extreme conservatism?

Thank god bless

Is it conclusive?

I had unprotected intercourse in December. I did a 4 generation HIV and 8 panel std and early test, all negative at 5 months. At 7 months I had another PCR RNA done by my dr. and was also negative, I don't need to worry anymore? I had Hep A when I was young. Would that delay seroconversion? Thank you for all your help.

Possible HIV exposure??

Dear Dr. Please help.

I recently had a condom break situation. I had safe sex with a pilot at night and while passing my stool I saw some drops of blood (I realized the sex was rough but safe)by next day everything was fine, no more blood or anything similar.

I met another guy who is a flight attendant and during sex the condom broke, i didn't realize until I disengaged myself from his penis (I was the receptive partner) . He hadn't come..when he threw the condom away I went to cross check if everything was fine but the condom was broken (I assume it broke three minutes ago when i was sitting on him, previously I checked the shaft had condom on) and ever since then have been living a nightmare... I asked him if he was negative and he said he was but I do not trust him as he tried to enter unsafe the first time..
I do have herpes though the first and last outbreak was in february 2015 on my lips. i had syphilis in past which i do not have anymore after I took penicillin shots. All my VDRL tests (4 in last 9 months) have come negative

It's been three days now and waiting until 6 weeks seems like waiting for a decade. I have read 100's of hiv forums to asses risk ..

Please if you can provide a risk assessment and if there's any test that I can go through before 6 weeks. I am hiv negative as of june 2015.

Additional info: The tip of condom must be broken..I am not sure if it broke during sex or while the guy was taking the condom out
I live in India where the treatment of positive people is appolic. You can't get a job because every organization puts you through mandatory health checkup..You can't date anyone because the extremely few Gay men who are out would run miles away from a positive person...I know nothing can be done of what has happened...please help me with assessment.

final ? query ! conclsuive?

I had my Id Nat test ( nucleic acid test ) on 124th day
It came not detected for hiv 1/2 / hepatitis b / hepatitis c !

Followed by one hiv duo test ? At 119 the day ! ? Not detected ?

Any more testing needed ?

Id Nat ( screening test )( Roche cobas t scrn mpc )

It's highly sensitive and specific authorised by government of India !

Can i consider conclusive?

HIV? concern !?

1) Can hiv 1 pcr rna qualitative detect all subtypes/strains ( even some rare like e / crf / group 0 ) of hiv 1 ??

2) s I had two duo test Cmia method and Elfa method at 14.5 weeks ?

All were not detected! Only thing which made me worse was symptoms due to hiv or rain ? But excat post 3 weeks !

Lymphocytes are high in CBC !

4th gen test

Hi, I quote this from http://www.aidsmap.com/HIV-antibodies/page/1322961/

"A handful of cases have been reported in which individuals have had HIV infection, but no antibodies to HIV. Whereas around 33 million people are living with HIV worldwide, there are only 25 documented cases in which the virus could be detected in a person’s blood but antibody tests were consistently negative. Common features of the reported cases are high viral loads, rapid disease progression and high mortality. In these cases, the inadequate immune system response appeared to be specific to HIV, rather than to pathogens more generally."

Cases, where people infected with hiv but do not develop antibodies, do exist. They are not caused by genetic-induced immuno-deficiency because "the inadequate immune system response appeared to be specific to HIV, rather than to pathogens more generally."

My question is would the 4th generation (ag/ab) test pick up ongoing hiv infection despite no antibody development? In my country (non US/Canada) I can not request for PCR/Naat (viral load) test unless I have tested positive.

Thank you.

I'm really worried please help me 09/12/15

First thank you for all the help.
So about 7 weeks ago 07/21/15 I had unprotected intercourse with someone of unknown HIV status. Yesterday 09/11/15I had again unprotected intercourse with a different partner . It was foolish I know. But I want to test . I am planning on testing with the HIV early detection test from stdcheck.com here in the USA . My question is as follows
1. Will the HIV DNA material be detectable from 7 weeks ago?
2.) how about 10 days post exposure from 09/11/15
I plan to test again October 12 with a 4th generation HIV test and another RNA test .
Would this be accurate for both exposures ?
Thanks again :)

HIV RNA testing 09/12/15

Hi and first of all thank you for your time. I have a question regarding anti-bodies . Anti-bodies clear p-24 antigens right ? Do anti-bodies also clear HIV genetic material? I want to ask this because if you test with RNA test at 8 weeks post exposure would RNA be detected ?

receiving oral risk of hiv.

I am very worried at the moment.1Month ago I had unprotected oral sex with a man(unknown hiv status) and he performed oral on me for4-5 minutes.then i see there are no cuts and open source of blood in my penis,i have no symptoms like flu cold,fever,night sweat,sore throght and body rashes but 2 days after exposure i vomiting,lot of acidity and loss of appetite may be because of my fear and guilt.i am not sleep well for one month i am very depressed about it.so please tell me what can i do.i need to test hiv at this stage...please help me..sorry for my English.

Hiv result reactive and non reactive

Hi Doctor, I am in a huge panic and please don't mind my English.
I had a protected sex and unprotected oral with a csw during the last few days of July of this year, and I did a hiv test on aug 19, and My result came back like this.

Hiv1+2 ab + hiv p24 ag (screen) reactive
Same as above (supplemental) non reactive
Hiv rna 1 (pcr/naat) no hiv1 rna detected
Hiv 1 antibody - hiv western blot was not performed because it is of limited valie for specimens with low eia signals.

Question is how accurate are these test and which one would be the most accurate?
Since I got reactive on the screen test am I infected ? I don't know which test to believe?


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