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4th gen test

Hi, I quote this from http://www.aidsmap.com/HIV-antibodies/page/1322961/

"A handful of cases have been reported in which individuals have had HIV infection, but no antibodies to HIV. Whereas around 33 million people are living with HIV worldwide, there are only 25 documented cases in which the virus could be detected in a person’s blood but antibody tests were consistently negative. Common features of the reported cases are high viral loads, rapid disease progression and high mortality. In these cases, the inadequate immune system response appeared to be specific to HIV, rather than to pathogens more generally."

Cases, where people infected with hiv but do not develop antibodies, do exist. They are not caused by genetic-induced immuno-deficiency because "the inadequate immune system response appeared to be specific to HIV, rather than to pathogens more generally."

My question is would the 4th generation (ag/ab) test pick up ongoing hiv infection despite no antibody development? In my country (non US/Canada) I can not request for PCR/Naat (viral load) test unless I have tested positive.

Thank you.

I'm really worried please help me 09/12/15

First thank you for all the help.
So about 7 weeks ago 07/21/15 I had unprotected intercourse with someone of unknown HIV status. Yesterday 09/11/15I had again unprotected intercourse with a different partner . It was foolish I know. But I want to test . I am planning on testing with the HIV early detection test from stdcheck.com here in the USA . My question is as follows
1. Will the HIV DNA material be detectable from 7 weeks ago?
2.) how about 10 days post exposure from 09/11/15
I plan to test again October 12 with a 4th generation HIV test and another RNA test .
Would this be accurate for both exposures ?
Thanks again :)

HIV RNA testing 09/12/15

Hi and first of all thank you for your time. I have a question regarding anti-bodies . Anti-bodies clear p-24 antigens right ? Do anti-bodies also clear HIV genetic material? I want to ask this because if you test with RNA test at 8 weeks post exposure would RNA be detected ?

receiving oral risk of hiv.

I am very worried at the moment.1Month ago I had unprotected oral sex with a man(unknown hiv status) and he performed oral on me for4-5 minutes.then i see there are no cuts and open source of blood in my penis,i have no symptoms like flu cold,fever,night sweat,sore throght and body rashes but 2 days after exposure i vomiting,lot of acidity and loss of appetite may be because of my fear and guilt.i am not sleep well for one month i am very depressed about it.so please tell me what can i do.i need to test hiv at this stage...please help me..sorry for my English.

Hiv result reactive and non reactive

Hi Doctor, I am in a huge panic and please don't mind my English.
I had a protected sex and unprotected oral with a csw during the last few days of July of this year, and I did a hiv test on aug 19, and My result came back like this.

Hiv1+2 ab + hiv p24 ag (screen) reactive
Same as above (supplemental) non reactive
Hiv rna 1 (pcr/naat) no hiv1 rna detected
Hiv 1 antibody - hiv western blot was not performed because it is of limited valie for specimens with low eia signals.

Question is how accurate are these test and which one would be the most accurate?
Since I got reactive on the screen test am I infected ? I don't know which test to believe?

Hiv testing

I had a sex now over 3 months ago with ladyboy in Thailand, one huge Cabaret Show in Krabi. I was also pretty drunk. I remember that I wore condom and she as well and the whole activity lasted for 10- 15 minutes maximum included everything from arriving to the hotel and showering. I don't remember any scenario without the condom, but I am still extremely worried, because I was drunk. I asked this ladyboy if she has disease. She says she is tested regularly and does not have. Not I found her on Facebook and asked again and she said they have doctor and she does not have any disease. She also said if I come to Krabi again lets go visit hospital for checkup together if I don't believe. She also said we used condom while we were sort of trying to have sex.

During this over 3 months period now I have done following tests: 29 days- hiv ag/ab combo test lab test- negative 60 days- hiv ag/ab combo test lab test- negative. My doctor said I don't need any more tests and move on with your life.

Now our company received a letter that donors needed. I went to blood donor 80 (over 11 weeks) days later after that incident. I have read from out country national Blood Bank services website, that they test for HIV ag/ab combo and HIV RNA PCR. Both for every single blood donation. We have the web system, where you can log- on with your personal ID and see your test results according to donated blood. I got the results and both HIV ag/ab combo and HIV RNA PCR- negative.

Can I consider this terrible scenario as conclusive and finished in my life? It has caused me so much terrible mental situation, that my psychologist said I have very very high depression level.

Are those dates enough and is it true that Blood Banks are most accurate when it becomes to HIV testing? Please read my long post and answer my question so I could finally relax. I have anxiety every they and I am just thinking about it every day. Please. Thanks.

Testing anxiety

Hi there, I took a rapid finger prick test at 33 days (1 month) post possible exposure.
It was negative. I was a low risk scenario and had caught a cold 2 weeks after the possible exposure, my underarm turned red for a few days and a light reddish area near the side of my back...but this was all before the test and the nurse said if I was symptomatic of HIV the test would of picked it up. I'm near 7 weeks now and fighting myself to get another test? Should i? Would that 33 day negative change? I'm not a drug user or have been on cancer treatment....please help me, thank you!

NAT test at 4 months exposure negative result doctor advise for elisa test for further confirmation

I have had unprotected exposure with hiv positive undetectable viral load on december 2014, last exposure on feb 13, 2015 NAT test on March 20, 2015 negative result. No signs and symptoms except for occasional flu which lasted only for 5 days...was my NAT test still not confirmed about my hiv status?

Anal sex pcr rna done, HIV-1 not detected, what about HIV-2?

Hi, I had done anal sex with a csw, she is a she male and from thailand. The condom broke during sex. It was a short sex which lasted for around 10-15 secs. She said she is negative but I can't trust. At the 29th day I tested for hiv1 quantitative rna pcr. That came negative. But I am not sure if I need to test for hiv 2 as well. That was the only pcr test available. My doctor said that there is no need to worry now and no need to test for hiv2 pcr as of now. So I would like to ask with you experts what should I do now and what do you people think with these results. Also I would like to tell you people that I don't have any fever or health issue as of now. But I got 2 mouth ulcers after around 34th day post exposure which lasted for 7 days. Today is the 42nd day post exposure and I can see that the ulcers are getting healed now and not paining now. I was wondering if this can be the early symptom of hiv. Kindly help and also let me know the difference between hiv1 and hiv2. Thanks for all your help, you people are doing great job. God bless you all :)

am I at risk or hiv ??

Three weeks ago I had unprotected sex with a man that just came out of prison. In prison he shared tattoo equipment with inmates multiple times.
A week after sex all my joints and muscles were in pain and I got a rash of little stops on my arm. I'm very worried that I now have HIV, am I at risk?


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