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Negligible risk

Risk of HIV through fingernail cut


I recently fingered a woman whose HIV status is unknown. I had a minor bruise on under my fingernail while cutting nails 4 days back. Do I have a risk of getting HIV. I have been very tensed after the incident. Please advise.


I have all HIV symptoms after unprotected oral and Handjob.

So about four weeks ago i recieved oral sex for about 5 seconds along with a few handjobs (about one or two each weekend since) without ejaculating. Im 15 and she is 14 and the hj and bj were the first time for both of us. We just never had time to finish.We are both virgins. Last night, i was at her house and we made out and she gave me a hj for a little but still didn't have time to ejaculate. While this was happening i was rubbing her vaginal area through her leggings and i felt her get wet on my fingers. About 45 minutes later i got home and was sweating, extremely nauseous and dizzy, and had a fever. I woke up the next morning with the same symptoms along with a stiff neck and a little bit of sore abs and a headache. Im not sure if some of this is mental because im nervous but i had a 101 degree fever for a day but I don't anymore. I know my girlfriend gets bloodwork for some reason fairly regularly. I also had a little cut on my thumb of the hand that felt her get wet. I have already had mono once a long time ago (in second grade). Do i have hiv??

tongue and HIV

I had sex with a girl (CSW) during ejaculation took off his condom and finished in the mouth , he touched the tongue of the bottom of my penis and bit her lips . Certain matters sticking so HIV?

Test Results Question

I recently had a sexual encounter with a transsexual female (born male). I received unprotected oral sex and we had protected anal sex (condom). She ejaculated, cleaned off and then gave me oral sex plus anal fingering. I have no idea how well she cleaned up after ejaculation and if there was any left on her body/hand which was then used back on me in form of handjob and anal fingering. I also had slight open abrasions on my penis from previous sex that week which had not fully healed.

The day after I had shooting migraines that lasted 2 weeks. At 14 days after possible exposure my lymph nodes swelled and became sensitive to touch. I also woke up on day 14 in a panic/sweat. I had blurred vision and was experiencing dizzy spells with waves of nausea.

We both got tested the next week (9 days, 21 hours after the sexual encounter). Not sure what test she got but I believe a full test panel (but the HIV test must have been rapid because she got results right away). Results on that test were negative for everything.

My test (same exact time frame, 9 days 21 hrs) was performed using the APTIMA HIV-RNA Qualitative Assay (Gen-Probe). Test came back negative “HIV 1 RNA, QL TMA NOT DETECTED, REFERENCE RANGE: NOT DETECTED”

My question is am I definitively clear of possible HIV exposure or do I need extra testing? Is it possible that the test I got was done too early? I've since read that 11 days post-exposure are needed for that test to be definitive.

I ended up in an urgent care unit today due to the amount of anxiety and stress I am feeling about this entire situation. My heart felt like it was going to burst through my chest I am so nervous. Can't focus and am feeling depressed and overwhelmed. I feel a slight bit of relief with this negative test result but I am not convinced…not sure I will be convinced for a long time the way I am feeling…

Thank you for your response and help

Tested, but still worried

Hello Helpline, please answer for my situation. In advance, I am so sorry for my too long query.
From 5 years ago to 29 August 2015, I had some mutual unprotected oral sex (I am both giver and receiver) with my friends, no vaginal sex, no anal sex. On 29 August 2015, I had protected anal sex (condom was used correctly, and this was my first anal sex) and unprotected oral sex with a guy. This is also my last sexual encounter until now.
This was a dangerous life I engaged. When I recognized the risk of these activities, I felt extremely anxious and scared. I abstained any kind of sex since then. I got tested 3 times with Combo test (4th generation test, at a hospital) at 4, 8 and 12 week mark after my last exposure. All of 3 results came back to negative.
But, in the period of this 12 weeks, I had many incidents that made me still so worried. They are:
1. I went to the barber shop to have hair cut. After shaving the nape, I felt a light irritation on this area of skin, but it was not bleeding. I was afraid of being cut by his razor. But I am not sure.
2. I sat on a toilet seat which was quite dirty in a public restroom, and I had some small cut on my ass.
3. I had 3 scratches on my body’s skin after I impacted with some sharp utensils in my house. These scratches were bleeding a little, but they stopped bleeding in about 5 minutes after being washed with clean water. In 2 following days, they were automaticly healed without any treatment.
4. My eyes were healthy. But one day, I rubbed my itchy eyes 2 times with my dirty fingers. And a drop of liquid suddenly splashed into my eye when I walked on the street.
5. I picked my itchy nose 1 time with my dirty fingers and the fingernails made the membrane inside the nose bleed a little.
6. I masturbated for myself only 1 time (just me, in my private room)
7. I saw some reddish traces on my toothbrush. I washed it with water and then brushed my teeth. I have a canker sore in my mouth.
8. I bought food from a store. I saw that the chef had a quite large injury (about 4 cm) on his hand. I ate that food while I had a canker sore in mouth.
And, my questions are:
a) Is my test result conclusive? How about the exposures that happened before my last encounter? Are they also conclusive?
b) In 8 incidents I mentioned above, is there any new risk? Do I need further testing?
c) For the rest of my life, If I have no any kind of sex, nor sharing needles, nor having gushing blooding wound body skin, there would be anything that I need to concern?
d) Can I move on and continue a normal life without any panic?
Many many thanks to all of you. Best regard.

