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Negligible risk

Can handjobs and penis-to-penis grinding transmit HIV?

For handjob, if my hand contained his pre-cum and then I jerked myself off, was there any risk of HIV transmission?

For penis-to-penis grinding, if the tip of my penis got contact with his pre-cum, was there any risk of HIV transmission?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Unknown liquid into eye

Hello, I am so worry about my situation. This morning, I was riding my motorbike to the office. Suddenly, a drop of unknown liquid splashed onto my face (exactly on the area very closed to my right corner of the right eye). I did not imagine this scenario, it was a real fact. But, it did not make me feel too uncomfortable to stop riding right away. I still kept riding to my office, and then I washed my face with clean water. I think that liquid is not rainy water, because the sky was then in full of sunshine, and there is only one drop. My concern is that whether that drop liquid was blood or bodily fluids or not?, and whether it contacted with my eye or not?
So, my questions are:
1) Assuming that liquid was blood and it contacted with my eye, I am in risk?
2) Does a healthy eye (without any injury) provide a direct point of entry to the bloodstream?
3) I have more another small query, if there is not blood or just a very small amount of blood (perhaps invisible) on my toothbrush, I will be safe when I use it, regardless whether it was used prior me, right? I pose this question because I see you stated that “sharing toothbrush is negligible risk”, that means it still can happen. In fact, I live with my family, I used my private toothbrush. But I put it in our restroom, so I cannot sure that whether someone use it or not, when I go out of my home. However, I am sure 100% that every time I use my toothbrush, it is totally dry. So, should I need to worry about my toothbrush any more? A dry toothbrush is definitely safe?
Many thanks to you.

hiv symptoms like flu like sorethroat without intercourse

I just get..Flu like sore throat after i have sex with a hiv i positive person but no intercourse happen. But i remember before the time on the actual day before we have sex with no intercourse happen i feel that i will having a sore throat soon.. he only done blowjobs with me but with condom, i just masturbate him only, with my barehands.. i just only need an assurance because im paranoid these past few days.. and i think flu has already gone.. thanks in advance :))

Depressed, Need Help:(

Hello, 15 days ago i made a huge mistake. I engaged in protected sex with an escort. I am absolutely terrified i have HIV.
At the point of penetration i was wearing a condom, however, i needed to take a phone call and then took the condom off, then the escort then put another condom on me so during sex at all times there was a condom present.
I did brefiley perform oral on her which was unprotected, she then performed oral on me which was protected.
I have aniexty issues, for the first week i was okay because i know the condom was in tact, however, over thinking it has made me wonder and obsessive over if there was a break or a small hole in the condom.
I am honestly at breaking point and i need help. I spend weeks googling hiv symptoms and now i have a stuffed nose and a sore throat, i am terrified these are ars symptoms. Please help?

Oral Sex and took HIV Ag/Ab Combo test

Hi, there. I want to ask about my case. I'm man 21 years old. On 7 August, i got a girl blowjob for me without protection . After that, i took the test 3 times at 19th day, 27th day and 79th day after the risk with HIV Ag/Ab Combo test. The results are all negative. So can i conclude that i'm safe and move on ? Thank you

Can HIV be infected through hand-job?

Hello, I'm extremely worried because of what I did in the last 2 weeks. I had sex with a prostitute (first time and only), after I get on the bed, I put my penis inside of her for about 2 minutes (with condom), then I started to feel bad and I don't have the feeling that I want to do it anymore, so the girl offered me if she can do me a hand job. I'm ok with that, she took my condom off and do it. The thing I'm thinking of now is the condom I wore was stick her vaginal fluids, and when she took it off, her fluids probably stick to her hand too, after that she just hold my penis. So my question is:
1) Would I be infected with HIV through the way she did (if the girl is carrying HIV)?
2) I did put my finger inside her vagina too, can I got HIV infected also?

Dont know what to do/ HIV transmitted

Hi there,

Last week I met a woman who is a sex worker. We then went to her place, I had told her that I do not want to have sex. We then proceeded where she took of my pants and started giving me a handjob, I kissed her for all of ten seconds(open mouth)and fingered her for about the same amount of time. She then finished me off with the handjob. I dont know her at all nor her status.

I am really worried? Is there any reason for me to be? Should I have a test done?


Healthcare provider exposure

Recently care was provided to an AIDS+ patient with copious clear secretions being emitted from his tracheostomy stoma. The skin surrounding the stoma was reddened and macerated due to the copious secretions, however no visible blood was noted in the secretions. The provider caring for the patient had a small paper cut/ hangnail Which may have been exposed to the secretions aforementioned. Is this cause for concern for possible hiv transmission?

Ton of Anxiety, Do I Have HIV?

I absolutely worried and scared that I might have HIV, and am afraid that my life is going to end because of it, or the quality of life will be extremely poor.

I've been with my significant other for a while and she's had some partners, and though she says she is clean, she has not been tested. She has had bloodwork done though, so not sure if they check for HIV or lack of immunity.

Can you get HIV from:
1. Mutual masturbation (handjob, fingering, etc)
2. Mammary intercourse (titfucking) - yes, there was contact with semen
3. Deep kissing / french kissing (no blood that I know of)
4. Hickeys / breaking some skin but not enough to bleed profusely
5. Contact with breasts orally (may have been contact with breastmilk)
6. Dry humping

Are there any other STDs I should worry about that could be caused by any of the above? I believe it's possible for skin to skin contact to cause some STDs but I don't know if I should be worried based on the stuff above.

This is my first partner that I've done stuff this extensive with and I'm absolutely terrified of getting a STD of any kind, ESPECIALLY HIV/AIDS as that seems to be the most deadly and not curable.

I don't know if I'm just letting my anxiety getting the best of me or I'm worrying for the right reasons. Please help.

Protected Oral sex dear

dear sir/ madam
1 month ago I had sexual experience with a sex worker.I don't know who is she and weather she is hiv positive.she gave me a hand job without condom and oral sex with condom.I have tinea cruris (fungal infection) around my groin area.can I get infected with hiv through these rashes?.I'm not sure weather her saliva touched those rashes around my groin area.
From 17 days onwards I have symptoms like mild fever, fatigue, swollen groin lymph node,sore throat and i have herd those are the initial symptoms of hiv infection.
I haven't done hiv test yet.So is it important to have a test for hiv?Am I in any risk of transmission of hiv or std?
I an worried about my symptoms and I am in big stress.please help me and reply.(sorry for my English)


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