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Negligible risk

French kissing

Hello, could you aquire hiv from french kissing an hiv possitive person? Also, I always had protected sex (condom). is there any risk with using a condom. The only thing i have not used protection is while giving oral sex and kissing...as far as intercourse goes I always used condoms.... I had a hiv 1and 2 a plass b test at kaiser after five weeks and five days...came out negative but 3 days after i tested i started feeling a sore throat and neck pain. in fact i had a bit of swelling on the left side of my neck and a dry cough that lasted a whole month. It started to freak me out. The dry cough lasted a long time...the sore throat was only a day or two.
MY DR told me to come back in six months..im almost at the six month mark but im scared to death

Oral sex and bleeding gums


About 4 weeks ago I had unprotected oral sex with a person whose hiv status I don't know, exactly one week after possible exposure I got flu, strong productive cough, mild fever, problems breathing - shortness of breath (my doctor said that this is because of my asthma). doctor gave me antibiotic which didn't help at all, and for 3 weeks already I have runny nose, peristant cough, last week I felt fatigue. It seems though I'm getting better, and my doctor said it is probably common cold virus, but I worry because it lasts for quite a time. I was checking symptoms online and I don't have swollen lymph nodes, and also no rash.
As I have mentioned one week before the flu-like symptoms appeared I had unprotected oral sex, with some deep kissing involved also. I gave oral sex to partner and he also gave one to me. No ejacualtion happened in mouth though, but I worry about possible pre-cum maybe. The thing is that I usually have bleeding gums while brushing teeth, and that's why I worry the most. I brushed my teeth at least couple hours before contact last time. There was also some alcohol in my bloodstream.

Considering that this happened just 4 weeks ago I think it might be too early to get tested, I don't know what generation tests they use in my country (I live in Poland)

Should I really worry about the hiv possibility, and do these symptoms look like hiv? What do you think about testing during this week (it would be 4 and half weeks after possible exposure).

Thank you so much for your answer, I appreciate it very much.
Kind regards,

Actual bleeding gum

Hi there I have a question that bugging me. I ate an extreme hot food which cause the inside of my mouth to blister. I didn't think of it much and i think when I woke up it was broken. tonight I went out and deeply kissed someone it was very deep and he used a lot of tongue. I felt like my mouth is tasting weird so I spit and turned out my gum was bleeding pretty badly from the blister. is this a risk? what should I do? I've never had sex before.

protected sex and unprotected rubbing, how risky ….. I NEED HELP

Ok so around 9 months (April) ago I had intercourse with an escort, I used a condom and ejaculated inside it but I was still worried, I got tested 4 times within 5 months (Mo1: rapid test, Mo2: 4th Gen test, Mo3: 4th Gen test, and Mo5 rapid test) all tests came out negative (I had what I thought were symptoms). I was still worried afterwards, but I was stupid enough to get in contact with another escort 7 months later (Nov), however that time I did not use a condom because there was no intercourse, just very very close rubbing, I believed at the moment that I was at no risk but I started to get anxious afterwards. 2 days after the contact I had a sore throat, and ever since (2 months until now) I've been getting sick on and off, 2 doctors I visited (I did not say anything about HIV worries) told me its because of the weather change and viral infections. However, one doctor I visited today because I got sick again, and I told him about my HIV worries, said that there might be a chance I have it, he said that 5 months test are not necessarily accurate, and condom might not protect me. He also told me that my close contact (rubbing) could also transmit HIV except that it wouldn't be the reason for my sickness because HIV takes a very long time up to 5 years to show anything. How serious is my risk and should I listen to that doctor? also, could "viral infections" include HIV?
Note: I haven't had a high temperature, but the illnesses Ive had for the past 2 month included mostly sore throat only, but I do occasionally get fatigue, nasal, headache etc.

Sorry this took long but I really hope you can help

severe cut on upper of the nail

hello.sorry because im not to good in english.i visited a massage parlor a week ago and get protective sex( using condom) but im just wondering and i want to know if its any risk if your finger has a severe small cut and not bleed, fingering and masturbate a woman that we suspect high risk hiv.because i did that and i terrified about it. about the 4th generation(cmia) if we get tested early in first couple week from that event, (actually i get cmia test 4 day after the event) and the result is -ve, should i be worry because lately i havent slept well, ate well, and my shoulder aching. how accurate the cmia test?


Hello! I'm a male who had unprotected oral sex from a sex worker 4 days ago. She told me she had no cuts in her mouth and still doesn't. I didn't notice blood on my penis after she was done . So far I haven't had any HIV symptoms. I'm just really stressed about my status. If she had a cut in her mouth and the tip of my penis got in contact with that, was I supposed to notice the blood on my penis because I didn't see blood?

Thank you for your help.

Las-Vegas Night - Panic

Hi Doc,

I had a encounter with a female in vegas we just kissed and some oral shared between us, before giving me oral she just sat on my penis for like 30 secs unprotected, and than she gave me oral and i climaxed in her mouth. but the unprotected 30 sec activity is making me crazy. I didn't have any symptoms apart from a mile sore throat just 5 days the exposure. its been 4 months not and recently feel pain in my knees and feeling like electric tingling on my head and neck since couple of days. I have not tested yet and the country i am in I cannot test.

Appreciate u r assistance.. I am feeling very stressed on this part.

Im getting so nervous about this


I had sex with a man (i am man too). He used condom in anal sex, we did not use condom in oral sex. I didn't have sperm on my mouth. I have had HIV test in 2,3 and 5 weeks (negative). Going to test again in next week then it is the 7 week. First in one week my throat was hurt and behind my tongue there was white spots. In three weeks lab test showed that i have streptococcus pyogenes in my mouth. But white spots didn't go away.

This is gettin heave for my mind. I dont speak very good english but i hope u could say something to this. Thank you

Glass injury

Hi ,I was giving massage to someone with glove on.That person hit his hand with glass and broke it . I lift the glass and start massage again.Small piece of glass attach with glove.While doing massage I felt something sharp on my hand and notice small cut .At same time ,I notice very little bleeding drops on that persons skin.What are my risk of getting infection if that man is hiv positive..I am really worried .please help me.Thanks

Late soroconversion with 4º generation tests

Hello, my name is L. I need your help.

I had a contact with a woman in first of July. I received oral sex and touched her vagina with my finger.

I never had unprotected sex before, then I stayed worried.

I did 4º generation test with p24 after 17, 24, 31, 55, 93, 120 e 176 days, all with negative result.

After all this, I have chance of Late Seroconversion? In this period, around 20ª days after the act, I taken doxycycline per 28 days, to resolve other problem. This medicine could interfere in the results?


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