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I GOT a non bored needle prick of a hiv +ve person in hospital , but hardly some blood oozed out my thumb......whats chance of getting infected....please help..


Dear sir i want to know before 3 month i went to the lab for cbc testing and i found that lab technician is not changed needle to taking my blood is that any possibility to spread hiv.

Kindly please suggest me
Thank you sir

HIV risk from a used needle while drawing blood ?

appreciate the great work you do here and are very knowledgeable in terms of hiv and that is why i want to ask a question which has always bothered me but never bother asking as i felt it would have been thought of as a stupid question.

I know this rarely happens but again it has happened i believe in New Jersey last October 2015 and recently few days ago in a different state where they are suspected of using used needles for vaccination or for needle injecting equipment. And dozens of people are being tested for blood borne infections.

I went for a hiv blood test and i was not sure if the needle used was brand new, it was placed into vacutainer i was poked in vein for blood and a sucking tube was then attached to pull my blood. If in the rare case the needle was used to draw blood from a HIV positive patient before me.

A) I know needles are suppose to be one time but if someone wants to reuse it they can even in 2016 ?

B) And i had a interesting scenario after my blood was drawn. the person who drawn my blood don't work their anymore and he did not send my blood samples to the lab. When i called for my results after 4 days they said it was not sent, so they said they will resend it. So my other worry is blood being spoiled for so long. It was approximately left unattended for 7 days. And got my results after within aprox max 9 days after my blood was drawn.

So how long does the blood stay good ? And if the blood was spoiled the lab would have notified the clinic for a new sample right ?

1. Can i get infected?
2. Even if there was hiv blood in the needle hollow it would not have gotten into my blood stream due to my blood being pulled rather then a fluid being injected into my veins?
3. Would blood if left in the hollow part of needle and i was then injected to draw blood would automatically stream down into my bood stream or does it stay tightly in the hollow part until pushed out with a fluid?
4. If there was HIV blood in the hollow part of the needle and my blood was drawn and it got sucked into the blood collection tube along with my blood which was hiv negative, during lab testing would the test be reactive?
5. What happens when HIV negative blood is mixed with another persons hiv positive blood and the then the sample tested?
6. How accurate is HIV lab test for Ag/Ab after 6months.

HIV Risk From Used Syringe & Needle


I am from India. Recently I had contacted Flu and went to a local clinic. The nurse gave me flu shot vaccine/injection and ever since then i am surrounded with this fear whether he might have given me injection with an used needle or syringe as i noticed that the clinic was not clean and several needles were lying there. I did not notice the nurse tearing a fresh needle to give me medicine. So i would like to know if in case the nurse used a dirty needle on me what are the chances of me acquiring HIV? I am going mad since that day as i feel that in a third world country like India, it is possible for nurses to used dirty needles on patients. Please help as i have read that such incidents may transmit hiv. What if he used a dirty syringe or a needle previously used on a hiv+ patient to draw blood or to give vaccine. Has anyone till date been infected by such a way? I am in deep fear/anxiety as i simply cannot put this thought behind my mind ever since that day. I understand that flu shot is given intramuscular but still the needle penetrates the flesh and is exposed to blood inside. What if there was blood inside the syringe mixed with flu vaccine medicine? The nurse injected the flu shot needle on my waist muscle and it hurt a bit. So I am very worried. I am expecting a thorough explanation for my situation as I really do not want to come up again and again asking clarification so I want someone to give me full explanation about my case whether I should be worried or not and do i need to test for hiv. I know that you will say this is not possible that a nurse will not use a dirty needle or a syringe. but still if this actually happened what are my risk?


bus needle

Yesterday I got on the bus and sat on chair. I felt a pain like needle prick. If this was a needle prick, will this cause infection?

no sign of blood rkz

Couple of three days ago my friend was cleaning his some sort of micro cigar and I was listening my music while my friend try to joke me about the needle prick when his say hey when I look in my hand there was a syringe on my hand and I was shock but but there's a cap
But there is no sign of blood I ask my friend if he prick himself with the syringe and he said the needle was clean he use only for mixing any flavors from his micro cigar I keep observing my hand if there's any damage or prick and I wash my hand using alcohol only but there is no damage and small pain so in my situation is there any chances I get a low risk pls clear my mind I'm starting to get scared


i am working in the blood bank i had prick on my thumb from needle after collection is over it just pricks the upper layer of the skin not so deep inside the thumb is it any risk of getting of hiv

sperm and deep cuts near nails

I was in a bed with a man who told me that he had been tested 3 months before as HIV negative. Before being with me he slept with a lot of women so the most probably within this 3-month time after testing he was with many women. We did not have sex, he fingered me and I received oral sex. I masturbated him and in the end his sperm finished on my hands. I would not be that worried if it is not for the fact that I have a lot of small cuts near my nails which are quite small but deep and which were caused by excessive cuticle cutting a day before. I want to test myself, but I have to wait. I want also my partner to get tested one again. Still, I am dying of nerves and I would like to get to know whether the possibility of picking up HIV is high. Thanks in advance for your responding.

So tired of feeling anxiety, please help and answer so I can go back to my family!


I was hoping you could confirm some things for me, as I've been feeling really paranoid and spent many sleepless nights worrying.

1. HIV is only spread through unprotected sex and through the sharing of needles for drugs, right? That means that if I don't have sex with anyone and don't do drugs, I will never be at risk of getting HIV and that everyday activities such as using public toilets or touching things that strangers have touched is not a risk even if I have small open cuts or wounds?

2. If I don't have sex with family members, there is never a risk of me transmitting HIV to them and I shouldn't worry about transmitting HIV to them by living with them and touching surfaces/objects that they touch or sharing food?

3. There is never a risk if I make contact with environmental surfaces, clean or with infectious fluids on them (like blood, semen, vaginal fluid) even if I have a small cut or wound that touches the surfaces?

4. I can never get HIV from touching something (even if it has infectious fluids on them) and then using my dirty hands to rub my eyes, or touch my genitals and anus afterwards.

5. If I get cut by something in public and don't need stitches, the object that cut me cannot transmit HIV and I'm not at risk of getting it. Furthermore, infectious fluids that touch cuts that don't require hospital care cannot pose as a risk for HIV right?

Sorry for all of the questions. I've been so paranoid about getting HIV from just about anything and everything. The most important thing I need to know is that my family members aren't at risk of getting HIV from me if I'm in my window period. I've been living away from them because I am so scared I might transmit it through nonsexual means. I miss them so much.

Objects and surfaces

Hello Helpline, I have 2 silly questions. Please give me the answers.
1) One cannot acquire HIV from any inanimate objects in any circumstances, excluding ONLY 2 objects: syringe and sex toy. Is that right? Is there any exception else?
2) Any surface is always safe for HIV when any part of body contacts with it and starts bleeding, isn’t it? Is there any exception for the surface?
Thank you.


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