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Negligible risk

extremely worried about risk

Just yesterday I've been to a sex worker and am extremely worried about the risk of a hiv infection. During the encounter, I briefly frenched the lady with unknown hiv status when i had mouth ulcers. Although there appears no be no visible bleeding or sores on her tongue, is it possible for hiv from other men during her previous encounters to remain in her mouth and infect my ulcers or for her saliva to carry small amounts of hiv virus to infect me. I also received unprotected oral sex for 5 - 10 min without ejaculating and proceeded to finish by masturbation without any vaginal or anal sex. How much risk is there for her saliva or small amounts of blood or semen from previous encounters to infect me through the urethra. Her vagina was also rested on my thighs during the encounter.

Please help. I'm freaking out

Met a girl on tinder for a one night stand because I was overseas and not in the right frame of

Was kind of drunk so I was not fully erect; she tried inserting my penis (with a condom) into her, but it could not get in because it was not stiff enough. Might have penetrated it at the tip for the shortest of time (whilst still wrapped in a condom) but I am not sure. Following that, she tried to turn me on by getting me to finger/fist (cannot remember if it was specifically one, or a combination of both) her for about 10 minutes, and she also gave me a quick blowjob with the condom and licked my testicles. Finally, she frottaged on me, and may have gotten vaginal fluid on me. This is sort of the list of things we did.

Although, I've read enough online to figure that this is low-risk and I've called some hotlines to discover that I do not need to go for a test, I was wondering if you would tell me the risk assessment for the following activities and whether I ought to go for a test:
1. Fingering/Fisting - no deep cuts on my hand. might have had a scratch or something similarly shallow but it was not bleeding
2. Protected blowjob (did not feel any wetness)
3. Unprotected frottage - I might have rubbed my penis against her vagina, although I am not sure if there was vaginal fluids on the head.
4. Protected frottage. There might have been the slightest penetration with the head, but I came immediately and the penis went flaccid after.

Please advise. I have been freaking out for the past week. The girl told me that she'd been tested at the beginning of the year, but I am sure that she has had at least 3 sex partners this year. She insists that she makes them wear condoms. However, I do not believe her, where this is concerned.

Oral Sex

Hi Guys first of all i would like to thank you for taking your time to answer my question. Recently about 3 month ago i had oral sex with a girl who is unknown HIV status ( i received oral sex ) After few days i had something on my mouth like sore or ulcer i thought i had something and then i discovered something behind the back of my tongue which made me worried thinking i got some sort of STD and then i start thinking about HIV and start researching the symptoms which some of them i experience this made me freak out and i start losing my mind i couldn't sleep , eat and drink thinking i lose my appetite due to HIV or something. After few weeks i was convinced i was alright after going to some doctors and reading from your website now when i read about Charlie sheen in the newspapers he is got HIV and in the UK there is about 18,000 that aren't aware they are living with HIV with made me freak out more because i feel like i am one of them or something i just cant live with this anymore waking up every morning not knowing whether i got HIV or not . I know receiving oral sex is negligible risk but I am scare that might have been bleeding gum and it might have enter through my tip of penis is this possible? Please guys help i just cant live like this anymore i want to get tested but i am scared to death about the result ? How can i move on everyday i am examining my body looking for rashes or any changes and if i see any spots i just get really anxious and cant sleep this is definitely one of the worst time of my life and i dont know how to deal with it ?

oral sex and hiv? Please help!

I received unprotected oral sex from a woman. She says she is clean but a week after that I experienced fatigue, muscle aches in legs, arms and back. I had white milky discharge and irritation of urthrea. I got tested for hiv, chylmidia and gonnerea. All came back negative. On the 11th week post possible infection, I got tested again and it came back negative for hiv including spyillis. The woman says she is clean but recently I have experienced aches again and numbing and tingling in my fingers and feet. Should I get tested again? Do I have anything to worry about? I am reealy panicing

swallowed blood with cold sore in mouth

i was sucking a sex worker's breast and bites on it. i tasted blood from cut and have white coloured cuts in mouth which was made from cut from my own teeth while eating but not bleeding. do i need testing for hiv. pls help. many internet sites like the body.com says that its little risk as one case confirmed from blood to blood in mouth. pls help

Possible transmitting of aids

Hi recently I went to a gay massage for the first time in my life. The masseur use his penis to rub tgt with my penis but at that point of time his is still soft while mine is fully hard. At the end he ejeaculated on his body and wipe away with a towel. Subsequently he continue to masturbate me and at some point of time he use his finger to trigger my anus. We didn't intercourse or oral Sex. Painly just masturbation.

However I was very worried that when he wipe away his sperms with a towel his fingers might have intact with his sperms and after a while he try to finger my anus but it never enter as I never had anal Sex before and it causes pain on me and hence I stop him. I am worried that this could transmit std or even hiv.
And also when our penises are place together I am afraid there is pre cum that will cause me to have hiv too. Just to check is there a risk on this? As what I know is that HIV can't exist in the air and will immediately die when it Intacts with air.

Please help me to clarify.

Thank you.

Genital Herpes and HIV

I tested positive for herpes simplex 1 and had an outbreak on my genitals. I was drunk and received oral from a stripper and ejaculated a little in her mouth. I don't know if she had any sore or cuts in her mouth. She only really had her mouth on the tip of my penis. Can I get HIV? When should I start testing?

protected oral sex

I am 26 years old male. I am stressed and confused about insertive oral sex. 1 and half month ago I had sexual experience with a sex worker. She gave me hand job (without condom) and blow job with condom. I don’t know her hiv status. So I got tested for hiv at 35th day after exposure and result came out negative. (Not sure about which generation test it is, blood taken from arm vein)
My questions are
1 how accurate is the test at 35th day?
2 will this negative result be positive after 12 weeks?
3 Am I in any risk of getting hiv?
4 Do I need further testing for hiv?
I am anxious about getting hiv. plz help me.


have any risk in fingering vagina .no wounds and cuts in finger.can you please describe the possibilities.

Can a fingering to a woman be cause of infection

Wish you first a good day then i want to inform you that i am a student of phd from iit, , i am 25yrs old, i want to say my problem in a very straight forward way, i never did sex before with anyone, but i was very eager to do that as i did not see a woman body before .one day my friends told me to go with them to a escort services i went with out controlling myself.

I did sex with a condom but as i was eager to feel woman body i put my finger into the woman vagina and that was very dry and very little wet and i did not touch her vagina with my open mouth or i did not do a sex with out a condom, but i did put my finger into that and i don't know that is the woman was free of HIV or not.

after doing sex i forgot to wash my hand with soap then after 1hr i ate some dry sweet with that hand or finger.

my qs is that is there any chance to be infected?

what should i do ? pls help me?

i am dying in confusion as i know that HIV is spread form vaginal secretion


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