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Negligible risk

one inch bleeding scratch

What is the probability of being infected with a HIV virus if one inch bleeding scratch was contaminated by hiv infected fluid? I can not find such numer in web. Please help.

football bruise

I bruise my leg against someone's leg on a football match, and I had scratches on it (no bleeding) please am asking, assuming the other person also had scratches as a result of the the bruise am I at risk of hiv?

Facial Extraction

Good evening.

Last year I went to do a facial to remove black heads.

The tool used was a comedone extractor. One end is a loop and the other end is a lancet.
It looks something like in this link:

I had a lot of acne and blackheads at that time.
I don't remember if the lancet was used on me. If I remember, I only remember the loop being used on me.
However, I shouldn't make assumptions.
I asked the staff how they cleaned the equipment and they said that they only drenched it in rubbing alcohol.
They said that they boiled it, but another staff said that they only drenched the lancet and the loop with alcohol (asked a few weeks after).
After that they clean it with tissue.

I had a lot of acne at that time so there was bleeding. I remember them using their gloved fingers to pop the pimples. I don't know if a lancet was used to pierce
the pimples.

This happened in Hong Kong so US sterilization rules don't apply here. The people that did the procedure on me didn't speak English so I had trouble communicating with them. I think they didn't boil the comedone extractor tool as shown in the picture.

This post says that the risk is negligible: http://helpline.aidsvancouver.org/question/blackhead-remover-risky-0

Is it negligible in my case? Do I have to get tested? I've been really bothered by this event. Please do answer.
My parents told me that I'm going to be fine, but I keep worrying about the situation.
This link as well: https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV---Prevention/Any-Risk/show/2028666

I've called the HIV helpline in Hong Kong:
and they said that it only involves very little blood and I don't need to get tested.
She said:
(1) Profuse bleeding needs to occur, like in a war when someone gets wounded. She said a facial wouldn't have profuse bleeding. I further searched and
i compared what happened to me with getting a tattoo. A facial would have significantly less blood exposure than a tattoo. Am I right?
(2) The needle was not hollow so the risk is lower. Lancet pricks are apparently negligible to no risk. I think there was no customer before me for at least 30 minutes
to an hour. Does this mean that the risk from a facial would be negligible to zero? There was a lancet and a loop on the other end. Pimples were popped by
The local free testing services won't let me get tested because they said that the scenario I explained was no in the list of risky activities.
But there was bleeding and a lancet. My mind keeps comparing it to the risk of tattoos because the skin is repeatedly stabbed. I understand modern tattoos have a
reservoir (hollow) so is high risk but other tattoos needles are not hollow if I'm not mistaken.

Do I have to get tested?
Should I worry about Hepatitis C too?

I need someone that has proper English to clarify my situation. Please it has been bothering me.

Thank you whoever you are for answering.

same fingers

Today i had visited a massage parlor and things happened so quickly the lady fingered her vagina for 5 minutes and came later she put the same fingers in my anus and today i noticed blood from my anus and my anus was hurting when water touched it i had conctipation for 4 days and when i was pooping in the morning o had blood and tonight this happened
I am really worry and want to commit suicide
Can i get hiv with this?


i went to erotic massage many times with different women.
Every time, the masseuse and I did the same thing :
First the handjob, and after that she put the condom on my penis and then we had protected oral sex + protected vaginal sex with the same condom. At the end, i always put some water in the condom to see if it broke.
I remember that I verified every time except for one time long ago i do not remember if i verified the condom.
I don't think the condom broke or something i did not feel anything strange.
I'm very hypochondriac i need to know if i have to get tested for HIV???
Thank you for your time

Massage incident, anxiety, PEP

Dear Helpline,

I realise you are unable to answer all questions you receive and I did find elements back in previous posts that partly answers my concerns but still, and as I am anxiety ridden I am unable to make a risk assessment of my own situation gathered from these previous posts. It would mean a lot to me if I could receive at some point your risk assessment and advice. It's why I resend my question in more detail than sent-in earlier on Monday. I find myself checking your website for a reply and reading over and over posts that somewhat relate to my experience, some reassuring me, some raising my anxiety.

