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Negligible risk

Genital apposition - Penis tip brushed against Vagina - HIV risk

Hi Doc ,
I am a male of 43 yrs , got engaged into a Genital Apposition with a THAI masseur in India while body to body oil massage. The testicle and the penis shaft was rubbed with the vagina but not the penis tip .

If during changing positions , if the penis tip brushed against the vagina , is there a chance of HIV transmission assuming the massure was HIV positive.

I am uncircumcised , so there is minimal chance of contact with glans . But what if the penis tip/uthera got exposed to vaginal fluids . Moreover there was huge amount of massage oil applied over the penis.
Looking for your advise as to what the chances of HIV transmission assuming the masseur was infected .

However , have done a P24 ANTIGEN and Antibody DUO test at 5 days and came negative. Please let me know any other test available within the window period . I am very tensed and feeling guilty

Two encounters that got me scared of HIV

Last March I had sex with an escort and after I was done I discovered that the condom was broken.
I had a combo test 4 weeks post (April) and it was negative , I had another combo test on 4 Months I think and it was negative too.
My second encounter was with an escort too , I had protected sex with her but she was grinding on my penis with no condom and her
vaginal fluids were all over it ( I am not sure if I had scratches or not) but when we were talking she told me she never has unprotected sex.
My last test was the rapid test which was one week after my second encounter and 7 months after my first.

Now it all began after my first encounter , since after that I started getting very anxious and super scared of HIV because I see a lot of escorts and not in monogamous relationship , I have sex with multiple partners of unknown status all the time.
I always use protection but after I am done with all the sex I start getting worried

My questions are:
1-What are the risks of my two encounters considering my tests
2-I am thinking about getting the RNA test tomorrow , how accurate is that and whats its window period?
3-Are escorts considered high risk as most people including me think they are?

Very Quick Oral Sex

Hello Vancouver HIV helpline!

A week ago, I had a sexual oral encounter with a man and first what we did was just to have a short kissing, mutual masturbation. However, when I am about to cum, he asked me to cum in his mouth. When I was cumming in his mouth, he immediately sucked the tip of my penis while I was cumming. He did not passed trough my shaft. He just sucked the semen coming out. This happened for about 5 seconds only. As far as I remember, I did not see any visible cuts on his mouth or didn't taste any blood while we were kissing. With this, I would just like to ask the following:

1. Am I at risk on having HIV when he sucked the tip while I was coming out? (assuming he has an HIV)
2. If there was just a little blood in his mouth (gums), will it be enough to infect my penis' mucous membranes?
3. Should I get tested knowing that it is a negligible risk?
I am freaking out right now on what happened. I hope you can clear things out. Thank you.

Hiv from anal sex toy?

I came home from work one day a few weeks ago and used my dildo on myself to stimulate my anus. When I finished, it occured to me it had been moved slightly in my drawer, and I freaked out!. I have a room mate who had left the house about 20 minutes before. I am super embarrased to ask if they had touched it or used it on themselves. Given the worst case scenario that they had used it on themselves either vaginally and or anally. Would I be at risk of Contracting Hiv from using it 15-20 minutes later, even if there was residual blood and or fluid on it?? I have read online that sharing sex toys is high risk and now I am very very concerned about Hiv... Why is sharing a sex toy considered a high risk, while fingering/mutual masturbation is not? I'm very anxious and confused.... Please help, thank you for your time!!

trace of semen in mouth can infect another person?

Hello,i am sorry for my bad english but i have a question that i did not find any answers anywhere.3 weeks ago i was at a prostitute and i received oral sex,i know the risk from receiving fellatio but before me it was another client with her.what is the chances of infection if it remained some of his semen in her mout?,again sorry for my english and i hope you can answer me because i cant take it anymore,im very mad at myself for the mistake i made and i dont know what to do

Unprotected oral sex with 40 year old women that last 5sec

I had unprotected oral sex which lasted for 5 sec,my penis was in her mouth for...i dont know maybe less,but im very scared of HIV because i dont know her past,it has been 5 months since that act,and after 2 montsh passed i had diarrhea which lasted for 2 days and then after some time again diarrhea also soft stool im very concerned,maybe its because in anxious maybe i have hypochondria?what is your opinion?


Please help me. I am worried sick.

So I recently (exactly 7 days ago) made the stupid choice of meeting up with a girl from tinder, and it was my first time doing so, and I regret it terribly now.

After reading the information here, it seems that I might be low risk, but I thought I'd clarify so please please bear with me.

