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Negligible risk

Gingivitis hiv transmission

I have question about a recent incident. I met someone for a date and after a couple drinks we went back to my place. We made out a lot (deep kissing), he sucked my penis for a short bit (I didn't suck him), and then performed mutual masturbation. After he ejaculated, I licked his scrotum and did taste some seamen. I do have minor gingivitis - I had brushed three hours earlier before we met, but I wasn't bleeding profusely (a very tiny bit). The next day we were chatting and he told me he was on Prep, and that since his last test in November has had unprotected sex with his ex. Am I risk for exposure? Should I consult a doctor about Pep. This happened on Saturday night, so I have until Tuesday night.

Thank you for all your help!

fingering a vagina that has piercing

I went to a massage parlour yesterday and since I was extremely cautious due to my last anxiety episode I did not engage in any sort of sex(vaginal, anal, oral). Instead we only did mutual masturbation.

After fingering for a long amount of time I cleaned my penis with wet tissue and I am afraid I cannot remember whether I touched my urethra with my fingers that are covered with vaginal fluid. There was a very short time between getting my fingers out and touching my penis. Less than a minute certainly.

Also few hours after this exposure I noticed peeled skin with a red bloody area exposed along with wet lower layer. The wound was healing so probably it was newly formed during fingering. She had a vaginal piercing so what i fear is that the cut was formed by it during fingering an my fresh little cut with small amount of blood came into contact with virus in the vagina. The cut was on the part of the skin above one of the veins in the finger. So could the virus have reached the vein from that fresh cut? Also I fingered her a bit hard and I am afraid may be I may contacted the wound to microscopic tears I may have opened while inside vagina. Also the red bloody area in the peeled part is in the skin that is above one the visible veins of the finger.

After this I called the massage parlour and asked about std testing if the girls. They said they care for themselves as much as they care fir the customers and I should not worry. But the sex worker was eastern european and after fingering her she told me I should wash my hands. This made the impression that she knows something that the parlour owners don't. Maybe was recently exposed haven't told anyone or tested yet?

Dr. Handsfield says wound caused by a contaminated surface will pose risk. Dr. Jose from freedomhealth says fresh actively bleeding ones are risky. If the piercing caused it it would be fresh actively bleeding caused by a contaminated surface.

Based on this experience and possibility of her piercing acted as a needle, should I fear and test? The cut was a small point near the peeled skin. Bleeding in a pouring fashion was not visible but what if the very small amount of blood from capillaries contacted the virus before the cut started to seal off? Possibility of this injury happened during fingering drives my anxiety over the cliff.

Thank you.

p24 Combo Ag/Ab test negative at 2-week, Do i need to retest at 6-week?

Please help me, I'm desperate. 2 weeks a go I had an unprotected oral sex with a girl I met at a party. That night she gave a blow job and it was last about a minute. In morning I asked her for an HIV blood test using MEIA technique and her result came out negative. I heard that oral sex is a negligible risk but I still concern that it could possibly transmit HIV. 2 weeks later I took a p24 combo Ag/Ab test and the result came out also negative.
My question are: Do I have to take another test in the next 6 weeks?
Is it likely that a recently infected person(less than 3 weeks) able to transmit HIV? Can I rely on her negative result?
Please help me, because this 2 weeks it's been a living hell.
Thanks you.

Do I have to take another HIV test?

First of all, please excuse my poor English. Because I'm not a native English speaker.
About 2 weeks ago I had an unprotected oral sex with a girl I just met at a party. She gave me a blow job and it was last about a minute then I gently sucked her nipples. In the morning after that I started to feel worried and I asked her for an HIV blood test. Her results came out negative(Using MEIA technique).
My questions are: Am I at risk of infected with HIV?
what if she just had a recent infection that the test could not detected?
Do I have to take test?
Please help me. I'm worried sick.

cut on finger and fingered

hi ,
i fingered a stripper and i noticed a cut on my finger which i used . i am very much terrified , the cut was 5 hours before
am i infected??

unprotected oral sex

I am 28 years old man , i massage girl did an oral sex for me around 10 weeks ago . the whole process took around 10 minutes and i didnt ejaculate . after two weeks of the incident i had a flu ( blocked nose only ) for 1 day followed by a sore throat for 3 days , i took an anti biotic for that . Furthermore after 5 weeks i have a flu for 3 days (blocked nose as well ) . 8 weeks after incident i had my tonsilis swollen i took an antibiotic as well for this incident. i am really worried that i have HIV . Please advise I am really worried and I have a wife and daughter 4 months old and haven’t touch my wife since that incident

Clarify please do not ignore

I learned that HIV does not spread through door handlebut when I was reading a post by DR.Bob ,where he says door handle can pose a small percent of risk. so I am copying that post here. Can you please read that and explain. Please I am begging first and last time. I am so confused beacuse here DR.BOB tells about small risk and avises testing please help

Dr. Bob

Eye contact with semen Jul 12, 2005

I live in Australia. I work in retail and as part of my duties I am required to check the fitting rooms (where people try on clothes) - while doing this recently I rested my hand on the handle on the inside of the door. I did not realise that it had semen on it until I wiped my eye (which was already irritated from recently having a cold) and my eye began to sting and then I noticed semen all over the back of the door. Thus, unwittingly my eye came into contact with a quantity of semen from an unknown person. This fact is beyond doubt. However, now I am very worried about getting HIV from this exposure to the semen or even Hep C. I am petrified. What should I do? What are my chances of getting HIV or HEP C? When can I reasonably get tested and know that the results are conclusive. Are my chances further increased by the fact that I already had an irritation in my eye? Could you please send an answer to my email address so that it may put my fear to rest as I am starting to feel very stressed about the situation.