This is what happened.
I had a back massage in Russian high end hotel, that though not intended to be a sexual massage turned into one. As the therapist progressed through the massage (I was naked under a towel - he was clothed) the therapist started to pay particular attention to my buttocks (and to which I must I kind of encouraged him) rubbing vigorously my ass cheeks, crack and applying pressure to my anus. I don't think there was any in insertion of a finger, I only remember some tapping and applying pressure, but being all oiled up I am in hindsight not entirely sure that there was no shallow insertion or that it remained external (this is how I remember it and reviewing it shortly after the incident when my mind wasn't clouded over with anxiety yet). I tried to recreate amount of pressure that I remember, by pressuring my own finger against my anus, to see if that would constitute finger insertion). The problem is that my anus tends to bleed easily from wiping or toweling (almost always leaving a tiny red dot or mark on toilet paper or towel). I reckon that with the pressure used it might be torn, just as it would be when wiping.
At some point and while at it the therapist asked me something in Russian that I couldn't understand. He also locked the door. I now fear that he might have used spit or cum or even ejaculated on me while massaging. I didn't see him ever getting naked, but earlier his crotch brushed against my hand and I could feel he was aroused. My question now is and in a scenario that he did ejaculate on my buttocks or had sperm on his hands from masturbating or coming in his pants at some point and would have rubbed my torn anus with it or shallowly inserted a finger, what that would mean in terms of risk for transmission. At the same time I had 2 open blisters/ wounds on my ankles from wearing the wrong shoes the day before. they were covered with silicone bandaids of which one had come loose already. So there was another wound/broken skin there.

Again, I don't know for a fact that he would have used spit or ejaculate on me. I was face down all the time. But it really freaks me out now thinking that he might have. I had just done an HIV test early July in order to get my visum and now find myself worrying sick about a possible change in status.

This to the point that I flew home earlier to Belgium and went straight into emergency in order to get a PEP prescription. For that I aggravated the incident in order to make sure to qualify for a prescription. I am not proud of that. Please don't judge me for it but I felt I needed to do something with my panic. I took my first pill at 45 hours after the incident. That being said, I now find that the prospect of continuing a PEP treatment for a month to come is already mentally exhausting and not necessarily helpful for my anxiety. Can I please get your professional advise on this mess I brought myself in/your risk assesment?

So I guess my questions are:
Does rubbing spit on a torn anus consists a risk?
Same question for being ejaculated on or having sperm rubbed onto the anus, or a foot wound, or a shallow insertion?

Thank you!

HIV from insertive oral sex?

Hi, I'd like to know about some things related to oral sex. Is it possible for the insertive person to get HIV from rough deepthroating? What if there's bleeding during the oral penetration? I've tried to find the answer, but I have not found any specific answer to this question.

fingering incident

can fingring someone with hiv get you infected if you have a cut on your finger?

VERY REAL SYMPTOMS & NEW HSV after Naked Frottage. HIV Worried

Thanks for your fantastic website and advice. Unfortunately my symptoms are very very worrying after I thought I had a negligible exposure. Please help.
I am 28, male and had a nude body to body massage with a female escort 11-weeks ago. Vigorous frottage occurred with unprotected genital to genital contact and no penetration. She rubbed my front and back. There was massage oil so I can not comment on her vaginal secretions. Afterwards I washed. i became very anxious the next morning (8hrs later) and washed my genitals quite vigorously and unfortunately some soap entered my urethral causing significant pain and burning immediately which persisted for the next 2 weeks. I then developed:

