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Negligible risk

blow job with pants and underwear (2)

Thanks for the reply to my question "blow job with pants and underwear", from the day 01-20-2016.
I was glad an happy to Alex considered the activity described as not a risk and i don't need a HIV test.
I would however clarify some doubts:
1- In my case even wet pants and underwear can be considered that HIV virus can not pass throurgh clothing? We can consider the clothes a universal barrier against HIV in oral sex?
2 - Why in oral sex never put the virus HIV hypothesis enter the urethra?
3 - Existing small cuts, minor bleeding, blisters or pimples on the penis head they should be worrying if necessary healthcare?
I apologize for my bad English and thank you for your help.

HIV worry


About 5 and a half weeks ago I had a massage with a handjob and I also rimmed her for about 5 seconds.
Is it possible to get HIV from this?

I have done a rapid combo test at 3 and a half weeks, a ag/ab blood test at 4 weeks, a rapid combo test at 4 and a half weeks and another rapid combo test at 5 weeks.

Is it likely for these results to change if i do a blood test at 6 weeks? Would you even recommend testing for the exposure of rimming and a hand job?


Help Drop of Sperm landed in my Mouth

I am in a nervous very desperate situation mentally over a stupid decision.

I am male and received an erotic massage from a male therapist. We were both nude. Alone with a great massage he also fingered my butt for several minutes a few times. I then turned and laid on my back. He was jacking and fingering me and I was jacking him. He cum before me and had a huge load. He shot onto my uncut penis and also hit my head. A small drop of cum landed in my mouth. I did not give him oral just jacked him. I also had a small cut on my finger which was covered by a small bandage. The sperm was also on my finger. I currently have a sinus infection and taking antibiotics after receiving a shot Sunday 1/17. I'm taking prednisone and the bottle says it lowers my immune system. The problem is the meds have my lips chapped and the inside of my mouth red and irritated. The therapist says he is hiv- and std free as of 4 weeks ago when he was tested. I've read over numerous post here but when I put the question in Google I got lots of conflicting information on my risk. Please help I am a very worrying type person along with being married. :(
I've never done anything like this and I'm very scared !!! Please help!
Also if I need to test how long do I have to wait and what test should I ask to be performed?

Thanks in advance for your help.

rubbing clit

hello, had a protected experience but before wearing a condom she grabbed my penis and rubbed the tip of my penis on her clitoris...she was extremely wet. I could feel the moisture eventhough i was not inside her. Is it possible to get hiv in this manner? It seems like there is possible fluid exchange since my tip opening was touching her body fluids

Rubbing of penis tip on the exterior of the vagina

Hi, I would like to ask if HIV transmission is high or even possible at all if the penis tip was rubbed on the exterior of the vagina. What if the exterior of the vagina is slightly coated with vaginal fluids and what if this situation was done on a limped penis on the exterior of the vagina

HIV CIMA 4th generation test


i am male 28 years old , my story is that i was involved in a low risk activity ( received oral ) early October 2015 from a women with unknown status . 2 weeks after the exposure i had a mild flu ( blocked nose only ) for one day and then i had a sore throat for three days ( no fever ) . 3 weeks after exposure i went for testing , the test was ELISA fourth generation and the result was negative . i was relieved by this result , but then after 8 weeks of exposure i had my tonsils swollen badly . i start worrying again and my life turned to hell and start feeling my body weak and feel like i contracted HIV . 3 months after exposure i went to the lab and get tested and this time i was tested using CIMA fourth generation and result come out non reactive . i read that 3 months results are conclusive . but i still feel weak and not normal as old days . please advice is the result conclusive and is it accurate as well . ( by the way i live in malaysia ) .

Skin rash on 7 Week

Hi aids vancouver,
several weeks ago i visiting message parlour. exposure i have to at those time is oral sex.
and on 6 week i try to test my self. result is negative. on those test written if they use advance intec i notice is not very realible test kit. from what i hear, its not approved on FDA.
after 7 week, i begin to develop several skin rash around my chest, shoulder, and several other places.

now its been 12 week after exposure, and i wait until end of this month to test again.
may i know what chance i catch HIV from this point?

unprotected oral and protected vaginal

I had unprotected oral sex once and protected intercourse thrice in the last 2 years with a sex worker.Since the past 2 years,I have been continuously experiencing swollen lymph nodes under my armpit and near my ear along with a blister every month in my mouth and sores on my penis.Last year I had dry cough which lasted for 3 months for which the doctor said it was due to my sinus condition.Should I be worried about HIV?

woman to woman

hi, is it possible to catch hiv from a woman licking my clitoris? She did it for a few minutes...she did not penetrate her tongue in my vagina. Also, is it possible from deep kissing? One of her tooth bleeds from time to time but she was not bleeding at that moment? Is that a risky scenario?



I am a guy living in Belgium. Here it is my question:

I had sex with a guy on 31 August. I was the top and I used a condom. The penetration was very superficial. We stop immediately because it was hurting him.

I received unprotected oral sex from him and I also received protected oral sex from him (but his mouth touched the condom right after the superficial penetration occurred).

Then we went on with kissing and oral sex (I was always the receptive partner).

That was it.

Then I had protected vaginal sex with a sex worker in Belgium. This happened on 11 October.

That was it.

Around mid November, I started having strange symptoms like: light flu, fatigue, muscular pain, lynfonodes of the neck were hurting, sense of dizziness. These symptoms went on more or less for 5 weeks.

I went to the local HIV center and they told me that the HIV test was not necessary because what I did was not to be considered as "risky".

I got tested anyway with a normal test I guess (the one which looks for antibodies only). I did the test on the 87th day from the first "episode" and on the 45th day from the second one.

The test was negative.

However, the liver's values were higher than normal, lynfonodes of the neck were still a bit swollen and the white cells were slightly higher.

Now, after the Christmas break (during which I was feeling alright) I still have some symptoms like light flu, cough, lynfonodes a bit hurting and slightly swollen, fatigue, sore throat, dizziness.

Can all these put together be symptoms of HIV? Would it be possible, given the factual description I gave you?
Can it be that I did the HIV test (antibodies) too early?

Please, let me know what you think about this.

Thanks a lot

best wishes


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