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Aussie,

Someone spunked the door of your fitting room? Hmmm . . . well, I guess since the airlines have shrunk the onboard bathrooms down to such a tiny size that horned-up hotties (or crazy Republicans see below) have resorted to fitting rooms for their sex in public places adventures.

OK, your risk is presumed spunk in the eye. Assuming the spunker was HIV positive, the estimated risk of acquiring HIV following a mucous membrane exposure is 0.09%. Please note that's direct mucous membrane exposure to HIV-positive spunk! Your estimated risk would be even lower, as we don't know the HIV status of your fitting room phantom.

Regarding hepatitis C, your risk is essentially nonexistent. Even with hepatitis C-infected blood, transmission via mucous membrane exposure is extremely rare.

Bottom line: I see no reason for you to be "petrified."

What should you do?

1. Stop being petrified. Your fears are way out of proportion to any real risk.

2. Regarding HIV, if you are worried, get tested at the three-month mark. However, please note, we do not know if the baby batter on the doorknob was HIV infected or not. And even if it was, HIV does not survive very long at all outside the body. Consequently, your actual risk of HIV contact, let alone transmission, is extremely small. I would consider a three-month test definitive.

3. As for hepatitis C, the risk of transmission based on all the information discussed above is so extremely minimal that no testing or follow-up is warranted or recommended.

4. Put up a sign in all fitting rooms advising patrons that space is to be used for trying on clothes, not rooting like wombats.

Do try to chill out a bit, my dear Aussie. I realize this "sticky situation" can be alarming, but your actual health risks are minimal. In fact, I'd wager you have a greater chance of getting done in by a funnel web spider or choking on a vegemite sandwich than contracting HIV or hepatitis C from this gooey fitting room fiasco.

G'day mate.

Dr. Bob

This is link of above post of DR. BOB http://www.thebody.com/Forums/AIDS/Meds/Q166332.html

Received Blow Job 22/2015

I am male from india married.my question is regarding Receiving unprotected oral Blowjob from male.Sir/Madam i came to know that receiving oral unprotected BJ is not risk from the many internet sites like Medhelp,I base and The body Forum .My question is indetails as mentioned below.
1)received blowjob unprotected the partner who gave me said he has mouthsores regular due to heat and take b complex tablets but during the expouser did not see any blood in his mouth.so my questions do i need to go for tests.I tried to penetrate but it was not possible just touch is anus with my penis.
2)I asked the person with whom i had this exposure whether he has any kind of infection ,se said no and he said he shall get tested to keep my trust on him.
3)So he got tested himself in lab with tridot antibody test for Hiv1&2 at 49th day from the exposure day that was 22nd june,98th day from the date of exposure that was 22nd june ,at 133th day from the date of exposure that was 22nd june and at 184th day from the date of exposue that was 22nd june all came negative.so do i need to worry and get tested myself as the person with whom i had this counter is tested 4times negative ,kindly answer me pls

HIV worried

HIV worried
I am 28 years old man , i massage girl did an oral sex for me around 10 weeks ago . the whole process took around 10 minutes and i didnt ejaculate . i did an ELISA 4th generation test after 3 weeks , results were negative . is the result conclusive and is oral sex considered unsafe sex and can it be a way to transfer HIV ????? , because after two weeks of the incident i had a flu ( blocked nose only ) for 1 day followed by a sore throat for 3 days , i took an anti biotic for that . furthermore after 5 weeks i have a flu for 3 days ( blocked nose as well ) . 8 weeks after incident i had my tonsilis swollen i took an antibiotic as well for this incident . i am really worried that i have HIV . please advice .

Post PEP testing

I am a man who had sex with another man anonymously; his HIV status is unknown although he said that he tested negative. My risk of exposure was mutual UNPROTECTED oral sex and receptive PROTECTED sex for only a few seconds. No ejaculation was present but pre-cum might have. 48 hours after exposure, my doctor put me on Truvada and Isentress as PEP medication. I completed 28 days of the medication as instructed. 6 weeks post exposure or 2 weeks post PEP, my doctor put in an Abbott 4th generation test. The result came out as nonreactive or negative. He said that this is a very good indicator that I am not infected with HIV. I experienced symptoms such as boils and hamstring pain.
1) What was the level of my risk?
2) Was PEP indicated/necessary?
3) Do you agree with my doctor that I am not infected?
4) I am planning to make another 4th generation test in a few days which will make it almost 12 weeks post exposure. Will this test be more or less conclusive?


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