After meeting her, we went back to my place where I showered and put on a condom before going to her. When I was wearing the condom, my penis was erect, but somehow when I tried to penetrate her, it was not erect; it was only semi-erect. Given that, she asked me to take off the condom - which I did - and proceeded to rub her vagina over my penis. Whether or not vaginal fluids got onto it, I do not remember, but I think not. There was no penetration involved at this stage. Naturally, I got more erect and put on another condom. She also gave me a blowjob (with the condom on - I hope - as I felt no moisture) and licked my testicles. Following that, she tried to mount me. Perhaps I was excited or just scared as this was my first time doing so, but I came almost immediately as I felt some pressure along half the length of the head, and this was the end of the story. I got up and discovered that there was vaginal fluid over the my pubes and some parts of the penis that had not been covered as the condom had come lose as she'd tried to insert me into her. What is worth mentioning is that I also fingered/fisted her during the entire duration. I understand that fisting is low risk, if there aren't cuts/wounds on the hand. I washed my hands afterwards, and did not notice any cuts/wounds there, although I may have missed it as I was still very nervous.

I spoke to her after, asked her about her status, and she was angry, saying that she was clean. However, she did mention that she has had 3 guys this year. As such, my question is if I put myself at risk with the following activities, assuming she were HIV Positive and with a high viral load:

1. Fingering & Fisting her - there weren't any wounds, or big open wounds. Might have had a paper cut, but no (unlikely) any sore. Is there a risk if there was a sore present?
2. Having gotten her vaginal fluids over my penis. Head was definitely covered by the condom. The bottom half is the one that had fluid over it.
3. Having penetrated her slightly, but with a condom. This might/might not have happened as she claims we did not have any sex - in the traditional sense - at all.
4. Getting a blowjob (with a condom, I hope) and having my testicles licked.
5. Having rubbed my penis against her vagina. Might/might not have gotten vaginal fluids on the foreskin.

She insists that we did not fuck, because there was minimal penetration (if any), and that the only thing that happened was me fingering her. But I feel there is much more...

I understand that these might have been asked before and would likely come up as low risk, but would appreciate any clarification on this. Have been freaking out, not been able to sleep properly, and have turned to alcohol and cough syrup to sleep.

Touching the vagina. concerned about hangnails, and microscopic cuts


About a week ago I went and got into a club with a friend. I danced with a random chick and ended up feeling on her vagina for a couple min. I also attempted on fingering her through her panties but I didn't get much of my finger in. I remember Her panties being mildly moist but not soaking wet( there's a chance that they were dry I'm just assuming WORST CASE SCENARIO ). My paranoia is due to the hangnails on my fingers. I didn't have any open wounds but I have a bad habit of biting the skin around my nails of my fingers which causes them to bleed at times. I went and got a rapid hiv test two days after but I'm still worried and it's freaking annoying. Rapid hiv test was negative but for some reason I'm still not assured due to the window period. I don't want to stay in this mental uncertainty position for another three months due to be fully assured of test results. Is there a hiv test that I can take after an exposure within one week or so that will give accurate results which I don't have to be checking every month? Or am I just freaking out to the point where I need psychological counseling?! Can hiv Enter through little cuts around the nails/finger which you can only see under a microscope? How long do I have to wait until I can take another test that can reassure me for good?

Appreciate your help, thank you

extremely worried about risk

Just yesterday I've been to a sex worker and am extremely worried about the risk of a hiv infection. During the encounter, I briefly frenched the lady with unknown hiv status when i had mouth ulcers. Although there appears no be no visible bleeding or sores on her tongue, is it possible for hiv from other men during her previous encounters to remain in her mouth and infect my ulcers or for her saliva to carry small amounts of hiv virus to infect me. I also received unprotected oral sex for 5 - 10 min without ejaculating and proceeded to finish by masturbation without any vaginal or anal sex. How much risk is there for her saliva or small amounts of blood or semen from previous encounters to infect me through the urethra. Her vagina was also rested on my thighs during the encounter.

Please help. I'm freaking out

Met a girl on tinder for a one night stand because I was overseas and not in the right frame of

Was kind of drunk so I was not fully erect; she tried inserting my penis (with a condom) into her, but it could not get in because it was not stiff enough. Might have penetrated it at the tip for the shortest of time (whilst still wrapped in a condom) but I am not sure. Following that, she tried to turn me on by getting me to finger/fist (cannot remember if it was specifically one, or a combination of both) her for about 10 minutes, and she also gave me a quick blowjob with the condom and licked my testicles. Finally, she frottaged on me, and may have gotten vaginal fluid on me. This is sort of the list of things we did.

Although, I've read enough online to figure that this is low-risk and I've called some hotlines to discover that I do not need to go for a test, I was wondering if you would tell me the risk assessment for the following activities and whether I ought to go for a test:
1. Fingering/Fisting - no deep cuts on my hand. might have had a scratch or something similarly shallow but it was not bleeding
2. Protected blowjob (did not feel any wetness)
3. Unprotected frottage - I might have rubbed my penis against her vagina, although I am not sure if there was vaginal fluids on the head.
4. Protected frottage. There might have been the slightest penetration with the head, but I came immediately and the penis went flaccid after.

Please advise. I have been freaking out for the past week. The girl told me that she'd been tested at the beginning of the year, but I am sure that she has had at least 3 sex partners this year. She insists that she makes them wear condoms. However, I do not believe her, where this is concerned.


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