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Negligible risk

Queries regarding HIV

Hi I have sex with almost like 10 girls and every time it is protected with condom and never had anal anytime, but I still have a doubt whether I had HIV, I don't feel any symptoms. but every time I get a blowjob I have a condom does it lead to std, I am scared to have sex again

oral sex

i had three unprotected oral intercouse with three guys at different intervals, each was less than a minute, with no ejaculate in my mouth.
I did not have anal sex, protected or unprotected.
I do not have symptoms, but what are the chances of contacting HIV.
They say they are -ve. but i an't be sure

any help is appreciated

Probability of HIV infection if The tip of the penis is in contact with vagina

Hi I guess have read similar answers before but really wanted to be double sure as I have lost my sleep. I went to a massage parlor two days back. The girl giving me a massage offered me a body to body massage which I accepted. During the process I wasn't wearing a condom and she rubbed her body against mine which involved rubbing her vagina against the tip of my penis which had precum fluid though I don't know if her vagina was also wet. And after I cummed she again rubbed her body (probably her vagina also) against my body. During the entire process I dont think I ever inserted my penis in her vagina. Even If I did it might have gone their by mistake for a fraction of a second but I am sure I didn't. I don't know about her HIV status but assuming that she is a sex worker believe that the probability of having the virus might be pretty high. I know even If I would have ejaculated inside an HIV positive female the probability of contracting the virus would have been very low (lower than 1/1000). Is their any probability that i might have been infected in this act. I vow to use a condom in every case from now on.

Oral sex with a newly diagnosed HIV man

Dear friends

One day ago, a sex worker gave me one second unprotected oral sex. There was some one his saliva present. I immediately wore a condom then he sucked my penis protected for less than 10 seconds. He also licked my nipples. I used a light to see his mouth condition, which was generally good. However there was a tiny blood dot under his tongue. I am not sure whether it was bleeding when he sucked my penis.

This guy was negative few months ago but tested positive today. Should I take PEP or is this a risk for HIV ?

Many thanks

Semen on urethra; transmission and general Qs about HIV

Hi there,

I have a pretty specific question that has sort of been answered in other message boards, but I have some problems with the answer. Basically, I am a 20 year old white male, and I met another young twenty-something brazilian male online (he just came from brazil 9 months ago); we met up, and things got heated quickly. However, I was determined to be safe, so I asked him about the last time he was tested. He said that it was six months ago, that it was negative, and that in that time he had slept with four men, all with protection for anal, but not for oral or anything else. He also never inquired about any of their statuses. So, we never did anything without a condom; we had anal sex; I was the top, and I never ejaculated. However, he did, on to my stomach. After this, we were kissing for about five minutes with him on top, and with our penises in contact, when I realised that his semen was all over my penis (including my urethral opening). I immediately hopped in the shower, cleaned myself off (quite vigorously because I was slightly panicked), and left. Now, my questions are about HIV transmission, and my trouble reconciling my risk as negligible.

1) I see in another post with a similar idea (semen touching urethra, linked below) that this situation poses a negligible risk because HIV dies upon contact with air, and because the HIV must be transmitted via a mucous membrane (like the rectum) or a deep cut. However, I have researched, and on sites like aidsmap etc., it is clear that the virus can survive outside the body for quite some time, and I'm just wondering what the reason for the discrepancy between this credible info and the info given here is?

2) Also, in the post linked below the response asserts that "HIV transmission needs to occur deep inside of the body through penetrative intercourse where there is no oxygen. The virus can't 'swim' down your urethra and start an infection, either." However, the urethra is a mucous membrane that HIV can infect. I say this because how else do tops get seroconverted from having sex with an HIV-positive bottom? Also, the urethra itself is a susceptible mucous membrane, is it not?

I'm really sorry if I sound annoying or rude, I definitely don't mean to be; I really appreciate the work you guys do, and the impact this organization has is clear in these message boards. I'm just quite worried because it is now day 12 after this potential exposure, and I am starting to get some swollen lymph nodes along with a sore throat (no other symptoms yet), and I know that ARS shows up around two weeks after an infection. HIV is sort of my phobia and has prevented me from experimenting with males my whole life, so this whole experience has kind of put me off of continuing to experiment indefinitely. Even more unfortunately, this phobia prevents me from going to go get tested myself. I have a panic attack every time I even think about going to do it since I do not think I could handle a positive test result (my panic attacks can be quite intense). Do you have any suggestions for someone like me without a support group to overcome this obstacle?

Thank you so much.

link: http://helpline.aidsvancouver.org/question/hiv-risk-through-semen

Is it possible to get HIV?

I bought a sex toy butt from internet several days ago. When it was delivered, I found the package was tear open. I did not think much at that point... Then I cleaned the toy via water and soap, thoroughly (hopefully). Then I used it without condom. Then I cleaned it again with water and never touch it.

I thought it was OK until today. When I checked the inner part of the toy, I felt it was still wet there. Surly the cleaned water still remain there for these days. It means it is quite an airtight room and therefore the virus may have a chance to live there. I am wondering, if the toy was used before by some guy with HIV, is it possible that the virus stay in that room before I used it? Thank you so much!

HIV risk and symptoms

I had hand job and blowjob with a man a few weeks ago.

I am now suffering from a mild fever and running nose. Can this be hiv?


i am working in the blood bank i had prick on my thumb from needle after collection is over it just pricks the upper layer of the skin not so deep inside the thumb is it any risk of getting of hiv

Tested in Portugal

Good afternoon,
I am from Portugal, but would like to know your opinion on my case.
In late July i was with a sex worker, where the risk I had was to massage and touch her vagina for a few seconds (masturbation) , I do not know if she is or not HIV +, and do not know if I was in contact with her fluids . I always have some wounds in the hands, because biting my nails and the skin near.
The gateway to the virus may have been through these wounds, or after nail biting.
About 115 days later, I went to a counseling center, and did a test, a quick test, which took me blood from my finger, the test was negative for HIV1 and HIV2, the center said the test is 3rd generation.
After a while, I read that the tests are not 100% correct, and went to do another teste 145 days after the risk ( + 30 dyas afther the other teste), went to thr same counseling center, and did a test, a quick test, which took me blood of my finger, the test was negative for HIV1 and HIV2 again. After some time I read that some people do seroconversion at 6 months and I have had flu symptoms .........., this is becoming a nightmare, no one says exactly what the priodo window is... ......
Can you help me ?, have to do another test, or can rest on this ??????


accuracy of test

my most recent and riskiest form of sexual activity involved french kissing and receiving unprotected oral sex from a female of unknown hiv status. i proceeded to get tested at a nearby clinic with the 3rd gen rapid hiv test using fingerprick and was accessed to be negative at 23 days. even though the window period for the test is after 3 months, how accurate is the test at this point of time?


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