At 4 days: swollen lymph nodes in my groin and right neck lasting 3 weeks
At 10 days: New genital HSV infection (first time) with ulcers around anus. Saw Dr and completed Acyclovir but they recurred as soon as I finished treatment. I am now require ongoing supressive therapy but the vesicles still come and go with itching along with buttock nerve pain up to now (11 weeks)
At 11 days: fever lasting one night with night sweats lasting 2 nights. 2 small oral ulcers which later cleared up.
At weeks 2-3: General fatigue which lasted 1 week
At 5 weeks: severe oral thrush (complete white tongue) confirmed by Dr. Completed 2 courses of Nystatin followed by a course of Amphotericin lozenges. Still no improvement at all currently.
At 5 weeks: a few very dark purple macules and unbelievably itchy along left forearm - these lasted 1 week and left small scars.
At 6 weeks - new rash - multiple small pimple like spots occasionally white or red covering my face upper chest, afew on my arms and sides of my feet. Some itchy some not itchy. New spots are still appearing daily now.
At 8 weeks normal stools but now covered in white spores/spots. Still ongoing
At 8 weeks: total 3kg weight loss. Pants and belts are loose. People have commented. Eating normal appetite however
At weeks 10 drenching nights sweats daily. I am sleeping topless in very cold room. Needing to change bed linen daily. Terrible insomnia waking at 3am every night and cant get back to sleep. Averaging 4hrs sleep per night. This is still ongoing over a week.

I am usually perfectly healthy and I am very worried about HIV especially now that I have persisting HSV on and off for 3months now, oral thrush for weeks still and drenching night sweats.

1. I thought frottage was negligible risk. Is this true? Some website even say no risk but I am suffering so so much with real signs.
2. Would my urethral burning with soap 8hrs after exposure increase my risk (damaged mucosa)? Is there a chance I could have washed some remaining virus down my urethral at this time.
3.I heard that air exposure does NOT kill HIV. Air just dries the fluid containing HIV and it slowly becomes inactive over several hours. Is this true?
4. What is my likely HIV risk with all these symptoms

I am completely freaking out as I was shocked to get Herpes which has required over 2months of Acyclovir. Now all my symptoms/signs are pointing to HIV and I am scared to get the 3month test. Each day seems to get worse.
Please Help!!

fingernail scratch incident

Back in May, I had an incident with a woman, I was walking very far away behind her, it was like a two minute walk since I saw her, she saw me far away and stopped and approached me. The point is that she physically harrased me, the what I suppose, wounds, that "outstanded" the more where some scratches that bled in my face, I assume they occured thanks to her fingernails. They didn't bleed like what a knife would do and when I cleaned them they didn't looked that bad like what I thought. My inner hypochondriac self is going to ask now, could this be considered as a risk? I know it sounds ridiculous and in reality, no one get's scared by a fingernail scratch, but I'm slowly getting paranoic. My mom that's a nurse and that took care of the scratches told me that once cleaned up, those wounds where just superficial scratches/wounds, they bled indeed but just because the epidermis got scratched off, not because there was access to my blood vessels and that they where the cause of my bleeding. From what I've researched, my wound of my cheek (the one that really stood out) had to been sewed in an emergency room in order to be considered as a high risk, and even then, I saw her way before the incident happened, I saw her several minutes and I know that HIV loses it's ability of transmitting once it's out of a human host and also that it dies almost instantly once it's out. Also that I don't recall feeling something "fresh" or "liquid" once she made contact with my face, also that some minutes later, if I remember very well, I don't recall seeing something "red" on her fingers, or something "enough" to transmit. From what I know, these where just superficial wounds (that healed up and dissappeared in less than a week) and don't impose any type of entry to the bloodstream and that now in current year/2019, hiv transmission only occurs in unprotected sex, drug use/needle sharing (here's where they put the "deep open wounds" category) and mother to child transmission.

I'm trying to look the most realistic side of this since my paranoic side it's telling me I should get tested. I just want some specialist to reafirm me that these affirmations I stated are true and that I should just leave all of these behind. I'm getting frequent panic attacks and I cry sometimes thanks to all this topic, please help me. Sorry for my broken english.


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