Inanimated Object

Please provide me an answer.
Excluding needles, syringes and sex toys, contacting of skin with any inanimated object in the life cannot cause any risk of HIV, even a person has a large wound on skin and there is blood on the objects, because the blood has exposed to air.
The above statement is right or wrong?
Thank you.

hiv risk from licking nipple

Hi, I've recently been to a sex worker and am worried about the possible risk of hiv. during foreplay i briefly rubbed and inserted my finger that had to visible cut or sore into the vagina just enough to get some vaginal fluid on my finger. i washed my finger immediately after with soap before she proceeded to give me a blowjob with a condom on. however, after a few minutes of oral sex i used the same finger to fondle her nipple before proceeding to lick and suck on it with an ulcer on the gum at the back of my mouth. also, during oral sex her teeth grated on the condom but did not cause any visible breaks or tears. does this contribute to any risk of hiv infection from the ulcer or possible microscopic tears on the condom?


Received unprotected Blowjob SShkrad

I am male from india married.my question is regarding Receiving unprotected oral Blowjob from male.Sir/Madam i came to know that receiving oral unprotected BJ is not risk from the many internet sites like Medhelp,I base and The body Forum .My question is indetails as mentioned below.
1)received blowjob unprotected the partner who gave me said he has mouthsores regular due to heat and take b complex tablets but during the expouser did not see any blood in his mouth.so my questions do i need to go for tests.
2)I asked the person with whom i had this exposure whether he has any kind of infection ,se said no and he said he shall get tested to keep my trust on him.
3)So he got tested himself in lab with tridot antibody test for Hiv1&2 at 7thweek for the exposure,14th week for the exposure and at 19thweek for the date of exposure and all came negative.so do i need to worry and get tested myself as the person with whom i had this counter is tested 3 times negative ,kindly answer me pls

Oral sex and ejaculated on mouth and swallowed

Hi i i had sex with my friend a month ago.oral sex. While i am going to shit its foaming. At first there is loose motions.now my neck is paining and sore throat for two days.are these signs of hiv?

Some confusions

Hello team, please clarify me some confusions from your answers for some queries.
1) Susan (http://helpline.aidsvancouver.org/question/unknown-liquid-eye) said that “A healthy eye is considered direct entry to the bloodstream”. But Sierra (http://helpline.aidsvancouver.org/question/curious-eye) said that “Furthermore, there is no direct access to the bloodstream through a healthy eye, and direct access for the virus to enter the bloodstream is required for HIV transmission. The only situation I could see in which the bloodstream could be accessed is if the eye were severely damaged, making the mucosal membrane more accessible.” Please give me a confirmation to cover the conflict. So, if blood or any bodily fluid touches the eye, is it safe or unsafe for HIV?
2) Susan (http://helpline.aidsvancouver.org/question/unknown-liquid-eye) said that “Sharing a toothbrush is considered negligible risk”. But Sasha (http://helpline.aidsvancouver.org/what-we-do/helpline/online/sharing-too...) said that “As such, there is no risk in sharing a toothbrush”, and Elyse (http://helpline.aidsvancouver.org/what-we-do/helpline/online/toothbrush) also said that “This is an absolutely no risk exposure. The HIV virus cannot be passed through inanimate objects such as toothbrushes.” I think “absolutely no risk” is very different with “negligible risk”, so please clarify me. In fact, I never share my toothbrush and razor to anyone else, but I am not sure when I am not at home, somebody uses them without my permission because I do not own any private room. But I have a habit of rinsing my toothbrush and razor with clean water under water fountain every time before using them. Does that habit perfectly protect me from HIV?
3) When I do not see any noticeably amount of blood or body fluid on a surface, I can freely sit on it without needing to concern anything of HIV anymore, right? A small amount of fluid on a surface can cause a worry?
Please forgive me for any inconvenience happening to you from my too long queries, but I am in a very extremely OCD of HIV. Thus, your answers will ease my mind so much. Thank you.


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