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Negligible risk

Contact with HIV+ Patient

Hi there,

I volunteer in an ER and I am concerned because I was not aware that a patient was HIV+ when I was helping them with their meal. I don't remember any substantial contact with the patient besides him touching my arm with his hand. Would there be risk of infection if he had blood on his hand and touched my skin if I had a small open cut? Or if where he touched me with the blood I then touched my eye or mouth? I don't remember seeing a large amount of blood but I was wondering if it takes an actively bleeding wound from the HIV+ person to enter the actively bleeding wound of an HIV- person/ large splash in mouth or eye. Please let me know your thoughts! Thank you so much

Sex Toys

Ok it is noted HIV does not survive long outside the body. It is also noted you can not transmit off of surfaces. Then why is the rule seem different for sex toys?

used sex toy hiv risk

Hi there! last night my friend used my sex toy. after 12 hours i washed it by water and soap but did not use it.
4 hours later i washed it again by warm water and soap and alcohol 70% and use it.
if my friend have hiv, is there any risk?

HIV Risk face-vaginal contact

Hello, I apologize and will try to make the details as least graphic as possible.

Long story short, I received protected oral from a sex worker. But my concern is that at some point, she sort of sat on my face for a couple of seconds (nude). She then kept insisting I lick her vagina but I was too afraid of HIV, so I only kissed her inner thighs a couple of times, and then I kissed her a single time on the exterior part of her vaginal lips, most likely (I can't remember exactly) just very near her vagina, actually. With my lips tightly closed, and feeling no fluid touch my lips. I never once stuck out my tongue.

Still, I'm a bit afraid of having been exposed to HIV.
1. Would her sitting on my face and receiving a single, closed lip kiss on only the outside surface of the vagina (or possibly very near) count as cunnilingus? If so would it be a risk to test over and worry about?

2. I don't recall anything wrong with my mouth, other than slightly chapped lips. Would this be an adequate barrier? Sometimes when I brush too hard I bleed a little.

Thank you for your help!

Semen/Cum Exposed to Air

I just want to confirm that semen/pre cum exposed to air does not pose a risk for transmission. I recently had protected sex with a guy …twice. I am concerned about the risk of precum and semen from his hands touching the condom while putting it on for the second go around.
Sorry if my questions sound absurd. I have extreme anxiety.

HIV Risk of "Docking" with a Large Amount of "Pre-cum"

I recently had a sexual encounter with a cisgender man (I am also a cisgender man) of unknown HIV status. I am negative and not on prep currently. We did NOT have anal intercourse. However, we did engage in "docking." Both uncircumsized. There was a large amount of precum from him and he was also using this as lubricant as he was rubbing/jerking off both penises together during the non-docking/mutual masturbation. Just wondering about the potential risk for HIV transmission if said individual was positive and not with an undetectable viral load--the reason I ask is because of the amount of precum and wondering about my urethra and whether any could get in and potentially pass on HIV. New to this activity and likely won't do it again with guys and thanks for your help. His penis was also quite large and I was wondering whether this fact--including the penis going into the throat--carries a greater risk for oral sex without a condom.

I Pray We'll Be Ready

i fingered a girl and forgot i had a blister on my finger

Gonorrhea and Chlamydia from blowjob

I received blowjob from a CSW around a month ago. The blowjob act was unprotected. However, there was no cunnilingus or penetrative sex involved. I know that transmission of HIV in such a case is quite unlikely, however, I am concerned about other STIs, more specifically Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. What I know is that the symptoms for both of them usually appear approximately within 10 days of contracting the infection, for males. Since, it has been more than a month now and I have not experienced any symptoms, except for some rashes around the genital area, which I think is not a classical symptom of these STIs, I wanted to ask:

1. What are chances of contracting Gonorrhea/Chlamydia through unprotected blowjob, with no other type of sex involved?

2. Since these infections are usually treatable with antibiotics, I wanted to ask that what happens if these infections remain untreated for around 6 months or a year? Are these infections treatable a year after contracting them?

3. Considering that no other specific disease is present, can a CBC or urinalysis somehow indicate the presence of these infections?


vagina fluids on condom

if someone gives blowjob and handjob with condom that have vagina fluids on and after remove the condom and give handjob and use spit as lube can u get hiv from that?

my ass has "wound", but then i got fingered at a wet spa.. it goes on?

Please do help me

today, i had an encounter at a wet spa, in the dry sauna. first, the guy masturbated my penis with some sort of lubricant, i asked what it was, he said conditioner. then, we didnt cum yet, we both left the sauna - took a shower - then went back again.

when we went back to the sauna, we continued again.. the guy had some sort of lubricant on his finger - then he fingered my ass. what if the lubricant/fluid on his hand was his sperm/pre-cum/blood, and not conditioner, and then he inserted it in my ass - will i get HIV/Aids?

It gets complicated because my butt has scratches that bleed when i wipe it with tissue after pooping. Meaning, after I poop, i wipe my ass too much to the point that it tends to bleed.
Then, usually when i see the blood, i stop after a few more wipes (bad habit).
So my butthole is "scarred" and has wound.

I am just afraid that my wounded butthole plus his finger with whatever fluid/precum/sperm/blood might have entered my system and then i've got AIDS/HIV..

For sure there was no penis-to-ass (anal penetration)..

Hope you can help me? Thank you so much


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