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Needle Exchange


i am working in the blood bank i had prick on my thumb from needle after collection is over it just pricks the upper layer of the skin not so deep inside the thumb is it any risk of getting of hiv

sperm and deep cuts near nails

I was in a bed with a man who told me that he had been tested 3 months before as HIV negative. Before being with me he slept with a lot of women so the most probably within this 3-month time after testing he was with many women. We did not have sex, he fingered me and I received oral sex. I masturbated him and in the end his sperm finished on my hands. I would not be that worried if it is not for the fact that I have a lot of small cuts near my nails which are quite small but deep and which were caused by excessive cuticle cutting a day before. I want to test myself, but I have to wait. I want also my partner to get tested one again. Still, I am dying of nerves and I would like to get to know whether the possibility of picking up HIV is high. Thanks in advance for your responding.

So tired of feeling anxiety, please help and answer so I can go back to my family!


I was hoping you could confirm some things for me, as I've been feeling really paranoid and spent many sleepless nights worrying.

1. HIV is only spread through unprotected sex and through the sharing of needles for drugs, right? That means that if I don't have sex with anyone and don't do drugs, I will never be at risk of getting HIV and that everyday activities such as using public toilets or touching things that strangers have touched is not a risk even if I have small open cuts or wounds?

2. If I don't have sex with family members, there is never a risk of me transmitting HIV to them and I shouldn't worry about transmitting HIV to them by living with them and touching surfaces/objects that they touch or sharing food?

3. There is never a risk if I make contact with environmental surfaces, clean or with infectious fluids on them (like blood, semen, vaginal fluid) even if I have a small cut or wound that touches the surfaces?

4. I can never get HIV from touching something (even if it has infectious fluids on them) and then using my dirty hands to rub my eyes, or touch my genitals and anus afterwards.

5. If I get cut by something in public and don't need stitches, the object that cut me cannot transmit HIV and I'm not at risk of getting it. Furthermore, infectious fluids that touch cuts that don't require hospital care cannot pose as a risk for HIV right?

Sorry for all of the questions. I've been so paranoid about getting HIV from just about anything and everything. The most important thing I need to know is that my family members aren't at risk of getting HIV from me if I'm in my window period. I've been living away from them because I am so scared I might transmit it through nonsexual means. I miss them so much.

Objects and surfaces

Hello Helpline, I have 2 silly questions. Please give me the answers.
1) One cannot acquire HIV from any inanimate objects in any circumstances, excluding ONLY 2 objects: syringe and sex toy. Is that right? Is there any exception else?
2) Any surface is always safe for HIV when any part of body contacts with it and starts bleeding, isn’t it? Is there any exception for the surface?
Thank you.

Blood draw questions please answer !!

Hello I recently got a blood draw after an exposer from a couple years ago I got oral swab in august and blood draw last week both came back negative which is good right ? But my questions are these but please answer ..

1. If a reused needle was uses would the initial poke be enough to push blood inside of me?

2. I read that i really shouldn't worry since blood is coming out not going in is this true ?

3. Lastly has there been any cases of someone getting HIV through a blood draw ? It out would be horrible if I got HIV through getting tested when I never even had it to begin with


Please read below. The person that asked the question excluded needles and syringes as objects and simply asked that any object with the exception of syringes would be no risk yet in the answer it says NEGLIGIBLE vs NO risk............why is this inconsistent with most if not all other answers that says HIV is not transferable by an object and requires human to human contact? This negligible risk contradicts previous answers??????

So is touching blood on an object that was there just a second or two earlier and then into a cut a risk or not as the person asked below? Is Any object that is NOT a syringe, NO risk or negligible risk if seconds hold fluid on object goes into open active cut?

Original question/answer below

Object And Surface
Thursday, November 5th
HIV Transmission
Negligible risk
HIV is never transmitted from objects (except needle and syringe) or surfaces, because any fluids on it will be exposed to air, thus virus is not transmissible any more? Is it right?
Even if i have bleeding cut on my skin and that cut contacts with such objects or surfaces, i am still safe?
Short query: Any object (not needle and syringe) and surface are always safe from HIV?

Hi there and thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Online Helpline.

There is no risk of HIV from touching objects that may have come into contact with bodily fluids while having small cuts. This is because HIV in bodily fluids (such as blood or semen) becomes non-transmissible when it is exposed to the air. Any bodily fluids on objects would have been exposed to the air and would not contain transmissible HIV. The only exception to this would be if an object had areas within it that could trap a bodily fluid and was then used internally. This is possible with needles (blood remains in the barrel of the needle and then goes into the bloodstream of the person who uses the needle next without being exposed to the air). There has also been speculation that there could be a risk of this nature from sharing sex toys if there is some form of hole in them that could trap bodily fluids, but there has not been a reported case of transmission of this nature in British Columbia.

Having night sweats,fatigue,and sore throat for more than 30 days ,but the result is HIV negative

Two months ago I had a sexual experience with a sex worker ,i was having full safety precaution.During intercourse my partner pinched me with a needle and she just smiled. I don't know why ,both of them were drunked. i even don't know who is she ,where she comes from,and weather she is having HIV positive .her age is 28 .I just leave it casually, but a month after i just experience night sweats,sore throat and feel fatigue for more than 30 days and i made medical check up (HIV & VDRL) twice in a month that is with agap of 15 days both are negative .The problem is can i donate blood for any emergency situation.

Needle poke with no blood drawn

Can you get HIV if you come in contact with an HIV+ needle without it causing you to bleed? I got scratched by a needle from a guy that was HIV+. It barely scratched the surface of my skin and didn't ever bleed. I washed my hands immediately. Can i still get HIV from this?

Hiv outside the Body

Please read the following information and help me undrestand how is it possible this health care workers got infected if its claimed Hiv virus weakness onces outside the body:


Suspected needle scratch

I'm a medical practitioner, was securing iv access for a patient with a background of rape 19 days ago...i was trying to cap the cannula and felt the needle scratch through my gloved hands precisely the thumb. After securing the line. I examined it..didn't see any scratch...It didn't bleed even when I applied pressure. I'm worried out of my mind. Should I be?


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